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GShade -> ReShade migration guide for FFXIV

How To Move To ReShade From GShade

(a guide by rika (@lostkagamine). tested, should work fine.)

(Korean version / 한국어 버전)

If you are having issues like the screen turning black, read the mini-FAQ at the bottom of this document!

0. Don't uninstall GShade yet!

Uninstalling GShade removes the gshade-shaders folder which contains all the content. It does not remove GShade's executable file. This guide will help you do that.
If you already uninstalled it, reinstall it. Sounds weird, I know, but just don't open the game.

You can uninstall it before installing ReShade.

1. Identify your game folder, and open it in Windows Explorer.

This is where you installed FFXIV. It contains ffxiv_dx11.exe. If you can't find it, look at the FAQ.

2. Back up the C:\Program Files\GShade\gshade-shaders and game\gshade-presets folder.

This contains GShade's shaders and presets, obviously. If you've lost it, download it here (shaders) from the official GShade CDN. The link is huge, blame Marot. For presets, you will need to use GShade installer. UPDATE: GShade is permanently unavailable. You will need to go to the Discord.

3. Delete dxgi.dll in the game folder. (If there's a file called d3d11.dll there, delete that too.)


This is GShade's executable file. The uninstaller does not delete this file, which is mildly suspicious, as it will continue to load into your game after uninstallation.

You can uninstall GShade at this point, if you have backed up its folders.

4. Install ReShade to ffxiv_dx11.exe.

Do not tick the options to install the shader packs from vanilla ReShade during the install process.

If that link is still dead when you read this, use this file. It's the exact same file as the one you would download from ReShade. [1]
It will pop up a scary-looking message box warning of bans when you first launch. Just ignore it; ReShade can get you banned just as much as GShade can, aka it can't.
Don't install into ffxiv.exe, as that's the DirectX 9 version of the game. Note that you want the build with full add-on support, as that's the one that works in FFXIV.

5. Replace the contents of the reshade-shaders folder with gshade-shaders's contents.

If you don't have a reshade-shaders for some reason, copy and paste gshade-shaders and rename it to reshade-shaders.

6. Copy and rename the gshade-presets folder to reshade-presets in the game folder.

This is to make presets work again. Despite what GShade team might have told you, you don't need GShade for presets.

7. Add this shader to your reshade-shaders\shaders folder.

Then, turn it on when you get in-game, to ignore Final Fantasy XIV's UI.

8. Add these three shaders to your reshade-shaders\shaders folder.

These fix a compilation error in AdaptiveTint.fx, used in many many presets.

9. You're done. Launch the game.

Enjoy not using software full of malware, and enjoy never updating again. If you find this useful, please throw me something, I don't have much money at all.


There's no gshade-shaders folder. What do I do?

It's Program Files\GShade\gshade-shaders. If you have uninstalled GShade, download the shader package here. You might also have a backup folder in %users%\Public\GShade Backups.

Where's the game folder?

It's probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game, and if you're on Steam, it's Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIV Online\game.

I'm looking for reshade-shaders but I can't find it.

If ReShade's installer did not create it, just copy-paste gshade-shaders and rename it to reshade-shaders.

dxgi.dll is not next to the game executable!

You might have already uninstalled GShade. Ignore and continue, but GShade might be required to construct an appropriate reshade-shaders folder.

How do I open the ReShade menu?

Maybe press Home. ReShade will tell you when you run the game.

But I don't have a Home key on the keyboard!

If you're on a laptop, try pressing Fn and at the same time.

Do GShade presets work?

They should. If they don't, we can't know for certain why, because GShade is closed-source. Project Crystal presets appear to be especially problematic right now, and thus may not function.

My screen is going black when using Project Crystal presets / There are no (shaders/presets) listed.

Set your effect search path (in ReShade settings) to, verbatim, .\reshade-shaders\Shaders, and your texture search path to .\reshade-shaders\Textures. You can use the ReShade file explorer to load your presets.

The screen's colours look super weird! / There are two of each shader in the list!

Replace the entire contents of reshade-shaders with the contents of gshade-shaders, leaving nothing behind.

Why do some shaders not compile?

Please report these shaders in this Discord server, linking the .fx file and the full text of the error message.

Bard, Astrologian, Monk and Dancer's job gauges look weird!

This is a known issue. There is no fix for it at this time. Use the simple mode gauges.


1: MD5sum of ReShade_Setup_5.6.0_Addon.exe: 16bbf254d1a6df02bede993725ad680c. SHA256sum of the same file: 855a118eed4838b7522450ffed21a0b1b7e20dbee4eb2295766cbfd229947b3b.

Special Thanks

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