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Example solcast-py API usage.
import solcast
# Fetch latest PV power forecast
pv_power_resp = solcast.get_pv_power_forecasts(-35, 149, capacity=2000, tilt=23, azimuth=0, api_key='INSERTYOURAPIKEYHERE')
# Print soonest PV power forecast

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@cjtapper cjtapper commented Feb 6, 2017

Couldn't work out how to edit (not even sure if I'm able to edit?), but you missed an 'e' in forecasts on line 3. Also, should probably modify line 3 to use the brackets syntax for print so that it's compatible with both 2.7 and 3.* (i.e., print(pv_power_resp.forecasts[0].pv_estimate))

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