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Fedora Cloud Vagrant Boxes in Atlas

With Fedora 22 release we started creating Vagrant boxes for our cloud images in order to make it easier to set up a local environment for development or testing. In the 22 release cycle we worked out quite a few kinks and we are again releasing libvirt and virtualbox Vagrant boxes for Fedora 23. We are also going a step farther this time by making it easier for users by having them indexed in Hashicorp's Atlas. Atlas is essentially an index of Vagrant boxes that makes it easy to distribute them (think of it like a Docker registry for VM images).

By indexing the Fedora boxes in Atlas gives users the option of using vagrant software to download and add the boxes automatically rather than the user having to go grab the boxes directly from the mirrors first (although this is still an option).

In order to get started with the Fedora cloud base image just:

# vagrant init fedora/23-cloud-base && vagrant up

To get started with the Fedora Atomic host:

# vagrant init fedora/23-atomic-host && vagrant up

The above commands will grab the latest indexed images in Atlas and start a VM without the user having to go download the image first. Hopefully this will make it easier for Fedora users to develop and test! If you haven't delved into Vagrant yet then you can get started with some instructions here. Let us know on the Fedora cloud mailing list if you have any trouble.


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