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Last active August 14, 2023 22:53
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I Am Future - Player Modifiers
%USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Mandragora\I Am Future\SaveData
-- Go for the NEWEST save, as there is an auto save system. Make sure you're in the main menu or not in-game at all, if you're on the Roof then the changes won't take affect.
Open the json file in a file editor (vscode, notepad++, notepad (not the best for it, massive file))
Ctrl+f, replace the value with the value you want.
Health: Character Parameter - HP
Food/Hunger: Character Parameter - Satiety // Higher is better
Inventory: IAmFuture.Data.Character.CharacterInventory // Unsure of what you can and cannot change here
Currency: CurrentCurrency // Higher is better
For example, to change how much currency you currently have, CTRL+F for "CurrentCurrency" and change the int value to whatever you want.
"IAmFuture.Gameplay.Cryptocurrency.CryptocurrencyService": {
"CurrentCurrency": 70, // Change 70 to 9999 for instance
"$type": "IAmFuture.Data.SaveLoad.Containers.CryptocurrencySaveData"
To change your current food level to 100 (so your belly is full)
CTRL+F for "Character Parameter - Satiety" and replace the "Value" to 100.
{"Key":{"ItemObjectID":"Character Parameter - Satiety"},"Value":100}
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