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def split_train_test(tweet_vectors, randomized_tweet_vectors) -> tuple:
Split into train and test sets
:param tweet_vectors: tweets in vector form
:return: train_set, test_set tuple of train set and test set
x_train_dim = math.floor(0.8 * tweet_vectors.shape[0]) # Use 80% of data for train set
x_test_dim = math.ceil(0.2 * tweet_vectors.shape[0]) # Use 20% of data for test set
y_dim = tweet_vectors.shape[1]
train_set = np.zeros((x_train_dim, y_dim), dtype=int)
test_set = np.zeros((x_test_dim, y_dim), dtype=int)
for x in range(x_train_dim):
for y in range(y_dim):
train_set[x][y] = randomized_tweet_vectors[x][y]
for x in range(x_test_dim):
for y in range(y_dim):
test_set[x][y] = randomized_tweet_vectors[x + x_train_dim][y]
return train_set, test_set
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