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List of Package Ids
Name Package Id Version Source
7Zip 7zip.7zip 19.0.0 winget
Altap Salamander salamander choco
Alt-Tab Terminator alt-tab-terminator choco
AutoHotkey Lexikos.AutoHotkey winget
AutoHotkey Store Edition Latest msstore (via winget)
Carnac code52.Carnac 2.3.13 winget
CodeTrack codetrack choco
Ditto ditto.ditto winget
DOSBox DOSBox.DOSBox 0.74-3 winget
EarTrumpet File-New-Project.EarTrumpet winget
Everything voidtools.Everything winget
Fiddler Telerik.Fiddler 5.0.20204.45441 winget
Fiddler Everywhere Telerik.FiddlerEverywhere 1.4.1 winget
FileSeek BinaryFortress.FileSeek winget
GitHub Desktop GitHub.GitHubDesktop 2.6.1 winget
Greenshot Greenshot.Greenshot winget
Insomnia Insomnia.Insomnia 2020.4.1 winget
InsomniaDesigner Insomnia.InsomniaDesigner 2020.4.1 winget
LICEcap Cockos.LICEcap 1.28 winget
Lightshot lightshot.install choco
LINQPad LINQPad.LINQPad6 6.11.11 winget
LINQPad LINQPad.LINQPad5 5.43 winget
Markdown Monster WestWind.MarkdownMonster 1.24.12 winget
Midnight Commander GNU.MidnightCommander 4.8.24 winget
Midnight Commander mc choco
Nightingale REST Client 43891JeniusApps.NightingaleRESTAPIClient Latest msstore (via winget)
NimbleText nimbletext choco
NuGet Package Explorer 50582LuanNguyen.NuGetPackageExplorer Latest msstore (via winget)
Paint.NET choco
PowerToys Microsoft.PowerToys 0.27.1 winget
PureText puretext choco
QuickLook QL-Win.QuickLook 3.6.10 winget
RescueTime RescueTime.RescueTime winget
ShareX ShareX.ShareX 13.4.0 winget
ShellExView NirSoft.ShellExView 2.01 winget
TeraCopy teracopy choco
Visual Studio Code Microsoft.VisualStudioCode 1.52.1.ea3859d4ba winget
Visual Studio Code - Insiders Microsoft.VisualStudioCodeInsiders winget
VLC media player VideoLAN.VLC 3.0.11 winget
WinDbg Preview Microsoft.WinDbg Latest msstore (via winget)
WinDirStat: Windows Directory Statistics WinDirStat.WinDirStat 1.1.2 winget
Windows Terminal Microsoft.WindowsTerminal Latest msstore (via winget)
Windows Terminal Microsoft.WindowsTerminal 1.4.3243.0 winget
WinMerge WinMerge.WinMerge 2.16.8 winget
Wireshark WiresharkFoundation.Wireshark winget
Yori yori choco
ZoomIT zoomit choco
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LanceMcCarthy commented Dec 29, 2020

This is a list of the app suggestions from where I could find winget or choco packages for easy install.

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jawn commented Jan 13, 2021


Typo alert: Alttab Salamander -> Altap Salamander

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LanceMcCarthy commented Jan 13, 2021

@jawn Thanks for catching that, fixed (I was probably thinking ahead to the next item when I was typing 🤦‍♂️).

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