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Sublime Text 2 License Key, Sublime Text 3 License Key, Sublime Text Full Version.

Sublime Text 2 & 3 License Key, Sublime Text Full Version

Sublime Text License Key

🔔 NOTE: If you can, please buy software license to support the authors/developers!

How to activate license key?

  1. Go to menu Help > Enter License.
  2. Copy the license key below and paste it into the textbox > Click the Use License button.
  3. Enjoy!
----- BEGIN LICENSE -----
2 User License
45CB0D8F 09100037 7D1056EB A1DDC1A2
39C102C5 DF8D0BF0 FC3B1A94 4F2892B4
0AEE61BA 65758D3B 2EED551F A3E3478C
C1C0E04E CA4E4541 1FC1A2C1 3F5FB6DB
CFDA1551 51B05B5D 2D3C8CFE FA8B4285
051750E3 22D1422A 7AE3A8A1 3B4188AC
346372DA 37AA8ABA 6EB30E41 781BC81F
B5CA66E3 A09DBD3A 3FE85BBD 69893DBD
------ END LICENSE ------

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