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Importing a new signature to FingerPrinTLS
1 - Capture the traffic with fingerprintls *or* read a pcap containing the traffic,
assuming current version from git use '-j' to specify a location to save fingerprints
and '-l' for log location:
sudo ./fingerprintls -i en1 -j unknown_fingerprints.json -l log.json
sudo ./fingerprintls -p previous_capture.pcap -j unknown_fingerprints.json -l log.json
This will write new fingerprints to "unknown_fingerprints.json", they will be in the
format of one fingerprint per line in JSON format.
2 - Add the new fingerprint to the fingerprints.json file (copy & paste in a text editor is fine).
3 - Recompile the fingerprints database:
../scripts/ -b ../fingerprints/fingerprints.json
4 - You should have a new "tlsfp.db" in the local directory which fingerprintls will use once restarted.
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