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YAML for Release Pipeline Copy To Azure Blob
- task: AzureFileCopy@2
displayName: 'AzureBlob File Copy'
SourcePath: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/YOUR_DROP_FILES/drop/'
azureSubscription: 'YOUR_AZURE_SERVICE_CONNECTION' (use release pipeline task pickers to help and authenticate)
Destination: AzureBlob
storage: NAME_OF_AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT (use release pipeline task pickers to help)
ContainerName: 'YOUR_BLOB_NAME' (find this in Azure, or use desktop Azure Storage Explorer to help)
AdditionalArgumentsForBlobCopy: '/Pattern:*.zip' (IMPORTANT!!! It seems to fail unless you set a folder as SoucePath and use a pattern to match the file extension. Or use *.* if you want all files copied into folder)
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