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Created November 27, 2014 12:16
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Python Script to check if target is vulnerable to Cross-SIte WebSocket Hijacking using Private IP Addresses as Origin
#import the required binaries and namespaces
import clr
from WebsocketClient import *
#Make WebSocket connection to target using the supplied Origin and check if it sends messages like it does for valid sessions
def check_conn(origin):
print "Testing origin - " + origin
ws = SyncWebsockClient()
ws.Connect("ws://", origin, "SessionID=KSDI2923EWE9DJSDS01212")
ws.Send("first message to send")
msg = ws.Read()
if msg == "message that is part of valid session":
print "Connection successful!!"
return True
return False
#Loop through every possible address in the IP address namespace and check if it is accepted as a valid Origin
def check_nw():
for nws in ["", "", ""]:
for ip in Tools.NwToIp(nws):
if check_conn("http://" + ip):
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Where do we install Tools from? I tried pip install tools but it still does not resolve.

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