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Toki Pona inputmethod

Toki Pona inputmethod


This is a m17n input method. On Ubuntu you can get it to work by putting tokipona.mim into /usr/share/m17n and installing ibus-m17n. Now you can use it with ibus.


This inputmethod uses Chinese and Korean characters. To get the Korean characters, start the syllable with an uppercase letter. For ideograms by word, type b after the word for [](Mike's system) and q or x for other variants (not always available).


This input method is Open Source and available under the terms of the GNU LGPL license version 2.1 or any later version as mentioned in the file concerned.

;; tokipona.mim -- Toki Pona input method with Chinese and Korean characters
;; Copyright (C) 2011
;; Joop Kiefte (LaPingvino / jan Mimoku)
;; The m17n library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
;; as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of
;; the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; The m17n library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; Lesser General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
;; License along with the m17n library; if not, write to the Free
;; Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
(input-method tpsf tokipona-sinoform)
(description "Input method to type toki pona with a combination of Chinese and Korean characters.")
(title "Toki Pona sinoform inputmethod")
("A" "아")
("ab" "啊")
("aq" "啊")
("akesib" "蜥")
("akesiq" "龟")
("alab" "不")
("alaq" "不")
("alasab" "猎")
("alasaq" "猎")
("aleb" "诸")
("alib" "诸")
("aleq" "全")
("aliq" "全")
("An" "안")
("anpab" "下")
("anpaq" "下")
("anteb" "另")
("anteq" "变")
("anub" "或")
("anuq" "/")
("awenb" "继")
("awenq" "继")
("E" "에")
("eb" "对")
("eq" "把")
("En" "엔")
("enb" "和")
("enq" "又")
("enx" "&")
("esunb" "商")
("esunq" "商")
("I" "이")
("ijob" "事")
("ijoq" "事")
("ikeb" "坏")
("ikeq" "歹")
("ilob" "械")
("iloq" "匕")
("In" "인")
("insab" "内")
("insaq" "内")
("Ja" "야")
("jakib" "脏")
("jakiq" "污")
("Jan" "얀")
("janb" "人")
("janq" "人")
("Je" "예")
("jelob" "黄")
("jeloq" "黄")
("Jen" "옌")
("Jo" "요")
("job" "有")
("joq" "有")
("Jon" "욘")
("Ju" "유")
("Jun" "윤")
("Ka" "카")
("kalab" "鱼")
("kalaq" "鱼")
("kalamab" "音")
("kalamaq" "音")
("kamab" "来")
("kamaq" "到")
("Kan" "칸")
("kasib" "卉")
("kasiq" "木")
("Ke" "케")
("Ken" "켄")
("kenb" "能")
("kenq" "能")
("kepekenb" "用")
("kepekenq" "用")
("Ki" "키")
("kilib" "果")
("kiliq" "果")
("Kin" "킨")
("kinb" "也")
("kinq" "也")
("kipisib" "切")
("kipisiq" "切")
("kiwenb" "固")
("kiwenq" "石")
("Ko" "코")
("kob" "软")
("koq" "膏")
("Kon" "콘")
("konb" "气")
("konq" "气")
("Ku" "쿠")
("kuleb" "色")
("kuleq" "色")
("kulupub" "队")
("kulupuq" "组")
("Kun" "쿤")
("kuteb" "听")
("kuteq" "耳")
("La" "라")
("lab" "了")
("laq" "喇")
("Lan" "란")
("lapeb" "睡")
("lapeq" "觉")
("lasob" "蓝")
("lasoq" "青")
("lawab" "头")
("lawaq" "首")
("Le" "레")
("Len" "렌")
("lenb" "布")
("lenq" "巾")
("leteb" "冷")
("leteq" "冰")
("Li" "리")
("lib" "是")
("liq" "哩")
("lilib" "小")
("liliq" "小")
("Lin" "린")
("linjab" "长")
("linjaq" "糸")
("lipub" "平")
("lipuq" "叶")
("Lo" "로")
("lojeb" "红")
("lojeq" "红")
("Lon" "론")
("lonb" "在")
("lonq" "在")
("Lu" "루")
("lukab" "手")
("lukaq" "手")
("lukinb" "看")
("lukinq" "见")
("Lun" "룬")
("lupab" "孔")
("lupaq" "孔")
("Ma" "마")
("mab" "土")
("maq" "土")
("mamab" "父")
("mamaq" "母")
("Man" "만")
("manib" "钱")
("maniq" "元")
("manix" "贝")
("Me" "메")
("melib" "女")
("meliq" "女")
("Men" "멘")
("Mi" "미")
("mib" "我")
("miq" "我")
("mijeb" "男")
("mijeq" "男")
("Min" "민")
("Mo" "모")
("mokub" "食")
("mokuq" "菜")
("molib" "死")
("moliq" "死")
("Mon" "몬")
("monsib" "后")
("monsiq" "后")
("monsutab" "惮")
("monsutaq" "惮")
("Mu" "무")
("mub" "哞")
("muq" "吽")
("Mun" "문")
("munb" "月")
("munq" "月")
("musib" "乐")
("musiq" "玩")
("muteb" "多")
("muteq" "大")
("Na" "나")
("namakob" "盐")
("namakoq" "盐")
("Nan" "난")
("nanpab" "号")
("nanpaq" "个")
("nasab" "怪")
("nasaq" "怪")
("nasinb" "道")
("nasinq" "道")
("Ne" "네")
("Nen" "넨")
("nenab" "鼻")
("nenaq" "山")
("Ni" "니")
("nib" "这")
("niq" "哩")
("nimib" "名")
("nimiq" "名")
("Nin" "닌")
("No" "노")
("nokab" "足")
("nokaq" "足")
("Non" "논")
("Nu" "누")
("Nun" "눈")
("O" "오")
("ob" "嘿")
("oq" "令")
("okob" "目")
("okoq" "目")
("olinb" "爱")
("olinq" "爱")
("On" "온")
("onab" "它")
("onaq" "他")
("openb" "开")
("openq" "开")
("Pa" "파")
("pakalab" "损")
("pakalaq" "打")
("palib" "工")
("paliq" "工")
("palisab" "杆")
("palisaq" "支")
("Pan" "판")
("panb" "禾")
("panq" "米")
("panab" "给")
("panaq" "给")
("Pe" "페")
("Pen" "펜")
("Pi" "피")
("pib" "的")
("piq" "的")
("pilinb" "情")
("pilinq" "心")
("pilinx" "想")
("pimejab" "黑")
("pimejaq" "黑")
("Pin" "핀")
("pinib" "末")
("piniq" "末")
("pipib" "虫")
("pipiq" "虫")
("Po" "포")
("pokab" "边")
("pokaq" "旁")
("pokib" "盒")
("pokiq" "包")
("Pon" "폰")
("ponab" "好")
("ponaq" "好")
("Pu" "푸")
("Pun" "푼")
("Sa" "사")
("samab" "同")
("samaq" "同")
("San" "산")
("Se" "세")
("selib" "火")
("seliq" "火")
("selob" "壳")
("seloq" "甲")
("semeb" "么")
("semeq" "什")
("Sen" "센")
("sewib" "上")
("sewiq" "上")
("Si" "시")
("sijelob" "身")
("sijeloq" "身")
("sikeb" "圈")
("sikeq" "回")
("Sin" "신")
("sinb" "新")
("sinq" "新")
("sinab" "你")
("sinaq" "你")
("sinpinb" "前")
("sinpinq" "前")
("sitelenb" "画")
("sitelenq" "画")
("So" "소")
("Son" "손")
("sonab" "识")
("sonaq" "知")
("sowelib" "兽")
("soweliq" "马")
("sowelix" "牛")
("Su" "수")
("sulib" "大")
("suliq" "高")
("Sun" "순")
("sunob" "日")
("sunoq" "光")
("supab" "面")
("supaq" "张")
("suwib" "甘")
("suwiq" "甜")
("Ta" "타")
("Tan" "탄")
("tanb" "本")
("tanq" "从")
("tasob" "只")
("tasoq" "只")
("tawab" "去")
("tawaq" "去")
("Te" "테")
("telob" "水")
("Ten" "텐")
("tenpob" "时")
("tenpoq" "时")
("Ti" "티")
("Tin" "틴")
("To" "토")
("tokib" "话")
("tokiq" "言")
("tomob" "房")
("tomoq" "穴")
("Ton" "톤")
("Tu" "투")
("tub" "二")
("tuq" "二")
("Tun" "툰")
("U" "우")
("Un" "운")
("unpab" "性")
("unpaq" "性")
("utab" "口")
("utaq" "口")
("utalab" "战")
("utalaq" "斗")
("Wa" "와")
("walob" "白")
("waloq" "白")
("Wan" "완")
("wanb" "一")
("wanq" "一")
("wasob" "鸟")
("wasoq" "鸟")
("wawab" "力")
("wawaq" "力")
("We" "웨")
("wekab" "远")
("wekaq" "脱")
("Wen" "웬")
("Wi" "위")
("wileb" "想")
("wileq" "要")
("Win" "윈")
("Wo" "워")
("wob" "【")
("Won" "원")
("wonb" "『")
("wub" "】")
("wunb" "』")
("!b" "!")
(".b" "。")
("?b" "?")
(":b" ":")
("[b" "【")
("]b" "】")
;; Local Variables:
;; mode: lisp
;; coding: utf-8
;; End:
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