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def read_file(file_name: str, key_name='') -> list:
Open and read csv.gz, .tsv, .csv, or JSON file; return as list
:param file_name: Name of file
:param key_name: Name of JSON key (optional)
:return: data_list: Data in list form
# Determine whether file is of type csv, gz, tsv, csv, or JSON
if file_name[-6:] == 'csv.gz':
data_file =, mode='rt')
data_list = csv_list_maker(data_file)
elif file_name[-3:] == 'tsv':
data_file = open(file_name, newline="")
data_list = csv_list_maker(data_file, delimiter="\t")
elif file_name[-3] == 'csv':
data_file = open(file_name)
data_list = csv_list_maker(data_file)
elif file_name[-4:] == 'json':
with open(file_name, 'r') as read_file:
data_file = json.load(read_file)
data_list = []
for item in range(len(data_file)):
print('Unusable file type. Please submit file of type csv.gz, .csv, .tsv, or JSON')
return []
return data_list
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