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Airport Survey
The Washington Post Aiport Survey
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"I call a lot of airports by their code, not just DCA."
Because that's what it was called when I moved here.
honor a great President
"a great name, after a great President!"
I'll never speak the name of that president who fired air traffic controllers. It was a slap in the face to name an airport after him.
National belongs to everyone
"It was National, I just never adopted the new name when it changed."
His statue is on the airport for pete's sake.
Reagan Airport is the closest shorthand to the real name that still acknowledges the Reagan name change.
Don't care for the eponym.
"The airport located in northern Virginia that is not Dulles was introduced to me as ""Reagan National Airport"". As a District resident of four years, I affectionately refer to it now as simply ""Reagan"". "
"If I'm speaking, I call it National. If I'm typing, I usually type DCA."
It is the most concise name for the place
The renaming was unnecessary
Just have always called it National.
Reagan did not do anything so great that I would accept this change of name.
That was it's name when I moved here and there was no good reason to change it. I also still refer to the bank with the Stagecoach as Wachovia (better service to customers).
Because I'm a democrat.
"It will always be ""National"""
"The airport was named after George Washington, not the President from California."
"When I moved to DC in 2007, I was told that only tourists call it Reagan. "
Reagan fired all air traffic controllers. He should not have an airport named after him.
Because renaming it was forced on us and it made no more sense to name it after Ronald Reagan than it did to have renamed it Jerry Ford Airport. Actually that probably would have made sense--he lived in Alexandria and flew from National regularly.
I've always called it Washington National or National. Ronald Reagan has enough stuff named after him.
"I like the airport, but don't accept the mythology that surrounds the person for whom it was renamed"
It was National before the Republicans started naming everything after a certain president.
"Eliminates confusion, especially with out of towners."
Calling it Reagan is an abomination to air traffic controllers
"I call it National because as a former airline employee, I find it disrespectful to all airport and airline employees to call an airport by the name of the president who so completely and utterly disrespected the rights of air traffic controllers to protest for better working conditions."
I like saying National more than Reagan.
I refuse to call the airport anything with that atrocious President's name in it that begins with the letter between S and T.
I hate the fact that Congress feels like they can just rename things. I moved to DC in 1999 and it's always been National to me though I use Regan National or DCA when explaining to others what I mean.
i feel like that's what ive heard on the news a bunch
Reagan busted the air traffic controllers union. It's inappropriate to name the airport after him.
because too many things in dc are named Reagan
Refuse to say Reagan!
"That's it's name. The ""honor"" for President Reagan was forced on the Airport."
"Situation dependent: Social media & email to travel agent= DCA but I truly alternate between Reagan (casual conversation), National (taxi) and Reagan National (folks who aren't from area)"
Force of habit
"I do not care to be reminded of the star wars, bootstrap president who was so disingenuous about the budget, And this actors wife who miss used her positional to ""help"" the less fortunate by just saying NO. Just don't want to be reminded."
"People new to the area don't know what you're talking about if you just call it National. So Reagan National makes it more clear. For the record, I'm not a big fan of renaming places that already have perfectly good names. That goes for Republicans as well as Democrats."
"Even though I think it's ridiculous that it was renamed named after Ronald Reagan,-and that statue is horrible-I just broke down and started calling it Reagan cause it's easier. "
I alternate between DCA and Reagan. Typically use DCA much more. Not sure why.
"Not a fan of Reagan, and National was a fine name without the addition of the president's name!
I use the names of DCA and national interchangly
"Because I don't agree with it being named after someone who created the poor in his 'failed' trickle down economic policies. Also, I'm a stickler for keeping things simple and National is more easier and quicker to say than Ronald Reagan National Airport. "
If I'm talking to a younger person who is a frequent traveler I'll call it DCA but typically I call it Reagan
"Reagan fired all the controllers so he does not deserve his name on this airport. Also, this airport serves the local people of this area and it is actually in Arlington not DC. It shouldn't be named after a president. I prefer National airport but to be spiteful I call it Jimmy Carter National. If any president deserves this honor, it's Carter, the president of peace, rather than Reagan the president of illegal war. DCA will also do. "
always have
"Because Bob Barr forced the name change on everyone with strong arm tactics. He was an asshole.
We shouldn't honor someone who destroyed the country with backwards policies that rewarded greed and selfishness.
"I grew up with it as National, it will always be national. And the way congress made the name change against the wishes of the people who lived here was horrible. "
"It used to be called ""National Airport"" and then it became ""Ronald Reagan National Airport"" so ""Reagan National"" seems to be the clearest name in terms of getting the point across to a third-party (like a cab driver) about whom I have no information regarding whether they generally think of this airport as ""Reagan"" or ""National"" or something else."
because that's the name of the airport.
Renaming National after Reagan was just part of plot by Grover Norquist and others to enshrine him.
"1. That's what I've always called it.
2. Republicans trying to force people to call it something else (what they did with Metro funding was the worst) make me even less willing to change"
I was against some of Reagan's political actions.
"I'm old school, I've always known it to be ""National"". Kinda like I only call the Washington, DC area basketball team the ""Bullets"".
"I've always called it ""National"" or ""DCA"". I don't call BWI ""Marshall"" either. "
"If the airport's name doesn't transparently ""acronymize"" down to the airport code, I use the airport code."
That's what it was called when I first moved here in 1978.
"It's National Airport. The call signs are DCA. Both of those are fine.
Just because some folks want to change the name of everything to Ronald Reagan doesn't mean the rest of us have to acquiesce."
It will always be called National! REAGAN should have never been added on. Only right wing concerves loved him.
I find R. Reagan's policies to have been repugnant. To have our airport renamed after him was a kick in the face. Now there is a repugnant statue standing as a greeting to us as we drive into the facility. And we had to pay to have all the signage and maps changed so his name would appear! Congressman Barr was on a crusade to name as many govt. facilities as he could after RR. Unforgivable!
I refuse to honor a president who I feel was one of the worst we've had. Especially given his lack of action in addressing AIDS.
"It's what I grew up with. Plus, Reagan is the last person an airport should be named for."
The re-naming to Reagan was simply a political move by right-wingers and I don't support it.
Most concise title - why waste all those extra words!
Because I hate the GOP jerks who re-named it.
The airport was already named after our first president. Why would you slap on another president's name?
Ronald Reagan was the president who identified trees as a major source of air pollution.
"I used to have the whole ""I REFUSE to call it Reagan because he was a terrible person..blah..blah..blah""-type attitude. Then I grew up and decided to call the airport by its proper name (and realized that Reagan wasn't that different than any other President)."
That's what it was. The new name just never caught on with me.
"I also call it National sometimes, but only when talking to locals. "
"I watched it being built,
Reagan was the most troubling. President I remember, not even a good actor."
Because that's what it's called
"It's a habit from moving here since I didn't know the history. I have older very liberal friends (in their 50s+) who solely refer to the airport as National. I always want to correct myself but being that I am not a D.C. native, my habit is to call it what I've heard on the news which is Reagan. "
The name should have never been changed!!!
That is the best way to search for flights online.
"National. Can't be caught calling it that ""R"" word."
"The Reagan name was tacked on. Generally, I call it DCA, but it is otherwise definitely National. "
renamed the airport national only.
"When I got to DC in 2003, National is what the people I met here were calling it. It was probably partly political; none of them are Reagan fans. But I dont see people calling BWI Thurgood Marshall much, either, so habit was probably the biggest part of it."
Because I can't stand Ronald Reagan :-)
"I said National for the longest time, but now think got it as Reagan. I still say National every now and then though."
"It is highly offensive that the ""national"" airport is named after Reagan considering what he did to the air traffic controllers. That name should never be associated with an airport. "
"DCA is easier than confusing people, as some still call it National and some Reagan...people visiting from out of town easily get confused."
"I find older generations' reverence for him incomprehensible and think it's perverse that we named an airport after him to honor his many ""accomplishments."" Note that only the regional airports named after white men are referred to in this way. When was the last time anyone referred to BWI as ""Marshall""?"
"I call it by its pre Hollywood Republican name, by its CORRECT name."
I do not accept the renaming by Republicans to deify that President.
"Because the irony of calling it after the deeply partisan, political person who attacked air traffic controllers and government in general is just too much for me."
"Reagan was anti government and anti government workers, Remember Jerry della Femina's advertising slogan for Sony""From those wonderful folks who brought You pearl Harbor!"" "
"""Reagan"" is easier to say than ""national"""
When I moved into the area it was called National Airport.
Reagan was an awful person
"A great name, plus a great statue, of a great statesman!"
Because that's what it's called
"It's always been Reagan National to me. National airport kind of makes sense due to the proximity to Washington DC. But it'll always be Reagan, with the occasional National tossed in together."
"Reagan never really seemed to actually care for the DC area and vice versa so between that and his actions against the airport traffic controllers, it seems like we'd be better off not having an airport named for him or at least having the one named after him either be in an area of California he's still popular in or nearer to his hometown."
I call it DCA because it's shortest and least confusing.
Because I think that naming the airport after the person that fired the air traffic controllers is offensive
Because its identity as National was firmly established before Republicans decided to rename it in their orgy of adoration for Reagan. The same is true of BWI. No one calls it Marshall. And I bet no newspaper will ever ask why they don't.
I most commonly hear it referred to as Reagan on TV and at work
"I call the airport ""Reagan"" because it is named Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. I don't call Dulles International Airport the ""airport way out there in no man's land."""
"I'll actually use DCA, National, or Reagan interchangeably. I think I use Reagan more because the Metro calls it that."
DCA because I see that name written more than reagan. I fly out of dulles more though cause its cheaper.
Grew up here so it's always been National and always will be.
"I call it Reagan National because when I search for flights and put in ""DCA"" it usually comes up as ""Washington Reagan""."
out of protest. it was crazy to change the name in the first place. It was already named after a president - Washington
Habit. I grew up here and it was National then.
"It was Washington National Airport for the longest time. President Reagan already had a number of buildings, and an aircraft carrier, named after him. There was no need for Congress to rename National."
It had a fine name before becoming one of the too many places named after Reagan.
"When I moved to the region in 2001, that was what I learned it as."
"I don't know why I call it Regan, maybe because that's the first word in its official name. Peer pressure from liberal friends is pushing me toward calling it National. When I tell my boyfriend that we are flying out of Regan, he pretends not to understand what I'm saying until I give in and call it National."
"It's what I've always known it as. Reagan National, Reagan, I call it by its name. Dulles and BWI have their own name so why shouldn't we call it that? Everyone says National, National could be a bunch of things here in DC. National Museum, National Building, National Monument..."
I learned quickly that those in the know call it National and you can easily weed out the tourists that call it Reagan National Airport.
The airport was already named after a president of the United States: George Washington. Ronald Reagan had already been honored by having the second largest government building after the Pentagon named in his honor.
I grew up calling it National and still do.
"Airport code. Also DCA is conveniently D.C. Airport.
However If someone doesn't know what DCA is then simply ""National"". "
Airport abbreviations.
Reagan was a dick.
I still dislike Reagan
Because that's its name
"I'm split between Reagan, Reagan National and DCA. It's all interchangeable to me, but I probably use Reagan and DCA the most."
it was the name given to it
"I think it is crazy that they named an airport after someone who fired 10,000 air traffic controllers. "
Because that's it's name and I'm not so tediously partisan that I can't call something by its name just because I disagree with the president it's named after.
"I refuse to call it ""Reagan National"" because Reagan fired the air traffic controllers"
I never understood why it was ever named after Ronald Reagan. Have always called it National Airport.
"I'll call National ""Reagan"" when people start calling BWI ""Thurgood Marshall."" Reagan isn't the only figure in this country worthy of respect and admiration. "
I am still peeved that the Republican congress at the time jammed the new name of the airport down eveyone's throats with no study or $ (initially) to help wmata with signage. And at the time I leaned Republican.
"It was national when I was in school, when I moved back to dc proper its name had changed to Reagan. The other two airports I generally refer to as ""hell on earth."""
One word National instead of saying the full name ronald reagan national airport. it is just too long.
Because it was called National for most of its history until some GOP ass-clowns decided to tag on the name and statue of one of their kindred ass-clowns.
"That's the name of it, or at least it used to be ..."
The PATCO strike.
"To me - the correct name of airport was, is, and always will be NATIONAL. I have no problem correcting anyone who calls it Reagan or adds Reagan to National - whether they live here or are traveling here. The one deviation is that, on occasion, I will add ""DCA"" to assist those who may be traveling to the area. No offense to Mr. Reagan, but the name change was just another injustice perpetrated upon the citizenry of the District of Columbia, whom Congress unjustly treats as unworthy, unequal, and incapable of making its own decisions.
I refuse to call it Ronald Regan because of how a lot of things were renamed for him right after he finished office and I don't think he deserved the recognition
I don't like the name of the airport and who its named after. wish they would rename the airport.
"It's the name most similar to the name of the city. Also, I guess I'm still not used to the Ronald Reagan name :-("
That's just what I've grown up calling it. I know the official name but I never call it that.
"It's faster to say, besides that I will never use the mouthful-of-a-name that Republicans shoved down Washington DC areas throats. "
"I usually use DCA or National. I've refused to buy into the revisionist Reagan hype (AIDS, crack, deficits) and I don't like associating him with ""gateway"" to our city. If any president's name should be used, it's Washington's. However, I do refer to the Reagan building as the Reagan building."
Everybody knows which airport you are talking about when you say Reagan.
"Because ""Reagan"" is easier to say than ""Reagan National"". And ""Reagan"" is part of the name of the airport, whether we liked the guy or not. I am furthest from a republican and was born when he was president so obviously my loyalty isn't so strong. But people get all worked up about what to call it. ""Reagan"" is the name, so what's the big deal? People should channel that energy into changing the racist name of this city's football team "
Short and inoffensive
Airport code. Called it National and Reagan as well.
That's what the lady on the PA system calls it.
"Simple, it's the DC Area airport. Not the airport of that Republican guy that was president. "
He fired the air traffic controllers
the way Reagan handled the airport strikes and then they named an airport after him...
I am not a fan of Ronald Reagan and there are far too many things named after him. I either call it DCA or National.
"Based on the signs naming it Ronald Regan Natonal Airport I shortened it. Sometimes I may say Regan Natonal, but mostly just Regan."
"Probably because of my parents. I sometimes call it DCA though too, but only when I call Dulles, IAD. "
sharks have feet
"The problem with you survey is that as you point out by asking the question itself I do not stick to one name. I switch. I call it Reagan National, national reagan, reagan, national, etc. what we need is for the airport, airlines, websites (expedia, etc.) to name it for us."
"I used yo call IT Its original name, National. I just got used to its new name Reagan National"
It's non political
Because that's what it should be called. Tacking Reagan on there was pointless. He got a building downtown.
I call it National because it's easy to remember.
Reagan was awful to the FAA!
"""National"" is short and sweet. I also prefer to say the city name of an airport (if there is only one) as it is less confusing than other names."
"I will NEVER use Reagan .. no disrespect meant for our ex President. As someone who was born in DC, and has had family IN DC since the 1840s, I kind of felt disrespected that Congress (not from DC) took it upon themselves to rename it Without asking the locals what they thought of the name change."
The name National comes more naturally to me.
I'm not sure actually - probably a bit has to do with my parents calling it that and the other part is that Reagan was President when I was younger and then subsequently the airport was named after him ... and I called him Reagan not Reagan National (if that makes sense). My connection to him was as President not an airport
"It was the original name and when Bob Barr made the stink with Metro over the name, that was the end of any use of Reagan I used"
Because I hate Ronald Reagan and National sounds so much better.
"naming anything after Reagan - especially an airport, after the way he handled the air traffic controller strike - is a farce"
"Because that's it's name and I'm not so petty with political affiliations that I will refuse to call something by its name simply if I don't agree with the person its named after. Also, he was a former President not a war criminal, people need to get a grip."
"Because I don't want to celebrate Reagan, and I'm kind of a petty person. "
Everyone in my family calls it that!
"The name change was an ""excessive"" act, as a memorial already existed and/or was planned for the person it was named for; Also the name change was a bullying of local area governments and their lawful independence to govern the airports."
"I typically refer to airports by their 3 letter designations, except the non-intuitive ones like IAD because no one outside the DC area would know off hand that's Dulles. In fact, before I moved to the area I didn't know Dulles was a thing, I just thought a lot of people I met were flying to and from Dallas."
That's its name
"That's what it was called before it was renamed. Just like I can't quite say 'Thurgood Marshall' for BWI. It will always be National, Dulles and BWI. "
Fewer syllables than National.
When it was renamed It just never stuck with me. Always went by National.
"It's name is the Reagan National Airport, and to me ""Reagan"" is the shorthand for that. There is not a political dimension to my feeling about the name. "
To avoid calling it Reagan. I hate Reagan.
"I refuse to call it Reagan. Period. It's National, and maybe, if I have to, DCA. Never Reagan."
Reagan was a pretty awful president
Was not happy that DCA was renamed - always knew it as National. Even less happy after the giant statue was erected.
That's its non-Republican name. That group would change the name of everything in the country to Regan.
"Because fuck Ronald Reagan and the sycophantic losers that wanna put his name on everything. Reagan was bad for the country, his legacy is a blight on the world"
"I call it National, because that is it's name. I don't care WHO others may want to name it after. It had a PERFECT name and that there was never a need to attempt to change it. I grew up in Northern Virginia (Oakton/Vienna) I reside in Arlington today. I lived DC for a few years as well. God, I wish folks would just call it NATIONAL."
"Naming it after Reagan is insulting to air traffic controllers, and I grew up calling it National. I don't use BWI's full name, either."
I call it Regan or DCA but most often Regan.
"In reality, it's whatever comes out. Online it's DCA for booking flights. National seems to be best when taking to cabbies or others. Out of towners flying in get Reagan National. I got used to dropping honorary names, although calling it Ronald might be cute and amusing."
"Mostly to irritate my friends who insist on calling it National. Yea, I'm that guy. Started off as sort of ironic, now I've embraced it. "
That is its name. I never supported naming it for a president I did not support.
It's what people my age have implored me to call it.
That's how I learned it
"I am a supporter of organized labor, and am quite familiar with the story of how President Reagan crushed the PATCO strike. That's why I use the old name for the airport."
"That's its name. Ronald Reagan was a fine president, but the constant renaming of perfectly good entities (particularly when he was still alive!) leaves a bad taste in my mouth. "
"I use ""Reagan"" as short hand for the full name of the airport, rather than ""National"", because to me ""Reagan"" more specifically identifies the airport I'm speaking of as opposed to other ""national"" airports across the country. I work in the airport retail industry and there are many airports with ""national"" in their name, but only one Reagan. "
No one is ever confused which airport I mean. Not everyone knows their airport codes.
"Generally against naming things after Reagan, especially this airport which he had tried to close down."
I call it DCA because that's what I use to book my flights or I refer to it as Reagan. Never National although my family does.
Not calling something by its name is pedantic and childish.
Cause that's what we called it when I moves here in 1996
Because fuck Reagan.
"Not a huge fan of Ronald Reagan, the president."
"It was named after a perfectly good president prior to its name change. Now it's named after a president I don't feel should be honored in that particular way. I will continue to call it National, or , if that isn't understood, DCA."
"Because they can name an airport after Voldemort, but they can't make me say his name. "
"I used to interchangeably call it DCA or Reagan but after an older friend (and longtime DC resident) yelled at me for calling it Reagan, I pretty much just stick to DCA now... "
"I don't think the National should have been named after a person that disbanded air traffic controller. You can name anything else after him, but not that."
"I'm from an airline family, and Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers. Thus, we call it National."
"I'll never call it Reagan It's just, right wing propaganda. "
It's easier to say that Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. I'd also rather call it the Monica Lewinsky Washington National Airport first!
Because naming it Reagan was an asshole move made by a bunch of asshole
Because that's what it is. Nothing against that former President - but that's what it is. National Airport
"Because it is a National airport. Over the objections of the majority of Metro-DC residents, Republicans decided to ram through a controversial name-change. So much for local control."
An unnecessary rename for a president whose policies were often lacking in empathy. I was ALWAYS call it National.
Because Not everyone thinks calling it the Monica Lewinsky airport Is appropriate.
"It was National when I was a kid, will always be National."
Calling it
"Because it was National Airport before they named it after Reagan.
One note - my father was in the military; I lived in three places in Virginia before I was 18, for a total of about five years - three in Dale City, one in Richmond, one in Hampton. I went to UVA, and have been in the DC area since 1988."
"Because goddammit that's its name. NATIONAL. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I do use DCA in chat/IM though, because it's faster."
DCA or National
"because call letters are easiest way not to get confused. ""Dulles"" and Reagan"" is not written on the ticket!"
"It's already named after one president, Washington. So it's Washington National Airport. Seems silly to name it after two: Washington Reagan National airport. Maybe in another 30 years we'll call it Washington Reagan Clinton National Airport."
"I used to switch between Reagan and DCA interchangeably. Then at a party I was stuck talking to annoying unattractive guy, who was trying to hit on me. I called it ""Reagan"" and he said ""ugh, you mean DCA - we don't use his name.""
And I've called it Reagan ever since. Something as trivial as the name of an airport shouldn't be so political. Interactions like the one above are so #ThisTown."
Reagan funded terrorists groups in Latin America. He illegally funded Iraqis. His domestic policies tripled the national debt. Not a fan.
I call 2/3 airports in the dc area by their call letters. Isn't Dulles the wierd one?
"When I was younger, I was not allowed to call it ""Reagan"" due to a family member's political views, and it stuck."
i tend to call it something like Reagan-DCA.
"It's a shortened version of it's name, Reagan National Airport."
Because National is an all encompassing name. Reagan has specific political affiliation and his name has been attached to far too many public places. National is D.C.
Because thats its official name.
Because naming an airport after the guy that fired the air traffic controllers is dumb.
"Habit, plus the irony of the re-naming isn't lost on me."
"I would call it DCA because I call most airports by their code, but most people don't seem to understand what DCA is right off the bat so I call it Reagan around other people. "
It's the airport nearest to DC
Because Reagan does not deserve the airport named after him. He did nothing for the airport and it was a congressional action to rename it. Metro spent good money that could have gone for other things changing all the signs. I believe Cnogress threatened action if they did not.
"When I moved to DC in 1999, everyone called it National. And people were still pissed off at its renaming and the cost to Metro of redoing all the signs. And it kind of stuck with me."
"Because I refuse to use Ronald Reagan's name to refer to such a wonderful public service, and I would call it ""National"" like we did when I was a kid but...transportation nerd."
Because that's it's real name. Reagan hated DC.
"That's what it was called when I moved here, so that's what it is in my mind. The more I hear ""Reagan National,"" though, I'm sure it will begin to stick. I'm no fan of Reagan, but I'm not opposed to calling it Reagan National because of that. It's just habit more than anything."
That's what I grew up calling it.
"I had a sorority sister nicknamed Reagan in college, and while people called her that all the time, she only answered to Laura when wasted. Same theory applies."
"It's a disgusting joke to name an airport after the man who broke the air traffic controllers' union, a key point in the now 30+ year effort by the corporate right to turn every job in the US into a crappy, low-paying one."
"While I am a political scientist rather than affiliating with any particular party, I thought it was ridiculous when Congress started naming everything in town after Ronald Reagan. Calling it National (which is what I always knew it as anyway) is my own little form of protest."
because that's what it was called growing up there...!
Because Reagan was such a dick.
That's what I've heard it be called?
It is just shorter to call it Regan and Regan is in the full name. Also I think if the subject is airports it's not necessary to say more - people know which one you mean if you just say Regan.
"It's easy to say and remember, and the name is distinctly different from the other two airports."
When I moved here in 2001 I was told the airport was named after President Ronald Reagan. I just called it Reagan for short like everyone else I heard around me.
It's shorter than Reagan national airport. I also use DCA when talking to friends
I dislike Reagan.
That's what I've always called it.
"That's what I use when searching for flights, so that's how I think of it. Also, it sounds like an early-90s rapper.
""Ay, yo, DCA, get on the mic!"""
Best name for it.
Just easiest to call it Reagan. :)
'Cuz it's the airport code and what I enter when searching for flights
Always called it that.
"That president has enough buildings named after him, the airport was already named after a president, and the political nonsense behind the recent renaming remains nonsense."
"Typically say ""National"" when speaking, but ""DCA"" when writing. "
Because fuck Reagan and the GOP.
"I sometimes call it Reagan, but mostly still call it National"
The way congress force the name on the DC area.....National is part of the official name...
My parents have always called it that.
"Our city airport is National Airport. This city never supported Ronald Reagan; he and his policies never supported us. His policies led to the disappearance of a safety net, the huge presence of homeless people, and the legalized theft of Social Security earned by government workers. I will never use Ronald Reagan's name in connection with my hometown airport -- something forced upon us by the same Congress that firmly insists upon our ongoing colonial status."
It's the airport code...
It's what my friends called it when I got to the DC area in it stuck!
"Tradition, old school"
"I call airports by their codes, and I won't say Reagan."
"I usually use the airport codes for all the airports I fly to/from (i.e.BWI, IAD, BDL, LAX, SFO). There are a select few I use the name for (O'Hare, Providence, Boston). "
(DCA) I thought that's was it's proper name
I'll call it Reagan when Republicans start referring to BWI as Marshall.
Parents lived in DC
Faster to say
Because that is its name.
I object to the deification of Reagan by the Republican Party and its adherents.
Ronald Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic.
FUCK Reagan!
"Because Reagan doesn't need to have All The Things named after him. Also because it was National when I was growing up, and that's still it's name as far as I'm concerned."
That's its name.
"DCA is so easy and it's the official name, celebrities aside, I prefer to call airports by their codes."
Because I've been told only tourists call it Reagan and locals call it National.
"Because that is the name of the airport? Although being a fan if brevity, I shorten it to the first word only."
"Why would I call any airport that person's name...he hated government, fired air traffic controllers, and was a horrible President...defies belief that he was honored in this way. If they needed to rename it, why not call it Amelia Earhart National Airport, or after Sally Ride or Jerrie Mock or Anne Morrow Lindbergh or Jacqueline Cochran or the WASPS or any of the hundreds of others who brought honor to aviation....not The Lord Voldemort of Presidents. "
The name change was a terrible idea.
I refer to a lot of airports by their LOCID
oh god... so sick of the reagan circle-jerk.
Makes sense for me!
Ronald was a piece of shit.
A dislike of the man they named it for.
"I do a lot of travel for work and I always identify an airport by its code, since I also book all my trips. I always think of Dulles as ""IAD"" and so on. "
I like the name better.
"Regan, Regan National, it all depends on who I am speaking to (whether or not they are familiar with the airport of not.)"
It is the airport closest to the nation's capital.
Used to travel a lot for work and got used to referring to airports by their code.
It's simply National to me because I refuse to call it Reagan National Airport.
Reagan saved the airline industry.
Never understood why the airport was named after someone who fired air traffic controllers.
"It's the first word, Reagan National, Reagan. "
"Cus, like, the other name is, you know. Voldemortish."
Was National when I was growing up. Name change never stuck.
"The full name is too long, and I first knew it as National... so National it has stayed."
"The name was changed without input from the community. Why not change the name of Washington, DC to rehab city? Same difference."
"I call it National, but I don't act like a prick and pretend I don't know what ""Reagan"" is."
"I go back and forth between Reagan and National, it depends who I'm talking to and what their level of confusion would be based on what I call it. "
"""Reagan"" has the fewest syllables. Fucking duh."
I can't stand to call my beloved airport Reagan. It hurt to type it just now.
Reagan sucked.
I call most airports by their 3-letter designation
Washington National is the name that makes sense.
"I look at it like calling Dulles, Dulles it's the name of the airport. I would call BWI ""Marshall"" but nobody knows what you mean by that. BTW, thank you for weighing in on one of the great debates of our day. "
"It's ridiculous to name everything after Reagan. This is our nation's capital, so National is a fitting name."
9 times out of 10 I call it DCA. My parents 65+ call it National. Out of town friends call it Reagan.
"I really dislike Reagan, and refuse to refer to it after a guy that royally fucked up our economy and drove a wedge between parties, giving us this bipartisan shit-storm we've come to know and ignore. "
"I sometimes call it DCA, but most often call it Reagan."
"I previously called it Reagan, but most people are more familiar with ""DCA."""
I call it that because that's what it's always been. It was an insult to the city to impose Regan's name on it. It was a waste of money and resources.
because most people in this area call it that.
"DCA is just the easiest & quickest, rolls off the tongue."
"Sometimes I call it Reagan, but I'd rather not be reminded of the politician every time I have to fly. "
"That airport was named after a president after it was already named after a city that was named after a president. So I just use the part of the name that makes it most clear. I also call BWI BWI, not Marshall. And I just call Dulles Hell."
I call it Reagan or DCA due to flight options.
"Used to call it just ""Reagan,"" but picked up from lots of grumpy DC folks that it's ""NATIONAL,"" so i've compromised on ""Reagan National"" "
I don't believe Ronald Reagan deserves this honor nor my reverence.
i despise Reagan. and the overreaching of the GOP House during the 90s-early 2000s to name everything after him.
That's what we called it at Georgetown.
Because Reagan was a horrible person.
Boooo Reagan that jackass
We don't use the R word.
Only tourists call it Reagan.
"It will always be ""National"" in my heart, but people new to the area don't know what that is."
"DCA is shorthand and easier to say. I often call it National too. As a good Democrat, I never call it Reagan."
"DCA is clear, it is the airport code that pops up whenever you try to book a flight to or from there."
Reagan sucks.
Because Reagan was pure evil.
least number of syllables.
because I'm sick of everything being Reagan
"That was, is, and should be its name. Naming it for a president who broke the back of the Air Controllers Union is an injustice."
"It's not fucking Reagan! I don't know why republicans lionize that lying, deficit increasing, arms-to-terrorist-giving, fool. And why despite claiming a hatred of federal control and a preference for local controlthey continue to use their power over DC to overrule our local decisions and withhold our own money when we disobey. But the rest of us should not play along. Fuck them. "
"Because it'll always be National Airport to me. The addition of ""Ronald Reagan"" seemed silly and I've ignored it. I also call that bridge over the Potomac the Cabin John Bridge, because that's what it is to me. ;)"
Because not everything needs to be named after a dead politician.
"Because Reagan fired all the controllers. Why, again, is it named for him?"
"Because that's its name. Does anyone call BWI the ""Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport""? Just because someone decides they want to slap a new name on something doesn't mean that the name actually changes."
"""National Airport"" was its longtime name, prior to be officially named for our 40th president. I like(d) Reagan, but I'm NOT a fan of re-naming things for people after those things already have a long-standing, familiar name. The full name, ""Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport,"" is so unwieldy, that ""National"" is my preferred name. It's what I grew-up calling it."
Calling it Reagan diminishes what is otherwise a respectable institution
That's what it was growing up; my dad was a pilot flying out of there.
"I objected to the renaming of the airport as ""Reagan""."
"Nostalgia, habit, and probably just a little bit because I'm not much of a Ronald Reagan fan."
I forgot what the original name was.
"Because it has always been National, and always will be."
"Combination of that's what I called it when I was little, and renaming it after Reagan was political and dumb."
"It all depends on who I am talking to. If I am talking to other airline people like myself, I will use DCA. But, if I am talking to family members, such as my mom, with little airpot knowledge, I will simply say 'Reagan', I think because I refer to Dulles as Dulles. Reagan is similar to Dulles (both 1 word, a last name, east to say)."
Because all the cool kids do it.
Because that's what it was called when I moved to the DC metro area in 2004.
Because Congress hijacked a local airport and renamed it without the consent of the local people. They renamed it for the President who fired all the air traffic controllers. And it was at great expense to local people because metro had to change all the signs. I refuse to acknowledge congress' overstepping its authority here.
That's what it was introduced to me as. I don't even know the full correct name.
That's original name and no one voted to change it. It should be called Marion S. Barry National airport! Regan just put his name on several buildings he had nothing do with and waste alot of taxpayers money changes sign and no one had any knowledge of it until his name appeared there.
"When I moved to DC to go to GW in 1996, that's what it is called. And cab drivers give you more respect if you ask them to take you to National or DCA."
"Thats what my mom would call it growing up and it just stuck with me. We do bounce between National, Reagan, and Reagan National. But we mainly just stick with National"
Don't like Reagan
"I still occassionally say Reagan National when telling the cab where to go, but I'm trying to break that habit and just say National or DCA. It should not have been named for Reagan. Refusing to call it Reagan is a mini-protest."
"I use both, to be honest, but probably say 'National' most often because it's more universally understood. "
"Never was a fan of Reagan and don't like the push to put his name on everything. Also, all presidents since forever live in DC, why should Reagan's name be on the airport? He didn't free slaves or further any particularly unique policy initiative (I mean trickle-down economics, really?!). And the Berlin wall was coming down regardless, Communism was not working. I'm sorry but history will not/does not give him credit for that.
National is a neutral, appropriate, and non-partisan name for DCA."
"The ""Washington"" comes from George Washington, not the city. The airport is in Virginia, not DC. Adding the name of Reagan is also inappropriate because of the conflict between him and the air traffic controllers union. "
... I don't know!
We would never call it by the awful president it is named after!
it was national for years and years and I don't see why it should have ever been named after a person. and that goes the same for all the other airports around here.
"It's National, DC should annex it. "
It's what my friends called it.
"I actually call it all of the names listed above, but most often it is Reagan National. "
It's easier to reference airports by the three letters.
"It is what I always knew it as, didn't think the name should have been changed for political reasons."
"I call it National or DCA. All 3 airports in the Washington, DC area have ""Washington"" in their name, so generally speaking I never use the word ""Washington"" when referring to an airport. National Airport was already named after a president (Washington) well before Reagan and his statue came along. I only use ""Reagan"" when needed for clarity--usually when talking to people outside the DC area--not all of them know what ""National"" means. As a frequent flyer I use ""DCA"" when I'm within my social circle of fellow travelers. Any frequent flyer will understand DCA, IAD, and BWI. "
"The official name of the airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. There is no reason Ronald Reagan's name belongs before Washington's let alone on the same title. Whether the ability of Congress to rename the airport was constitutional is another question.
National because it was National. And honestly I think RR is completely overrated as a president and don't need to be reminded of his policies every time I fly.
Because that's the name of the airport.
Married a local who refuses to call it Reagan.
Renaming the airport Reagan was another push into local affairs by republicans.
I usually call it regan or national or regan national because that's what my parents call it
It is easier to just call it Reagan nothing too thought provoking
"Because that was its longtime name before it was changed for political symbolic reasons. It's fine for the official name to be ""Ronald Reagan National Airport,"" just like it's fine for the college in Palo Alto to have the formal name ""Leland Stanford Junior University."" "
"I used to refer to it as ""Reagan"" or ""National"" about 50/50, but DCA is easier. "
It's the national airport so it's called national
It's what my parents always called it. I've actually only flown out of it once.
Bc I'm not a tourist. Besides... It's fun to tell people you also fly out of Monica Lewinski Airport too
Because people told me to
"i refer to it as ""National"" b/c it's still ""Washington National"" to me. "
"After moving to DC 2.5 years ago, I learned the name of this airport was a point of contention for many people. Locals would call it National, newcomers like myself would call it Reagan. I just stuck with DCA as a safe medium. "
Called it that before it was Reagan National and never switched.
it's what i punch into web searches when looking for a flight. it's shortest.
It was DC National and should of stayed DC National
"I refuse to call it ""Reagan"" because of the issue with the air traffic controllers strike in the 1980s.
My wife works in a field related to the airline industry, so we tend to use the airport codes around the house. "
"It was National when I grew up and switching to Reagan was GOP bs. It was already designed to look like Mount Vernon, in honor of G. Washington. Anyway, since so many people do call it Reagan or Reagan National, I sometimes call it DCA, too."
It was introduced to me as Reagan National. I sometimes just say National but frequently catch myself saying Reagan National.
It's what we always called it.
"1. It's what I grew up calling it.
2. Don't see why Ronald Reagan should have been given the honor of having it renamed after him.
3. What was wrong with the original name?
4. Your question regarding ""what state"", GUESS WHAT??? DC is NOT a state. Or haven't you noticed..TAXATION W/O REPRESENTATION!!!"
"I cal the airport National due the fact it was National airport when I moved to Washington,DC in 1977."
"My husband is a third generation DC native and throws a fit if anyone refers to the airport as ""Reagan"" instead of ""National."" "
"Interesting that the name added to BWI isn't an issue but it is for the ""airport in Northern Virginia that is not named Dulles International""."
"It remains ""Washington National Airport,"" just with another name prepended to it. Even though I have taken flights to Canada from it, it's not really the ""inter""national airport for this area, either."
Because I'm a Democrat so it feels weird to call it Reagan. Plus my old boss's name was also Reagan so I just stopped right there. And I said National once and no one knew what I meant. My dad is also a United Airlines pilot so I'm used to calling places by their airport codes anyways. My flights are usually visits home to OMA.
"It's what my parents called it and what I grew up calling it (National). I'll sometimes call it DCA, when I'm talking about itineraries."
I can barely stand to say the R word.
"1) it was ""national airport"" before it was ""Reagan national""
2) see 1."
"The guy they tried to re-name it after has had his name plastered on enough stuff all over town, and his legacy doesn't merit the hagiography."
because that guy wasn't so great.
"Ronald Reagan was a despicable president. Not only did he ignore the AIDS epidemic, but he fired 11,000 air traffic controllers for trying to procure better working conditions and wages. To name our Nation's Capital's airport after him is the height of irony."
Because it annoys my boss.
For an airport to be named after a former president and not call that airport by the said presidents name is disrespectful to his legacy. Especially true when the airport is named for such a great man in our nations history.
"because it's National, dammit. and calling it by that other name is an insult to the people who make sure the planes take off and land safely."
"In general, I refer to DCA as DCA because it is easy to say and it sounds like DC. But I tend to call airports with longer names by their digits. "
Look up flights by airport codes all the time
"National bc is the National/ Capital airport, AND because I will not call it Reagan."
"it bugs my republican dad when i don't glorify the ""good old days"" of by saying ""Reagan"". also, it was national airport first, before the renovation."
"Stupid to change the name after all these years.
Same with Houston Intercontinental airport. BUSH??
But I don't like that they name sports stadiums after corporations. "
Because that s what it is National Airport. DCA!!! That is the name I grew up with and knew for over half my life.
"DCA is shorter/cleaner than the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The super long name, and choosing which of those words to use, is stupid and wastes time."
Parents called it that.
First thing I think of
Because it had a name before the republican congress forced Reagan's name on to it over the will of the local residents.
"I know I should call it ""National"" if I really want to fit in...but Reagan rolls right off the tongue."
My dad was a pilot for Delta and that's what I always remember hearing it called.
"My wife and I refer to this airport as 'National' airport. Naming this airport after a President is politically driven, and provides no additional benefit to the taxpayers from which the funds are allocated for such a name change. We would prefer naming the airport 'National Airport', 'Capital Airport', 'DC National Airport', 'VA National', etc."
Because it's fucking National Airport!
"Airport code. Easy to find in search engines. I call Dulles ""IAD."""
"I use a mix of the names you mention in the first question, but it's ""National"" more often than the others. I remember before it was named after Ronald Reagan so making the switch the the paragraph-long name hasn't stuck so quickly. It's just National in my head."
When I moved to DC that's what I heard my peers call it
It's its name...
"Because ""Reagan National"" is too long."
I've always called it that or DCA when people give me a blank stare.
"Reagan National, so both sides of the argument understand what I mean "
National Airport/DCA has always been National Airport/DCA and always should be. The R president has plenty of other things named for after him.
Because that's its name and there is no reason to change it.
"'Cause that's what says on the ticket, man."
I refuse to call it Reagan. It's always been National to me!
National is easy and people always know what you are talking about.
Did you not learn your nation's airport codes in high school?
"Saying ""National"" causes a lot of people who haven't lived here long to ask ""You mean Reagan?"" -- not as a statement, but for clarity. Among a different crowd, saying ""Reagan"" leads to a different conversation I'm tired of having. ""DCA"" is an easy, unambiguous and uncontroversial term for the airport that doesn't lead to being interrupted or diverted from the conversation taking place."
To confuse people who don't live in the D.C. area.
"I grew up calling it National, so it kind of stuck, but I also think it's stupid that they named it after Reagan. I occasionally call it DCA if I'm talking to someone who might not know what I mean by National."
I call it National or DCA because I don't want to say Reagan.
I refuse to call it by the name of a certain 40st president!
I don't like the push to rename things in honor of Reagan.
"I refer to most airports by their codes. Though occaisionally I call it Reagan, I'm trying to switch to calling it National (not a big Reagan fan)"
I use both DCA and Reagan
"I grew up in the waning days of Peoples, Hechinger, Hecht's, and Woodies. We shopped at Wheaton Plaza and flew out of National. Now, all of those names are gone, and for the most part, I've adapted. But it'll always be National to me."
"Reagan was a bad president, plus it shows I'm actually from DC."
"Reagan's threats to retaliate against the striking air traffic controllers, makes it a travesty that an airport was named after him."
"Because everytime I use another name, I get corrected! If I don't call it DCA (or people don't understand what DCA means) I call it ""National"" - if people are from out of town, and don't know what ""National"" means, then have to spell out the full name ""Ronald Reagan National Airport"""
"I resist calling it Reagan in part because of my own political views -- but also because there is no need to. BWI's code does not reflect Thurgood Marshall, IAH's code does not reflect Bush, so it is more logical to refer to them as ""Baltimore"" and ""Houston."" This differs from JFK and LGA, which use names to differentiate two New York airports (which, for the record, I refer to as ""JFK"" and ""LaGuardia."")"
...because everyone knows that President Reagan was one of the worst presidents of the 20th century and the honor of nomenclature should be given to either Marion Barry or Monica Lewinsky.
"Enough has been named for the President that held office through much of the 80's. That airport doesn't need a ""memorial"" designation - it's an airport designed to serve the entire country, and as such, should refer specifically to its location without becoming a mouthful. After that renaming, is it any wonder that some of our Metro stops have names like ""NOMA/Galludet/New York Ave""? Seriously. One name. BWI is never referred to as ""Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International"" except by announcers on the radio. Why should the airport across the river?"
"'cause that's what we called it in the 90s. Doesn't Reagan already have, like, a government office building named after him??"
Ronald Reagan (the person) sucks.
"Because it's offensive to me that an airport be named after a president who fired 11,000 air traffic controllers for striking. "
Easier to say
The name of the airport is Washington National Airport.
I dunno.
It will always be National to me. I never thought it appropriate to attach the former President's name to it in the manner that Congress did.
"I would call it DCA the same as I would call it BWI or IAD as it makes it easier, simpler when searching for flights online. If I wasn't using DCA, I'd always say ""National"". Never anything else."
"It's always been National and it always will be. That other, newer, name doesn't exactly fall off the tongue gracefully."
"Because that's what it was called when I moved here. Or at least, that's what I was told."
Because that's what I've known it as since I moved here in 2004.
"When I moved here in 2003, locals called it National - only tourists and hardcore Republicans called it Reagan. "
I'm an Air Traffic Controller. Thats what we call it.
"""National Airport"" is the iconic name of the airport. As an airline industry professional, the ""Reagan"" name always felt like a political hack job that should have been reserved for some airport in California as an honor to his heritage. National Airport should be the airport for ALL of the American people. To name the primary gateway to Washington D.C. after a politician, of any party, is disrespectful of the bi-partisan ideal we should stand for."
I can't being myself to name an airport after the guy responsible for the biggest air traffic controller strike on record.
I dislike Reagan and can never remember to call it National which seems more appropriate.
Reagan inaction is one of the main reasons HIV/Aids is still an epidemic today!!!
I refuse to use that man's name.
"Because it's Washington National Airport. Plus calling it Reagan, after he fired all the air controllers, is insulting."
short term memory loss. Called it national for many years and hard to change that particular brain cell. President Reagan fan by the way. Husband was United airline pilot and I used to drive him/pick him up at national a lot. Hard to change old habits if not that important.
I go back and forth between National and Reagan but I think I have recently been more with Reagan than national. It's kind of like Price Club slowly becoming Costco in my vernacular
Work in airport planning where codes are typically used. The only exceptions are O'Hare and Dulles for some reason.
"Historical, not political. I always thought that National was a great name for the airport that servces our nation's capitol. Never understood why they changed it."
"I know it's supposed to be National, but times are changin, it's DCA or Reagan nowadays!"
Sometimes National sometimes DCA but never after that Republican President. I was flying in and out of there before it was renamed
The fact that you posed this question proves you are not quite right in the head.
The airport in Northern Virginia that's not Dulles
"Force of habit. I learned it as National. And was here for the name change, but still call it National."
Sounds presidential.
National is easier to say than Reagan National and that's just what I've always called it. Not sure when it was renamed but I moved to DC in 1999.
Not a fan of Reagan.
"National is short and to-the-point -- and the ""Reagan"" moniker was shoved down the throats of DC residents by overzealous congressional Republicans that don't care about us."
Because that's its airport code.
Using his full name makes it easier for me to distinguish it from the other one and for some reason it helps me remember it's the one with the metro connection.
The name change in the late 90s just never stuck with me. I left to go study in Europe in 2001 and was gone for roughly 10 years. Was quite surprised when I finally moved back to the US and flew into Washington National and other people calling it Reagan National.
Shortest and most recognizable.
The FIRST thing I was told when I moved to DC in 2010 was that the airport was DCA or National. The second was to stand right and walk left.
Because He Who Shall Not Be Named National Airport is too much of a mouthful.
"My conservative parents call it that and I've stuck with it. I am decidedly more liberal than them, but I won't turn my nose up at using a Republican President's name for the airport... Not calling it Reagan seems like a petty way to demonstrate your disagreement with the beliefs of a President who is dead. And Reagan has a nice ring to it! It isn't generic and rolls off the tongue, unlike DCA, National, or Washington National."
"If it were the only thing in DC named after the man, I might have switched over. But he already got the building downtown and he wasn't even dead yet when they changed the name."
That's just what I have always known it as.
"The original name still fits best. I'll use the airport code (DCA) secondarily, but I do that for a lot of different airports. "
Iran-Contra means he does Not get anything named after him!
I call it Reagan but I know it's Airport code is DCA.
"Don't want to ""honor"" Ronald Reagan.
And generally, there are a few airports whose three letter code are just easier or more convenient to use: LAX, SFO, PDX. DCA falls into this category for me"
It makes sense to call it this as it is the closest airport to the Nationals Capitol.
I don't think the busiest airport in the area should have been named after the person that put in scabs to control air traffic.
Fuck Reagan.
"Acronyms are just easier. Especially for things like Kayak. Easier to punch in an acronym than ""National,"" which also could populate multiple results. "
I refuse to call the airport 'Reagan.' The man was a lousy President and a terrible human.
The renaming was inappropriate and unnecessary. I try to avoid saying Reagan national.
Im a pilot...duh
No airport should be named for the guy who stuck it to all the air traffic controllers. National Airport is everybody's national airport -- not the Republican airport.
Supporting tradition is a conservative value.
Wasn't it originally just National? It's what I've always called it.
I call it Reagan because that's the name of the airport. I'll also call it National and everyone knows what that means. Or DCA. Or 'the airport' because IAD and BWI are for suckers. Any controversy over what to call it is so #thistown.
It's easy to say.
That is the code you use when booking.
I came to DC almost yearly to visit family friends growing up. It was always National or DCA
Because our 40th president can fuck himself.
I always have--this is always what I've heard it called in Baltimore!
The change of name was political not popular.
I am not one who appreciates/appreciated the leadership of that President.
At least dca is consistent.
"""National"" sounds too general, ""DCA"" will confuse people."
"If five syllables is good enough for BWI, it's good enough for Reagan National!"
Most unique single word
I have no idea why I call it that
Easily understood
"Srsly, FUCK Ronald Reagan"
"The renaming was dodgily done (although to be fair, so was the renaming of JFK), and I'm old enough to remember the air traffic controller debacle, so honoring Reagan with an airport just seemed so wrong. But I'll give in some day....just as soon as everyone calls BWI ""Marshall."""
"Because of the irony associated with naming DC's airport for a president who fired over 10,000 air traffic controllers."
Because that's what my grandparent's called it.
Because I can't bring myself to call it Reagan. The man hated government. Why on earth would we name things after him??
"I'm in an aviation family, so we use the designator for most airports. "
"Was told shortly after moving here that it's DCA, only ""noobs"" call it Reagan. "
short sweet and to the point it represents the Washington area
"White House Press Briefing Oct. 15, 1982
Q: Larry, does the President have any reaction to the announcementthe Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, that AIDS is now an epidemic and have over 600 cases?
Q: Over a third of them have died. Its known as gay plague. (Laughter.) No, it is. I mean its a pretty serious thing that one in every three people that get this have died. And I wondered if the President is aware of it?
MR. SPEAKES: I dont have it. Do you? (Laughter.)
Q: No, I dont.
MR. SPEAKES: You didnt answer my question.
Q: Well, I just wondered, does the President
MR. SPEAKES: How do you know? (Laughter.)
Q: In other words, the White House looks on this as a great joke?
MR. SPEAKES: No, I dont know anything about it, Lester.
Q: Does the President, does anybody in the White House know about this epidemic, Larry?
MR. SPEAKES: I dont think so. I dont think theres been any
Q: Nobody knows?
MR. SPEAKES: There has been no personal experience here, Lester.
Q: No, I mean, I thought you were keeping
MR. SPEAKES: I checked thoroughly with Dr. Ruge this morning and hes had no(laughter)no patients suffering from AIDS or whatever it is.
Q: The President doesnt have gay plague, is that what youre saying or what?
MR. SPEAKES: No, I didnt say that.
Q: Didnt say that?
MR. SPEAKES: I thought I heard you on the State Department over there. Why didnt you stay there? (Laughter.)
Q: Because I love you, Larry, thats why. (Laughter.)
MR. SPEAKES: Oh, I see. Just dont put it in those terms, Lester. (Laughter.)
Q: Oh, I retract that.
MR. SPEAKES: I hope so.
Q: Its too late."
i refuse to call anything Reagan
My Texas parents emphatically and intentionally call it Reagan. My DC friends emphatically and intentionally call it National. I call it Reagan National.
It's short and simple.
Because fuck Reagan.
Washington National sounds much more elegant and refined.
"Depends on who I'm talking to... to out-of-town visitors, it's Reagan National. To folks that have lived in DC for longer than I have, it's National. In my head, I suppose it's Reagan."
Reagan National is part of it's name.
"Because it was already named after a president before Reagan, Washington."
"Because everybody called it that? I don't know, I always used Dulles."
Don't like Reagan!
"I refer to it a National or Reagan. It depends on with whom I'm speaking, and if they are from the area or not. "
"I hate calling it Reagan because I disagree with him politically, and it was only recently named Reagan anyway."
"I call it Reagan, but I don't LIKE calling it Reagan."
Because it was National during my childhood and then they stuck a former president's name on it for no reason.
"I used to call it just Reagan until I had a point in my life where j would take many trips via plane. Got intrigued by airport codes so I call airports by their airport codes. I sometimes call Dulles, IAD. "
what it was called before 1998. Love Ronald Reagan but he wouldn't have wanted the airport to be named after him.
"I called it National before it changed to Reagan National, so that's what it was to me, and I see no need to call it anything else. Everyone knows what National Airport is, regardless of whether I say the word Reagan before it!"
Disdain for Reagan
"its what my dad's always called it, so i kinda picked up on it"
Reagan was an asshole. It will always be National to me.
Hate that I call it Reagan
"Someone tried to name it Reagan before he died, which is not legal. And he costarred with Bonzo the Chimp...."
"Because Ronald Reagan was a horrible, disgraceful president and one who is entirely undeserving of the honor of having this airport named after him. His inaction on AIDS killed thousands of members of my community. I refuse to utter his name."
"Having lived in Northen Virginia my whole life but having spent time in other areas (including now, in Connecticut), calling it just National is not very recognizable for other people. Reagan National (or even just Reagan) seems to be more commonly known outside of the DC area"
"Because I want to call it by its correct name and since I will never call it Reagan, I will call it by its Airport code."
Because I didn't like Reagan or renaming the airport for him.
I call it DCA because that's the FAA designation
Its what I have always called it.
"Old habit, and purposefully not honoring that awful president. "
"I grew up calling it Washington National. My dad flew out of it on business trips. Nowadays, calling it Reagan just gets an eye roll in return. Same with Intercon in Houston. Nobody calls it Bush. "
that's what shows up on my boarding pass!
"I tend to use DCA and National interchangeably, although I use DCA a touch more (which is why I chose it). This sounds childish, but I just don't like to call the place Reagan for political reasons."
I refuse to give Ronald Reagan's memory the satisfaction.
That is what my parents called it. Also it's ridiculous to name an airport (of all things) after Ronald Reagan.
Because Reagan doesn't deserve to have anything named after him.
Fewest syllables
"Reagan is shorter than saying National, and using DCA requires too much thinking!"
"Not entirely sure - it's probably what I first heard when I moved out here. It's quick to say, and everyone in the area will know what you mean. Some will not know DCA, especially if they aren't from/living in the area, so I avoid saying that out of habit."
"I don't like Ronald Reagan, the way he fired the air traffic controllers in 1981, or the way Congress forced the name change on the airport and then refused to even pay for WMATA to change its signs. "
"I don't like when names change, so I still call it National. Also, calling it National is a good signifier to know who is really a DC-area native. No one calls BWI ""Thurgood Marshall."""
He who must not be named.
I used to work for ARC and we always used codes
"Because.... isn't that the actual name of it?
I've never heard DCA... I assume that means DC airport? And if you call it Ronald Reagan, as my friend has before, it can lead to a confusing conversation as to why the president ruined your day.
Reagan National is the clearest title. "
"I refer to most airports by their IATA code. If I didn't call it DCA, I'd call it Reagan."
"I refuse to acknowledge the renaming by Congress. There's more than enough named for him here, and his name should be removed from the airport. I call it National, or DCA if i'm talking to someone not from this area, or booking a flight on the phone. "
"No one should have an airport named after them if they were responsible for laying off roughly 11K air traffic controllers that were striking for better working conditions. I refuse to acknowledge that the name was updated, and I even go so far as to refer to the Washington Hilton as the ""Hinkley Hilton"". Reagan was a horrible president. "
That's what it was called when I moved here in 1986. No reason to call it anything else.
That's the term I heard from people when I moved to the area.
Reagan has enough stuff named after him. He's not getting the damn airport.
National because I'm not calling it two presidents names.
Because it's the easiest one to say - two syllables. Done.
General antipathy toward our country's 40th president.
I call it Reagan National or by it's airpot code DCA.
"I'm split between Reagan and DCA becuase my father is an airline pilot and we have always used airport codes. When I speak with family we use airport codes but everytime I've been in a cab and said that I want to go to the airport, then I'll just say Reagan."
You can probably tell from my survey answers but my parents hated Reagan so we refused to use the new name. :)
"I don't like Reagan, but I love this airport."
"After what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers, there's no way in hell I'm calling it that. Also, he and Bush I did their level best to kill my friends by cutting AIDS funding, so stiff bickies. "
"Because to this day I still cannot wrap my brain around calling the airport ""Reagan"" after the guy who fired the Air Traffic controllers. I work in the travel industry and have never, not once, ever referred to National/DCA as ""Reagan"". I cannot. I suppose there are people in New York who still call JFK Idelwild, too, though. If my view of Reagan, the man, is slightly less harsh as the years pass, DCA will always, to me, be National Airport."
"I had coworkers speak up very strongly and tell me ""It's not Reagan. It's NATIONAL."" This was in 2011 or so. They told me about the air traffic controllers' strike and Reagan's subsequent actions and I read up a bit on them (nothing serious, just Wikipedia). I liked their conviction not to call it Reagan, so I did it too."
Because screw Reagan.
"Because it is already named after Washington, and Ronald Reagan was no friend to the flight industry. It's almost like a fuck you to those who do."
"Because it's the airport in DC, the NATIONAL airport. It's not a memorial. "
Parents grew up in DC and called it National all the time. Name stuck with me.
"Because there was no need to change the name. And I was not a fan of Regean -- and there are other buildings etc. in the area named after him. Why add the cumbersomeness of changing an easy airport name to a long one. BWI is still BWI, even on signs -- though being named for Thurgood Marshall is wonderful, as he doesn't have other major things named after him. But it's still BWI."
Airport code
"Hate the fact that the name was forced down everyone's throats, and that it was named after Reagan while he was still alive. (I also didn't like Reagan, but that's not even the main issue.)"
I've heard it called that before.
"Since we live 50 minutes from each airport (BWI, IAD and DCA) I learned the hard way a few times that it's easy to head towards the wrong one or read a ticket mistakenly. Since ""Dulles"" is what I call IAD in my head ""DCA"" makes more sense as the acronym (Or ""DIA"" or ""DWA"" really...). D, Dulles, DCA... I don't know. L, Los Angeles, LAX. B, Baltimore, BWI. It how's where my brain goes first. Since Ronald Reagan National Airport has no ""D""s in the title it makes it even 'trickier.' (I'm a smart woman, I promise. I can handle an initial quirk. Hah! But you asked so I'm explaining!) RRN or NDC or RNA etc makes more sense to me. IAD and DCA has confused me and my visitors more than once. So to keep it safe the airports are: BWI, Dulles and Reagan. No issue!"
"I have called it Reagan and Reagan National before. I might refer to it as DCA if I flew more, but I don't typically refer to airports by their letter names."
"my parents would call it National. So, naturally, it just stuck with me."
"See above response. You should totally have asked people what they call the park where the drum circle happens on Sunday. I bet you that ""National"" people are also ""Malcolm X"" people. :)"
"Mr. Regan does not deserve to have his name everywhere. Especially as he has a, shall we say, not stellar record with the air traffic industry."
"I refuse to use the name reagan for this airport given my severe loathing of him and his time in office.
Bea Land"
That's just what I've heard it called most by my friends who live in the area.
"50% because I grew up hearing it called National, 50% cause fuck Reagan."
Washington National was named after a perfectly good President before the Congress demanded a name change against the will of local leaders and the public.
"Reagan fired air traffic controllers because they stood up for their rights. Putting his namesake on an airport, of all things, was a deliberate slap in the face to anyone who cares about about labor rights. "
"That's how it's identified when I make flight reservations, so it's just easier to stay consistent. I do refer to it as ""Reagan"" sometimes, though."
"Because it makes my boyfriend mad because he calls it ""National"" because he's from here. Sometimes i call it DCA too. "
"I feel like most of the people I know call it Reagan or National. I will call it both, but call it Reagan more. The ones who call it National are way more likely to have been born locally. "
"I like airplanes and airports, so I'm used to airport codes."
"REpublicans (Bob Barr--dubious political pedigree-- rammed the ""new"" name down the throats of DC area residents as a politcal F-bomb. If we needed to name an airport after that president, it should be from where he came- Santa Barbara or somewhere else in California. Washington National would be named after a president--aka the Nation's first president."
"The airport is, and forever shall be, known as National Airport. I refuse to refer to it by any other name."
Because Ronald Reagan was the worst thing that ever happened to the airline industry and the people who work for it and it is an insult to those people to have named an airport after him.
I call the airport Reagen because that is what I have always heard family members call it. Also when I go on line to book flights it is listed under Ronald Reagen Regional Airport.
"Some people know it as Reagan and some know it as National, so . . . Reagan National and everybody knows what you're talking about "
Easy to say.
"Because ""National"" is elegant and to the point."
"Cause fuck Reagan it's not his airport. Always has been national, always will be!"
Some airports are easier to identify by code. Also it has DC in the code and it helps to remember this airport is the closest to DC.
Because that's it's name :-)
"I used to call it National, but then when I started to fly 5+ times a year I started calling airports by their airport code often so DCA, IAD etc. So I tend to interchange those 2."
"I want to call it National, but Reagan always slips out first."
My parents call it that
I actually flip back and forth between Reagan and DCA
Ronnie Reagan was and continues to be a joke.
That is why my parents always called it.
Peer pressure due to the politics around its renaming.
There is already a federal building in DC named after President Reagan.
"I usually call it Reagan, but I make a very weak effort to call it National, because that seems to be the thing all the cool kids are doing and I want to fit in. "
Because I don't want to call it Reagan
I hate Ronald Reagan.
"The name DCA corresponds most closely to the city it represents ""DC."" Also, I don't agree with Reagan's legacy. "
That's what it's named.
"It was disgusting that they changed it to Reagan while he was still alive. In the one place in the country that never voted for him, besides Minnesota. "
"Because Ronald Reagan had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the construction or development of NATIONAL Airport, and there was no reason to put his name on it."
It's what I heard it called when I first learned of it.
"I resented the name change when they did it, and still refuse to call it by the new name. I feel strongly that the president honored in the new name did not deserve it. I also feel that airports should not have their name changed. I still call BWI BWI, not Marshall, even thought I approve of that honorary name. I also remember when it was called Friendship, but have reluctantly made the switch to BWI."
That's that the metro stop is called.
"I call it ""DCA"" for clarity and simplicity (I'm an engineer). If I'm not talking about a particular flight and I'm around my wife or her family (who are DC natives), I'll call it ""National"", because they have opinions about this."
That's what I was told what it was called when I moved here.
"I go between calling it National and Reagan, just depends what pops into my head. It's called Reagan national Airport... Why that's so hard for people to rememebr is beyond me! It's also a great airport and easily accessible by metro. "
That's it's name. Isn't it?
It's Washington National Airport. I refuse to partake in the Republican scheme to rename everything after Reagan.
Out of respect for the Air Traffic controllers who lost their job as a result of Reagan's response to their strike. I have always felt naming an airport after him was disrespectful.
"Raygun shd hv been impeached, Iran-Contra he sold arms to the Iran!"
Ronald Regan is not a guy i'm fond of. I'm afraid he'll appear like voldemort...
It was stupid to change its name.
Thats what I hear others call it
"I'm not sure. Sometimes I call it dca if I have recently been searching for a flight, but most of my peers recognize it as Reagan. "
"Liberal family friends in the DC area boycotted the name change to Reagan when it happened and continued to call it National. So when I moved to DC (where I lived from 2009 to earlier this year) I called it National on principle. I also refer to it as DCA sometimes as well, and as Reagan if people really don't understand what I'm talking about."
"I love National Airport! It is a well-designed delight from my point of view as a passenger. Reagan did many things to set this country in the wrong direction. He did not deserve to have this wonderful airport named after him. It should be called Washington National Airport, which is a descriptive name."
"Because Reagan was a bad president and the GOP won't stop naming crap after him until there are as many things as named after Kennedy, because the GOP are angry, spiteful old white men."
Ronald Reagan did not do anything to deserve having something named in his honor.
because it's called National
The airport was named after our first president. Reagan was antagonist towards the air traffic controllers. Naming any airport after him would have been sad; changing the name of this airport was tragic.
"Because Congress overruled the sentiments of the local community when they officially gave it a new name, honoring a president who dismantled the traffic controllers union."
"Tradition, and a dislike for Ronald Reagan."
I call it DCA from my time in the airline industry. Otherwise I call it National Airport.
"Reagan should have been impeached for Iran-Contra, not had an airport named after him. The cynical strategy of getting something in every county in the United States named for this failed president hit its apotheosis with the renaming of National. (Of course, Dulles shouldn't have been named for Dulles, either, but there you go.)"
#%$< reagan x forever!
I grew up calling it national but I think they renamed it? So I've been calling it Reagan for a while now.
I do not like Reagan's administration and will refuse to use his name to identify the airport.
"The airport was named for a perfectly fine president, George Washington (thus the name Washington National Airport). It was a waste of money, which is Ironic because Reagan claimed to be a cost conscious president."
I moved to DC in 2010 and that's what everyone always called it around me!
That's the only name I knew it had.
Because Ronald Reagan was a dick.
"Airport names have become as sprawling as the airports themselves. BWI is now a mouthful ""Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport"" and DCA is ""Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport"" when the shorter ""BWI"" and ""National"" roll off the tongue with greater ease. The former airport has three men's names and the latter has two men's names. It's time we stop this madness."
I really had no idea anyone called it anything else.
"It's a deliberate snub of Reagan, a president I didn't like. That said, not acknowledging that it's called Reagan National is a bit like a conservative calling JFK Airport ""Idlewild."""
My dad works in airlines so we use the codes when we talk about every airport
"I moved here in 1982. I did a lot more traveling back then, learned to called it National, and can't break the habit."
"Because ""National"" is its name, regardless of what any of these young whippersnappers say."
"Can't stand Reagan as a president, won't utter the name. "
I call it National because it feels weird to name an airport after a president that broke the Air Traffic Controllers Union.
"The renaming of National was forced upon the metro region by congressional conservatives....led by Grover a way of giving the finger to liberals. Reagan fans, who claim to believe in letting people in localities decide their own affairs, were gleeful about ramming this down the throats of ALL of the Metro-area governments who loudly protested this."
The name I know/ have heard
Reagan was just rotten to airport workers. Doesn't seem appropriate to name an airport after him.
"I heard my boss say once that she refused to call it Reagan, because she hated him. I'm too young to remember him and actually was in the Philippines when he was president so I'm indifferent... but I liked her resoluteness so I decided to follow suit and only call it National."
"It's straight, to the point, leaves no confusion as to which airport I'm speaking of, and I don't have to mention a certain evil president's name."
"I don't buy into the Reagan deification for many reasons, but the airport renaming was especially offensive, given the air traffic controller issue. The only thing worse would be to rename the Whitman-Walker clinic after Reagan the Overrated."
Because I don't like change.
"It's the shortest name, and the locals called it Reagan when I first started attending college in Crystal City."
"Will never, ever call it Reagan, an airport named after a president that broke the air traffic controllers strike? HA. I also use National interchangeable with DCA. "
Because The Monica Lewinsky National Airport is not yet its official name.
"Because that is its international designation. The Reagan part is ignored by most people. Many do not even know Reagan is part of the name.
"It was ""National"" for many years for me before it ever got the other name. In addition, I never want to speak the ""other name"" because it reminds me of a person who was responsible for many deaths due to his hateful response to HIV"
Because Reagan was broke up the air controllers strike. Naming an airport after him is ridiculous and insulting.
Because it's bullshit to name an airport after the president who fired all the air traffic controllers.
"1. That is the correct name.
2. The whole Ronald Reagan etc. name is too wordy.
3. I do not agree with naming an airport after a president that is already named after a president."
"I think they typically refer to it as Reagan national airport in most news media, specifically radio, so Reagan is just the simple, easy way to refer to this airport."
It's just how I know the ariport.
Because I don't like Reagan. He was the incarnation of evil.
ronald regan washington national airport...
I grew up in Montgomery County and that's just what everyone called it.
That's its name?
The official name was forced on the area against its will by republicans in congress.
Because it's the permanent reference letters. Even if it were renamed to Barack Obama International tomorrow it would likely stay DCA.
"Habit, and the fact that Reagan was AGAINST air traffic controllers in the 1980s.
The last time I heard someone call it Reagan"" my brain heard a name, and then I thought they were heading to the airport far to the west of DC."
"My understanding is that a Republican-led Congress coerced metro to replace all its signage to read ""Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport"" by threatening to pull funding if it didn't. My sense is that Congress and outside conservative groups pressured for this name change against the wishes of DC residents. It doesn't help that the airport is technically in Virginia although as I understand that land once belonged to the District many years ago. I also don't care for many of Ronald Reagan's policies, particularly his legacy as ramping up the war on drugs."
"Washington National Airport was already named after a President, and a pretty great one at that. I don't see why we renamed it after another President."
"It was renamed National to Reagan many years ago, so I call it what it has been renamed. "
"It was always called Washington-National -- one of the names was after the Father of our Country. It was only changed because the Republicans in Congress had Clinton over a barrel when they voted to change it and it was something of a F-U to the largely left of center residents of DC and Northern Virginia. And it was a giant insult to the air traffic controllers who were fired by Reagan, making the skies less safe. It should never have been renamed to begin with, but renaming it after Reagan -- a man who claimed to hate Washington -- was just idiotic."
Because Reagan was a horrible president who for some reason has been deified by the right.
Because I refuse to call it Reagan
"The idea of naming an airport after someone who fired 11,345 air traffic controllers is baffling to me. "
"Because ""Washington National Airport"" is a much better name and I dislike Reagan. The Republicans crammed the ""Ronald Reagan"" part onto the name - they can call it that if they want, but I won't. "
"When I moved to NOVA the first time in 1995 everyone called it National, so that's just what I've always called it. "
Because that's what its called.
"DCA is too technical. I'm not a fan of Reagan's politics, but he's got a great sounding name."
Because that's its name!
"It will always be ""National"""
"I don't use the ""R-Word."""
"Because I am a giant poopyface.....
..........How the hell should I know why I call it that?"
"Grew up that way -- though I only have a slight preference for 'National.' I call it 'Reagan' a fair amount as well (probably 66% National, 33% Reagan). I find myself using 'Reagan' more when talking with people who aren't from the area. "
"Washington National Airport was already named after a President, and a pretty great one at that. I don't see a good reason for renaming it."
"The people I worked with when I moved here were Republicans. So I just started calling it what they did not knowing any better. After 5 years here, I'm trying really hard to remember to call it National. "
Because I refuse to acknowledge the b.s. name foisted upon DC by GOP lawmakers from other states.
I mostly call it Reagan but somtimes I call it National. To me they are almost interchangeable
"When I was younger I leaned more to the right politically, and called it 'Reagan' as a matter of principle. At this point I've heard people use both names, and I'm less committed to the ""conservative"" one, so my own usage has become mixed."
"Because National is the real name, and calling it Ronald Reagan is a silly and they shouldn't have made the change. "
"Because the name is elegant and reflects its connection to the Capital City. The ""other"" name is too politicized for an airport whose name should represent all, not the partisan flavor of the day."
Seems what people call it
"I also use DCA. But I do not refer to it by a person's name due to a frustration with the large number of facilities being named after that person that did not deserve that level of recognition. However, I will admit that habit also mean I still call BWI ""BWI"" and not ""BWI Marshall"" even though I feel that person does deserve the honor. "
Because I didn't like the president it is named after.
"I used to call it Reagan before I lived here. Once I moved down to DC in 2009, I realized none of the locals called it Reagan, so I started to refer to it as National. Also, my party affiliation might have something to do with his, however, I wouldn't be referring to the airport as National if there weren't other locals doing so."
It's what I hear most frequently so I say it.
"The airport name was well established before Congress butted into local affairs to change it. The metro stop also bore the airports real name for a long time. Reagan was a criminal President, one of our worst. I begrudgingly call the building downtown by his name, but will not call the airport after him. "
I call it National out of habit. It was National Airport for many years.
Reagan fired PATCO but gets an airport? Irony not lost.....
"For some reason, I tend to think of airports in their three letter code names. Not sure why, but in my head when I think of Dulles I call it IAD. Same goes for most airports. When I talk to my wife about which airport to fly out of I call it DCA, but with people flying in from out of town, I ask them to also check flights to ""Reagan National"". Not sure why that code switch happens."
"I call it ""National"" because it has always been ""National""."
"because we should have a national airport, and we do/did. And I don't like Reagan - plus he's already got a building downtown."
"Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controllers in a single day, worsening flight safety for 10 years; naming an airport after him is a joke."
"I don't own a car, so I take Uber to the airport. I've had Uber drivers before who didn't speak English very well, and I have this phobia that they'll accidentally drive me to Dulles, so in trying to be clear where I want to go I usually panic and use all of the possible names in a word salad - ""DCA Ronald Reagan Washington National DCA airport."" But I think of it as DCA."
I don't speak of overrated presidents.
"My parents and grandparents grew up in Arlington and refuse to call it anything but National. I didn't even know it had ""Reagan"" in the official name until I went to college up here and flew in by myself."
"Because Reagan is stupid. (I didn't live here before '98, but my dad did, so I always knew it as National. And I lived in Fredericksburg in '97-2000.)"
"I can't imagine using the ""R"" word to describe National Airport until and unless I've had a full frontal lobotomy, and possibly not even then."
I thought that's its official name.
"You have to be kidding. It was already named after our Founding President George Washington. Ronnie Reagan isn't GW material. Total insult to Washington by GOP types pandering to Grover Norquist. I'd say the same thing regarding Obama, etc..."
Because I refuse to call an airport after the union-busting former President Reagan.
There's only one airport in the area with the name Reagan. People know what you're talking about
"I call it DCA, regan national, but national the most "
"I would never disrespect the airport that is geographically the closest to our national institutions by naming it after the man who was responsible for incredible economic destruction and extremes that continue to inhibit us today decades later, let alone let thousands of people die or get infected by HIV/AIDS before taking action because of his own lack of moral compass, leadership, and unconscionable bigotry."
"Because there are multiple airports in the region, I call it DCA because calling it by it's code makes sense. Plus, I wouldn't call it National cause that's stupid, and won't call it Reagan cause that unpatriotic. "
To avoid calling it Reagan.
"It's the older, shorter, and more neutral name. It's just easier to call it National."
I refuse to call it Reagan.
I was upset that they renamed National airport. Reagan has his name on enough buildings and I wasn't a fan of his presidency.
"""Reagan"" is a horrible slap in the face to air traffic controllers. I'm old enough to remember the labor dispute."
Renaming local stuff to score political points is silly. Has nothing to due with my feelings about Reagan.
"I typically call the airport ""National"", or else it's more formal/traditional name: ""Washington National"" named after a city that was *already* named for a U.S. president!"
Because it's the airport's code when searching for flights.
The airport should not have been named after Ronald Reagan.
I flew into National many times before a bunch of numbnuts decided to honor their spiritual leader with a poorly sculptured monument in the middle of a medium that makes it looks like he has down syndrome and an affinity for birdies.
I don't like Pres. Reagan.
That's the name of the name of the metro stop
"Because it is ridiculous that they named an airport for Ronald Reagan after the air traffic controllers' strike and what he did, and also because National is a better name for it. Alternatively I sometimes call it (or type) DCA for shorthand. Never Reagan. "
Air traffic controllers
"I think it is easier. Most of my professional interactions are with non-US born young professionals and they might not be familiar with airport codes or identify which airport they correspond to, especially if they come to DC for a short-term. Also, ""national"" alone means nothing if they are not locals or lived in the area before. For some reason ""Reagan"" alone worked most of the time and I ended up adopting it in my regular conversations. Never say ""Ronald Reagan"" because it's too long. My second best option is ""the airport on the yellow line""."
I can't stand Ronald Reagan but don't want to be a dick about it like the people who still refer to JFK as Idlewild.
I call it b National because that was the original name. I otherwise refer to it as DCA.
It's what my parents (who moved from Michigan in the early 80s) called it.
Its the original and most commonly used name
"It should be called Marion Berry! Ronald Reagan did not care a whit for the people of the District, ever. Why should they do the same?"
I have nothing but utter contempt for Ronald Reagan and the damage he caused this country. To call the airport anything but National would be to acknowledge him.
To avoid confusion between both names
Because that is the legitimate name. There is absolutely no reason to acknowledge a has been actor turned reactionary politician.
"Even though I am a big fan of President Reagan, it will never be anything except National to me."
"I grew up calling it that. I sometimes use Reagan or DCA, depending who I'm talking to, but my default is National."
"I've always called it Reagan in personal use, because I just thought that's what everyone called it. But I work for a research company and I call it National to our interviewing staff stationed there and DCA to clients. Similarly, I occasionally call Dulles IAD."
I would still call it National but after years of working the shuttle from NYC I settled of DCA
I'm a Reagan hayta
"I think I recall when it was renamed Reagan National, and have gone back and forth between that and just ""National."""
My wife grew up in DC and has always called it National; I picked it up from her.
"When I moved to DC last January I mistakenly called the DC-area airport which is not Dulles or BWI ""Reagan,"" and my new Craigslist roommates (both of whom went to American and had at that point lived in DC for five years) gasped in shock. ""Are you a Republican?"" they asked. ""Are you kidding?"" I replied. ""Then call it National. Or DCA. But really, National. Never, ever, call it Reagan.""
And that's that. I've called it National ever since. "
I used to call it Reagan but it made me uncomfortable. I don't think you should speak the names of the evil undead. Like V--demort.
"It's the most memorable? ""National"" sounds like it could be anything. ""Ronald Reagan"" is a person. ""Reagan National"" is too long. I don't know if other people would understand me if I said ""DCA."" And anyway, ""Reagan"" is how the airport was first referenced to me, so it's what I think of it as."
"DCA clearly delineates that you're not talking about either BWI or Dulles to anybody in town, regardless of how long they've been a resident."
It was the original name. I also don't support the Repugs slapping Reagan's name on everything.
"I was appalled when they named it after Reagan and will never call it that. I sometimes call if National and sometimes DCA, but multiple answers wasn't an option so I chose National, which I probably use more often."
Because I refuse to call it Reagan. The man who fired all the traffic controllers? Really? An airport? In Virginia? Bah!
"Because of Reagan's idiotic actions against the air traffic controllers, I will never call it Reagan. It is and always will be Washington National Airport."
Because I refuse to call it Reagan
"It is still concerns me that National Airport was renamed after a president who had only left office nine years prior and was still alive. There was no perspective on the impact of his presidency or how he would be remembered. In addition, it seems disrespectful to name a landmark after a conservative figure in a very liberal region which never voted for the man."
Because War Criminal Memorial Airport takes too long to say.
"the signs on the metro say ""Ronald Reagan ... Airport"", but it's easier to just say ""Reagan"" "
Because that's what it is called.
"I just can't call it ""Reagan."""
"When I book my flights, it's just easiest to think of them as BWI, DCA, and Dulles (never IAD, for some reason), so in conversation I find myself also saying BWI, DCA, and Dulles. I used to call it Reagan sometimes, but I now know the political reasons for not calling it Reagan (firing the air traffic controllers), so if I don't call it DCA, I'm trying to train myself to call it National. But mostly I call it DCA."
"That is what I grew up knowing it as, and especially since moving here. For me it is how I differentiate between the two local DC airports, BWI seems more like Baltimore than DC in my opinion."
"Because I'm a Democrat & it was National Airport when I moved here & I can't bear to call it the new name. I also may have fantasies of the new statue being toppled like that statue of Saddam every time I drive in. The name change was bad enough but the statue Is unbearable. Yes, I realize this is a somewhat ridiculous reaction. "
Naming it after a President who regularly supported policies that harmed the District's residents is offensive.
That's what I have always known it to be.
I do not wish to honor him.
"I didn't like the name change initially, but noticed myself calling it Reagan after awhile. "
"Cause Reagan is awesome & screw the air traffic controllers union.
Also, I probably fly out of all 3 airports equally - just depends on what is most convenient for each trip I'm taking. I hate BWI, but if I've got a quick direct out of there, that's easier than a connection via Reagan."
"It is usually Reagan, unless I'm using airport codes through the whole conversation (ie, my flight is DCA-LAX), but I might tell someone that ""I'm flying out of Reagan this week."""
Because that's the shortened version of its name.
"It's appalling that after the last big federal building downtown was named after Reagan the airport was renamed as well, particularly given his history with the air traffic controllers. I will NEVER use the full, official name."
"Because it's the original name, and to rename it in honour of someone who fired air traffic controllers is political nonsense and insulting"
"When I first moved to the DC area, I lived in PG County, MD. My closest airport was BWI. Everyone referred to that airport as such. So, when I moved to Alexandria, I continued to refer to my closest airport by its code, DCA."
"Because I firmly believe that public spaces/buildings/ships, etc. should not be named for someone still living."
"It has the smallest number of syllables and I avoid a lot of polysyllabic terminology (like ""polysyllabic terminology""). "
"1. The old days
2. Didn't like Reagan and hats that they named the airport after him"
That's its name :-)
"Because it is ridiculous to name an airport after someone who broke the air traffic controllers strike. Whether you agree with the strike or not, it is just ridiculous to then name the AIRPORT after the guy. Name a park."
It's short and easy to remember.
That's just what it's called.
I've always known it by that name. I'm sure my parents passed it along to me. They raised me in DC.
what my dad (someone who worked in DC all his post college life and flew out of that airport often) called it while I was growing up
DC penchant for acronyms.
Because I despise Ronald Reagan and all that he stood for. I will not in any way contribute to the deification of this horrible man.
"It has always been National Airport, just like Costco is Price Club. "
Because fuck Ronald Reagan... excuse my French. He can trickle down my ass... sorry again.
"my brain is often a bit foggy. I say whatever comes to mind first, or whatever I think will make the most sense to the person to whom I am speaking."
That's what I've always heard it called by others.
"Because naming an airport after Reagan, who broke the PATCO strike, was and is an insult."
Because Ronald Reagan has nothing positive to do with the airport. The name was imposed on the airport unilaterally by Republicans.
Trying to find middle ground so everyone knows what airport I'm talking about.
"One, it was always named after a president and doesn't need two president's names attached to it.
Two, the second president set back this country by decades and doesn't deserve to have anything named after him."
I actually call it Reagan or DCA. Reagan is what I say locally. When I talk with folks from other states I say DCA. No real reason. Reagan just seems like what I hear a lot when I'm at home.
"Grew up calling in National, hate the deification of Reagan, especially insulting to have airports and epa building named after him the way he went after the environment and air traffic controllers."
I call that OTHER other airport National.
"Most people I know call it Reagan. But I've been told that Democrats call it National and Republicans call it Reagan. I try to remember to call it National, but I guess I was just taught that it's Reagan. Sorry, dems."
"When I moved to DC at 18, I started dating a local. He called it National, so I followed suit. At the time, I didn't know the names of any of DC's airports (I traveled by car or train)."
It was National Airport when I was using it a lot as a lobbyist in the 1980s. Name just stuck.
"The name changed when I was a kid, and my parents enforced a rule in our house that we never refer to the airport by the name ""Reagan"" because of the way he treated air traffic controllers in the 1980s. "
"I've always thought that in DC, it's polite to call it simply ""National,"" since you don't know what someone's political affiliations are."
Because that's it's name!
"It's National. I don't call BWI Thurgood Marshall, either.
Because Ronald Reagan was instrumental in systematically destroying the air traffic controllers and it's horrible irony to name an airport after him.
Have you seen Bedtime for Bonzo? Thats why.
"When I'm talking, I call it Reagan. If typing, probably DCA (I refer to many airports by their codes via email... frequent traveler!)."
"My parents are raging liberals, so I call it Reagan to mess with them. Since I grew up here, I'm used to National."
"For many years I called it ""National"" because my mom did. She grew up in DC. During my college days, I referred to it as ""Reagan."" But damned if my liberal arts college didn't change me enough to eschew calling it after He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Now, DCA seems the easiest and least politically-laden name. Plus, as an expat, my foreign (and well-traveled) friends understand that moniker the most. Win-win."
"air traffic controllers strike at DCA, and we name the airport after the guy who dismantled unions, helped implement the deregulation of the airline industry, and nearly ran our economy into the ground? Really?"
Not sure why.
It's the original name I've always called it.
Because that's its name.
National or DCA.
Washington National Airport is already named after a president....George Washington.
"I grew up hearing my parents refer to it as Reagan, or National, on and off, and stuck with Reagan for some reason. "
"It's what my Expedia ticket says in big bold letters, much like BWI. So. "
Because that is what someone else told me it was called.
I call it both DCA and Reagan with equal frequency.
"to paraphrase Jim Moran, at the time of the name change, ""gag me with a spoon, the airport is already named after a president!"""
It's always been National to me. In the same way they added Thurgood Marshall's name to BWI airport the only time it's called BWI Marshall is on the weather report on TV. Everyone else calls it BWI. Same for National. I'll sometimes call it DCA but I never call it Reagan.
"Rebranding name changes don't register. See...Montgomery Mall, MCI Center. BTW, Washington DC isn't a state. :)"
Because I don't think we should name anything after Ronald Reagan...
"In support of the fired Air Traffic Controllers. A former union president (Reagan) became a ""union buster."" Somehow I'm happy to say ""BWI Marshall"" in honor of Maryland born civil rights attorney and Supreme Court Justice. Reagan--not so much."
"because that's the airport code.
Truth be told, I use Regan, Regan National, and DCA all equally."
"I usually call it National, but sometimes DCA. Never Reagan, I'm not a tourist."
"I sometimes call it DCA. It's naturally been ""National"" to me since the time I was growing up. "
"Usually I call it Washington National, but sometimes I call it National... because that's what I thought it was called. :) My parents live in NoVa currently."
"It's always been National to me. DCA is fine. I wasn't thrilled when they added Reagan and studiously avoided it for years, but all the Reagan stuff bothers me less now that he's dead than it did while he was still living."
"He's just one more dead white murderous president from the history books to me. Also, I live maybe half a mile from it."
"I am all in favor of renaming things to honor people, however, I find it very rude and disrespectful to name something after someone, and then come back and rename it after someone else. Washington National Airport was already named after someone - President George Washington, and I think it was disrespectful to strip his name off the airport and rename it for another president. There are plenty of airports with just generic names that could have been renamed in President Reagan's honor, so I don't understand why we had to change the name of one that already had a presidents name attached to it. "
"Two reasons:
1. Everyone I knew when I moved to DC called it National, including the airlines and airport staff.
2. The man who ruined social economics and is the direct reason we have so many homeless on the streets of DC, should not be honored in this way. Ever. "
That's what I've always called it.
Because I grew up calling it that.
I won't call it Reagan
"This airport had not been named after Ronald Reagan when I was growing up. Also, not being the biggest fan of Ronald Reagan, I never really felt the need to change what I had been calling this airport since I can remember."
"I sometimes call it DCA now that I have to use booking codes online, but it's usually Reagan. I'm confused when people say just National"
because that is what its called.
"it's just National Airport. always has been.
sidenote: Reagan was a racist homophobic asshole that should have nothing named in his honor. (see also, The War on Drugs, and Silence = Death)"
"I only use DCA when looking for flights. When talking to friends, I say that I'm flying out of National. I try never to say Reagan in a sentence."
It avoids any arguments about National Vs Regan. Neither party can claim it isn't DCA tho.
"The locals I fell in with call it National and it's always stuck! If they change Union Station's name, I'll probably still keep calling it ""Union Station."""
I do call it Reagan sometimes. But DCA is shorter. Also use airport codes as shorthand for some cities so maybe it's just a habit.
"So as not to call it by the imposed name of Reagan, who is not a figured cherished by DC. Washington National was the perfect name."
"I refer to all airports by IATA code. But when I don't, it's ""National."""
"It has the fewest syllables and I avoid using polysyllabic terminology (like ""polysyllabic terminology"")."
I moved to DC about 2 years ago and that's what my friends and peers called it.
Why would you name an airport after a President who fired air traffic controllers?
It seems antithetical to name government buildings after a President who didn't believe in government.
"It's always been National, and I resent it being changed to honor a president I do not respect."
I don't memorize airport codes because I'm not a terrorist and Reagan has the fewest number of syllables.
"Because I am hardheaded. Yes, I switched to calling the Verizon Center the Verizon Center, but I still mess up sometimes and call it the MCI center. No one likes change. "
Ease of use.
It's the short version of the full name.
"Reagan and Dulles, the best nicknames are short and distinguishable."
Because democrats call it National.
"I've always heard it referred to as Reagan or DCA, similar to how Dulles is...well, Dulles or IAD."
Usually DCA. Often I call it National. Never Reagan.
"My only problem with National Airport renamed for Ronald Reagan is he had NO positive impact on that airport in any way. Politics aside. if you are going to rename things such as an Airport it should honor someone local who had a positive impact on society.
Firing air traffic controllers is NOT a positive impact. And it would have made better sense if an airport in Ronald Reagan's home town or state (Illinois) gave him that sort of ""honor"". And it doesn't have to be a big or busy airport. Here in Georgia we have a Jimmy Carter Regional Airport in Americus GA, which is very close to his hometown of Plains.
At least the George Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport was built while George Bush was the local congressman who has some involvement in that airport being built in the 1960s. Reagan had nothing to do with National Airport.
And I'd say the same about JFK as he wasn't from New York. But Boston's (General Edward Lawrence) Logan Airport was already established. And having lived between LaGuardia and JFK I heard very few people call it Idlewild and most of those have died off now of old age."
Because Reagan is the worst!!!!
"Before my union friends educated me, I simply called it Reagan. Now I stick to National or DCA.
Sometimes with cabs I'll say ""Reagan National"" because I'm not sure they know just ""National."" But in casual conversation, I keep it to ""National"" or ""DCA."""
Would prefer not to have another giant structure named after Reagan- I already work in the RRB!
My father was an air traffic controller in the 1980's.
Because the name is just one more example of Congressional republicans giving residents of the District the finger.
I am not sure
Because that's what it's called.
"I most frequently call the airport DCA, but I've probably called it all of the options listed at one point or another (except for calling it Ronald Reagan; I've never called it Ronald Reagan)."
That's what my parents always called it I guess. They are also Locals (both born in 1961) if that means anything.
"It was named after a president we didn't need to add another.
Because that's what my sister calls it and she lives next door to it.
A past republican congress changed the Airports name Regan National
"Because that is what I hear when I land in a shortened form.
In correspondence with locals, I'll simply call it DCA."
Short and sweet.
"I have no problem with Reagan as a president, just prefer airports to have non-political names. That said, who was Dulles anyway? Also - prefer ""Triboro"" over ""RFK bridge"" - not changing on that either. "
Because I didn't agree with the name change. I also still call Chicago's tallest building the Sears Tower.
Fuck Ronald Reagan.
Call it DCA and Reagan both pretty regularly but Reagan was the first thing that came to mind before reading the choices
Because I'm not a Ronald Reagan fan
"Reagan was an awful president and person, and should not be rewarded with an airport, or a hot bucket of spit"
Because that's it's name -- it's right on the sign!
"Because it ticks off the liberal elite such as those who would rig a poll by splitting ""Reagan"" into three choices to dilute the statistics and make something else come out on top. Do a roll-up of all the three of those choices when you finish your unscientific poll. Shame on The Washington Post."
I call it either National or DCA mostly because that's what my parents called it.
"My dad flew frequently to D.C. for work when I was a kid. He always calls it Reagan, so I adopted the usage from him, I think."
"Never supported R. Reagan, he was an actor"
"It's what I see online when I am booking flights through the Internet, so it is what sticks to my mind!"
Because that's what it's called.
I'm not a fan of Reagan.
"Ronald Reagan ignored the AIDS crisis for years. That kind of behavior is inexcusable. Also, his statement that ""government is not the solution; government is the problem"" is what created our current intractable political situation. "
its the shortest way to identify the airport without saying DCA and it sounds better
"I have lived in the DC area my whole life. It was National my whole life. And then they had to go and change the name! And they changed it to THAT. Like the building downtown wasn't enough? He wasn't even DEAD when they changed it. And WMATA had to spend a zillion dollars to update the signs, remember that? Mainly I feel like DC is a city of transients and newcomers, and I can tell who's a local and/or liberal by who calls it National. Transplants and conservatives call it the other thing. It will always be National to me."
Because that's its name
"not a fan of Ronny. and it truly is a ""national"" ap located in our nation's capital."
"I call it Regan as calling it Ronald is weird and no one associates it as well compared to calling it Regan. All other shortening just does not roll off the tongue well either. I guess, this is how I heard it and I have stuck with it ever since."
"Because that was it's name when I flew to and from it as a kid. I actually alternate between National and DCA about equally. I found the renaming of it to be silly, especially considering that President Reagan was still alive at the time and since it was only 10 years since he had been president."
"Because that was its name when I began to refer to it and I disagreed strongly with the decision to rename it. Also, I don't like saying Reagan all the time."
That's what my parents called it.
That's the airport code that is used in booking sites. It has stuck with me through those searches.
"I actually will call it National or Reagan more often than any other, though I'll also say DCA from time to time. I started off calling it Reagan because I'd never been to DC before moving here, so ""Reagan National Airport"" shortened to ""Reagan"" because two syllables works better for me than three (""National""/""DCA""). Most people around here tend to call it National, so it's been easier to gravitate toward that lately."
That's what it was called when I moved here in 1997.
Born at Georgetown and lived within 6 miles of the airport all my life.
National gets across that it's the airport for the capital city.
"as it has always been was called that way, at least after I came to the States in 1986, and before it was changed to Reagan National... "
I refuse to call it Reagan.
Because the other name (not to mentioned in this text) is not one I care to use. It leaves a bad taste to say it (or hear it said)--or see it in print.
Reagan's policies and ideology hurt too many people for me to regularly use his name.
Starting to call it national more (think that's what most people here call it) but it goes against what seems like a lifetime of me calling it Reagan
That's what I've always heard it called growing up.
"Because it's still National airport, no matter who's name they attached to it. I will admit I was annoyed when they changed the name to a president I did not believe in. However, I also don't go around referring to the ""other"" VA airport as John Foster Dulles and I don't call BWI anything other than BWI. So I would say that my calling it National still is mostly out of a lifelong habit (I have flown quite a bit out of that airport) . But there is a little partisanship behind it too. I will NEVER refer to it as Reagan National!"
"Reagan's lack of support for HIV/AIDS research/funding, supporting gay men's healthcare."
That's what everyone around me in NoVa calls it.
It's what my family called it.
Because a President who ignored a national health crisis because it was only killing gay people is not a leader I want to honor.
"National is what it was called when I was a kid, I don't think it anyone who grew up in the DC area (who's parents are also local) ever calls it Reagan --it makes you sound like a n00b."
I'm offended that it was named Regan
Reagan was no friend to the District.
My parents always called it Reagan
It is a complete slap in the face to residents in our nation's capitol to name an airport after a president that openly despised DC and worked to break up the air traffic controller's union labor dispute. Shame on the Gingrich Republicans that defaced this wonderful aiport by renaming it for that jerk.
I have just always known it as Reagan. But I constantly confuse IAD and DCA abbreviations.
"Distinct three-letter code, equivalent to IAD."
Fuck Ronald Reagan
"I most often call it DCA (and in fact my iPhone knows it well enough to automatically put it in all-caps), but I occasionally call it National. "
I heard it called National Airport after moving to Virginia when I was a kid and it stuck.
Not a Reagan fan plus the irony of naming it after him.
I am NOT a fan of Ronald Reagan.
Its the call letters used in making reservations. Its short. Its not Ron Reagan.
I call it National because that's what my parents who grew up in Silver Spring and Rockville knew it as.
"Because the president who its now named for refused to utter the word ""Aids"", I refuse to itter his name."
"The airport was named during the time when everything was being named after Reagan long before history had a chance to analyze his Presidency. Don't get me wrong there were some high points but this was pure politics, plain and simple. "
"It is a slap in the face to the workers at National Airport to have put Reagans name on the airport. And the fact that his statue stands in front of the old terminal, the same terminal as a child that I walked the picket line with the air traffic controllers is ridiculous. This is the Nations Capital. National airport is the appropriate name!"
"Because that's the name. It wasn't named that other name in the beginning, why change it now? Ya feel me"
My parents raised me not to refer to it by the name of that president. We don't want to give him any credit and are upset that the airport name was changed.
"I grew up in Calvert County and we always flew out of Dulles (international) and BWI (national). When my husband and I moved to PG in 2004 he began travelling for work. He began using Reagan, and called it Reagan, so I seem to call it Reagan (or DCA... or National... but mostly Reagan). "
I grew up calling it National so in my mind that is what it will always be.
"That's its name, duh."
That is what it was called when I lived in the DC area (mid90s)
"I never used it until after it was re-named to Reagan so maybe that's why...or maybe it's because I'm a child of the 80s and as a kid, I liked Reagan because he was the President. Now I hate him, and I wish they would rename it. How about Pocahontas National Airport?
"It's not Reagan National, it's National. Just like BWI is BWI, not BWI Thurgood Marshall. There's nothing partisan about this, people are just creatures of habit."
"I don't think the ""national"" airport should be diluted with any name, certainly not a polarizing one like Reagan. I also don't like the partisan rush to name tons of things after Reagan in particular. "
The spate of renaming by republicans of everything in sight was disgusting.
Reagan is an embarrassment to American politics and history.
"A National airport should be representative of the nation, not a political figure that represents one party."
"I grew up hearing it called National. As an adult I learned the airport code, DCA, and sometimes call it that. Also Reagan was a lousy president, and doesn't deserve an airport named after him."
"It's what I've always called it. I sometimes call it DCA. It was named for Reagan when he was still alive, which I did not think was proper. Plus I'm a true blue Dem."
Cause i'm old school. Also Reagan was an idiot.
"I remember it mostly being called Washington National, then it became Reagan and there was no way in hell I was going to call it that."
"It's the airport code. I traveled a lot in graduate school (75,000+ miles/year), so I called all my airports by code: SBN, DTW, BNA, ATL, DCA, BWI, SFO, DEN, etc. Now that I've lived in DC for a couple years, and I fly less, I sometimes catch myself calling it ""National."""
It's already named for President George Washington. A second president in the name was both unnecessary and served to dishonor our nation's first president.
I thought that was the name of the airport.
"That's what the metro system calls it. Also, I think my Dad hates Reagan enough for two of us. "
"I book a lot of travel for work, so I tend to refer to airports by their airport code, rather than the colloquial name."
"I am not a Reagan fan and given that he nationalized air traffic controllers to thwart their attempt negotiate for better working conditions, I don't like using his name to refer to an airport. "
I work in the aviation industry and most of my peers refer to it as Reagan or Washington Reagan.
I'm a Democrat. Reagan=ugh.
"I call it National or DCA, interchangeably. "
"because that's what i called it ['National'] growing up. and, ok, the fact that Ronald Reagan is not my favorite person further contributes."
"I know it as Reagan National, so I call it Reagan for short. "
Republicans naming spree of everything after Reagan was overboard.
The guy who broke the FAA in the 1980s shouldn't have an airport named after him.
... because that's what it's called ...
"I disliked Reagan as a President, and I think that we shouldn't name an airport after the man who smashed the air traffic controllers' union."
I hate Ronald Reagan. It's as simple as that.
"Covers more bases, creates less confusion."
Trolling for readership demographics? This is low even by WP standards.
I called it DCA because I refer to most airports by their code... because I'm a travel nerd.
"I think my parents call it that, so I do, too -- ""we're flying out of Reagan"" or ""we have to go down to pick them up from Reagan""."
Online booking calls it that.
Because that's what it's always ben called.
"Because saying both ""Reagan"" and ""National"" is bipartisan and covers all my bases."
"I called it Reagan when I first moved here in 2002, and then a DC native told me that it will always be National to her. So now I split the baby."
I don't want to give the Reagan memory any more attention. He destroyed our nation.
Reagan shut down the TSA union; why name an airport after him?
It has been and always will be national airport to me. Who likes Reagan anyway?
"There's just an unease for me about naming an airport after a President who fired 11,000 striking air traffic controllers."
"Because I can never remember which one is which, and the 3-letter codes are the least ambiguous thing to enter in online searches."
"I have always heard it called just ""National"" in casual conversation, ""Reagan National"" when someone is trying to be very clear or formal about it. I have only been in the airport a few times though, since as a child my family preferred to fly in and out of Dulles Airport."
I refuse to call the airport by the name of the man who fired all of the air traffic controllers in a labor dispute.
They can't name everything after Reagan!
Reagan cut funding for air traffic controllers-- why was the airport named after him?
that's what it was called the first time i lived here and it just stuck.
"Because I book a lot of travel there, so I use the airport code."
That's what I've always heard it called.
"Politics aside, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is a really cumbersome name. "
"It's really originally Washington Nartional, and that honors our first president."
Fuck Reagan.
"Reagan's mismanagement of the Patco strike directly lead to the Air Florida crash that killed 78 people. Naming the airport after the chief architect of that disaster was callous and completely tactless. We don't name bus depots after the DC Sniper, so why would we name an airport after the man who let 78 people die rather than negotiate with the people responsible for the safety of America's airways?"
"It was called Washington National Airport then I heard they wanted to ""name it after a president"" and started calling in Regan National Airport. It WAS named after a president!!! WASHINGTON! "
Reagan was too anti-labor and pro wealthy. He created this top ten control the wealth mess we're in now. I won't call the airport by his name.
"Formally, I hear it often as Reagan National, but that's a mouthful when talking about an airport, so I've always called it Reagan. Most people in my peer group also call it Reagan, so we've likely all influenced each other to call it that."
"When a cab driver asks me... I call it National, then I call it Reagan, then I call it DCA. And if they still have no clue, I get out of the car."
Hate Reagan
"It's a great name, the region should proudly embrace it. "
Short & to the point. The full name is just too long.
No way am I calling the airport Reagan! I correct anyone who says that to just call it National or DCA.
"When I was growing up my grandparents lived in Arlington and we flew out to visit them a lot before Reagan was added to the name. So, National just stuck with me."
"Airport codes are a bit more precise, esp. because so many a far enough away as to barely be in the geographic region at all. Dulles is a good hour from my house on a good day. It barely qualifies as Washington."
Most identifiable as Reagan. Second place definitely goes to DCA.
This is what the airport has been referred to by my peers and when people talk about it online.
A guy who fired air traffic controllers shouldn't get a airport named after him.
"Quickest, understood by cabbies, and avoids the naming controversy."
"Shorter version of ""Reagan National."""
"It's either Reagan National or DCA, depending on who I am speaking to.
I have a friend who is an air traffic controller.
"Reagan is the first word in its name. I moved to DC in 2004, so I didn't have a history or calling it anything else."
"Because Ronald Reagan was an asshole and a terrible President, and I refuse to call National Airport by any other name than its name, National Airport. Slapping Reagan's name on the airport was a slap in the face to labor, and to NoVA. "
"I grew up knowing it as National, and I prefer that name."
I refuse to call it Reagan. It'll always be National or DCA to me!
"Ronald Reagan has more than his share of places named after him. Enough is enough. He got rid of the traffic controllers union, etc "
Not a fan of Reagan
"Growing up, it was DC-National... and in all my trips to DC, it has always been DC-National or DCA."
Because fuck a Ronald Reagan. The man who broke PATCO has no right to have a major airport named for himself.
I cannot in good conscience call it Reagan National because of his actions during the air traffic controller strike.
"It sounds right to me. I've heard it referred as Regan and National separately, and combined.
Great survey. I live in Colorado now but fly through BWI often to see family. Still keep up with Wash. Post and I look forward to the results (I still don't know what to call the said airport)."
"Fist off... Fix your states options. Im from Puerto Rico and even though that is not a state it still part of the US. Guess what else is not a state? DC!
Its called National or Reagan... everyone knows this. "
"I actually use Reagan, National and DCA interchangeably. "
"You're not going to say Ronald Reagan, so you just call it Reagan and everybody knows what you are talking about."
Reagan or Reagan National
"It's always just been National Airport. No need to lengthen what I call it, no matter whose name they decide to tack on."
"Too many things named Reagan in DC. And as the president who destroyed the economy for years after, he doesn't deserve having National include his name. "
I don't like calling it after a Republican president. AND I also grew up calling it National.
"Close friends and family in the metro DC area always referred to National as National when I moved to the area at the age of 18. When I asked why they dropped the Reagan, they explained the farce of naming an Airport after a president who fired over 11,000 controllers and banned the the FAA from ever hiring them again. I agreed. National it is. "
Felt as though the re-christening of National was crammed politically down our collective throats.
Grew up calling it National [also think it's a bit strange to name an airport after the president who fired striking air traffic controllers]
"Beside the fact that I grew up calling it National or DCA, the fly-by-night way the GOP re-named it before Reagan was even dead was bothersome. That time period they were slapping his name on anything that wouldn't move. Had they succeeded re-naming 16th St NW, I think I would have had a postal-moment!"
I don't understand why we idolize RR.
I have no idea why I call it DCA. All of my friends call it Reagan to the point that when I mention I'm flying out of DCA at least one person will ask which airport that is.
I call it DCA because of the label system used by all airports.
"1. That's what it was for my entire childhood.
2. I find it silly to name an airport for the president who presided over the largest air-traffic control strike in US history."
"that is its name - or the shorthand for its name. sometimes I say Reagan National, but mostly just Reagan. I fly out of whatever airport is the cheapest. you made me put in a value for that question but I wouldnt consider it valid."
"Because it was ""re-named"" by a congress that was naming everything after a senile president. Further, it was first named after President George Washington, thus became the National airport. "
Tradition. Was never a fan of the name change.
"Because I refuse to acknowledge that the airport was named for a treasonous tyrant, due to the efforts of treasonous tyrants."
"It will ALWAYS be Washington National Airport!
Never, ever, ever the name forced on the airport/MWAA/DC area residents by Congressional interference in local affairs!
It is already named after a former (dead) president. I'll happily supply the rotten eggs to anyone willing to hurl them at St. Ronnie's statue!
I work in the industry and that is what it is listed as in forecasting data searches.
National Airport because that is its name. This is a silly article....
"I object to calling it by the name of a man who I think did more harm than good for the country, and who was not primarily responsible for some of the good things that he is credited with. "
that's its name?
"DCA- I am a gallaudet university student in the heart of DC. The university is 15-20 minutes away from the airport I use. Because of the close proximity to the airport, I feel that it is still in dc and combining DC with airport gives us DCA! "
"That's what I've always heard it called, though I've never been there."
Because the renaming for Ronald Reagan was a ridiculous act of political theater that went against local wishes And was. Completely unnecessary since he already had a huuuuge federal building in DC named for him.
I've always considered it our national airport; perhaps because of the history of the name and perhaps because of what you see upon arrival and it's proximity to Capitol Hill. I don't mind the name Reagan being a part of it at all but I seldom use it.
Will not call the airport Reagan.
"I lived in the DC area long enough to remember it simply as ""Washington National Airport."" Everyone I knew called it ""National"" for simplicity's sake, so I followed suit.
For particularly personal reasons, I am NOT a fan of Mr. Reagan. His actions or more perhaps more accurately his lack thereof affected people I care about in my family and community. I refuse to even honor naming a porta-potty after him. "
"Mainly because I've always called it National, my family's always called it National, I've heard it called National all while growing up.
And (moreso as I got older) because Reagan did some pretty terrible things as president, and I don't think the airport should be named after him."
I've heard it called that more frequently and just picked it up myself.
I would rather not refer to a particular president any more often than is absolutely necessary.
Because that's the name of the metro station that stops there.
Husband works for USDOT and refers to all airports by their codes. It has rubbed off on me.
Not a Ronald Reagan fan and refuse to call it such - have the same issue with Intercontinental in Houston.
"I work as an airport consultant, and have since 1988. It has always been National to me, and my mind has never flipped that switch to call it anything else."
"It is - and will always be - National. It should never have been renamed, especially for a president who harmed the country in numerous ways."
I moved to DC in 1999 and everyone Called it National so I did too!
"Reagan is fine, he was a great president, actor, and American. "
Lived there when It was National (1963-1970)
"I moved to Alexandria when I was 9, in the summer of 1994. The airports' name is National. The end. :)"
"It was always designated as DCA and that designation has never changed, so I see no need to change how I refer to it. I also sometimes refer to it as National, which also has always been part of its official name."
"It has always beeen Washington National Airport to me. When Congress chose to add Ronald Reagan's name to DCA's title, it didn't sit well with me.....and it still doesn't. DCA serves Washington, DC. There is no geographic area called ""Reagan"". "
"There is no way we need another memorial to Reagan--particularly not an airport, given what he did to the air traffic controllers."
That's how it is (more or less) on the Metro map.
Because that is what it is called?
Because fuck Reagan
Just what I've always known it as.
"I used to just call it National, but that seems to confuse people so now I can it Regan National to capture both"
My dad was an air traffic controller. Screw Reagan.
"I used to call it Washington National for years after the name change. Since other people stopped calling it that I dropped Washington. My dislike of the insult to air traffic controllers in renaming an airport after Ronald Reagan has kept me from using the new name.
Since there are no other major commercial ""national"" airports, just airports carrying the designation ""international"", calling it National is enough.
The airport should have been named George Washington National Airport, due to its proximity to Mount Vernon."
"I grew up right next to Dulles so I never even thought about ""that other airport."" I started calling it Reagan National because that's what I'd heard it called, and now I make sure to use both names in case I'm talking to someone who only knows it as one or the other."
I consider it THE NATIONAL airport -- nothing else will do!
"I call it the airport because that's exactly what it is; I don't bother with the other two for domestic flights unless it's half the price. Most of my travel is domestic, but I did manage to catch a flight "
I remember the controversy over the name change in 1998 and how silly and stupidly political it was. Reagan wasn't even dead yet! It felt like a slap in the face to air-traffic controllers for no real reason other than spite.
"""DCA"" just rolls off the tongue faster."
"Because that's it's name! It actually took me a couple of years before I got used to adding ""Reagan"" to ""National,"" but I still keep the word ""National"" in there because I'm still used to using that word for that place."
"I think they need to pry the names off most public buildings and airports.
'National' Airport belongs to the 'nation' and should not be named after anyone."
"I work for a company that does a lot of international travel, so I speak in a lot of airport codes, in general!"
"because that's what it's called.
but seriously, because that's the fewest syllables."
I refuse to call any airport by the name of a President who illegally fired air traffic controllers and ordered members of the military to scab across a picket line.
It was National when I landed there in 1983 after immigrating from South Korea and it will always be National.
That's always what I've heard it called.
I think it comes from my mom who grew up in Maryland but I'm not sure. I sometimes call it National as well and even use DCA ocasssionally in texts/emails.
Because it was National as I was growing up and I'm annoyed they changed the name.
I call it National because it's name is National. Sometimes I call it DCA.
That's what it used to be called!
"I am not a fan of Reagan's fiscally irresponsible tenure as president (not to mention my opinions on his social policies), so I can't bring myself to acknowledge that he has things named after him."
"1) that was its original name
2) how on earth do you come up with the balls to call an airport after a man who laid off air traffic controlers? "
Because of the code. Also I heard it when I first arrived in DC. I heard it called DCA and Reagan
"That's the original name, and it's already named for a president (George Washington)"
Because Ronald Reagan is the most overrated president of the last century.
"it was always National, and it will always be National."
"Because Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is way too long and no one would know what I'm talking about if I said RRWNA. Also, ""Reagan National"" is a good combo of the old and the new."
"Please don't call it ""Reagan""!!!"
"It already had a name, was already named after a president and I won't give that presidency any more lip service than I already must.
If a cabbie refers to it by the R word I will find another cab."
Its National because its National
"Because that's what its called? It's named after him, correct? Question answered. "
"Lived in DC for 4-5 years and knew it then as National Airport, but then MWAA changed its name. I've always referred to it since then as Regan National."
"It is the only appropriate choice. It is ""the National Airport."" Should not be named for any politician. "
"First of all, DCA had a perfectly good name before the change.
It's terrible to name any airport for Reagan--he fired the air traffic controllers!
He has a very large building downtown named for him.
The change was made by Congress and not by locals. I know because I worked on the Senate Commerce Committee which handled the legislation and it was hurried through in order to be a birthday present for Nancy to give to Ronnie. If the Republicans want less centralized government, they should not have forced the name change."
The airport already had a president's name; it didn't require a second.
The airport code is unambiguous shorthand. I do it for most airports but it is especially helpful with a complicated name like this airport has!
"that was the name the way I remember it since birth! I know it was changed to Reagan National but ""old dogs, new tricks""!!"
It will always be National.
Because I will never call it the name of the anti-worker president who made it a mission to destroy the middle and working classes.
Because I'm not a fucking moron.
You can't rename a building after someone that is till alive. That is not how renaming works.
Since there's so many local airports it just helps to avoid confusion
"Why did we rename everything after Reagan? Especially airports -- didn't he deregulate the FAA? I've lived here since 1984, and I am a Democrat, so I call it National. Also, no one calls BWI ""Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International."" You can tell if someone is from here, because they call it ""National."" All those interlopers call it ""Reagan."" I still think it's weird."
"I write and think DCA or National, but for speaking, 'Reagan National' rolls off the tongue most elegantly, and it's a coded way to tell people 'I have more important things to do in life than worry about the political litmus test of the name of a the f&^cking airport.'"
"It was petty of the Republicans to try to name everything after Reagan, but it's petty to refuse to call something by its name."
Because Ronald Reagan is a beatified asshole who proved government doesn't work by taking it apart. Also the AIDS crisis.
DCA or Reagan
"Because that's what its name has always been, and because Ronald Reagan was a crappy human being and we wouldn't have an airport named for him if there wasn't some Republican fetish about his legacy."
Because it's what I search for when looking up flights online.
Airport codes are non negotiable on what they mean
"The three letter distinction of DCA, although easy enough to remember does not roll off of the tongue. I never referred to O'hare in Chicago as ORD, I would not do the same here. Furthermore, although it doesn't matter to me, "
"It's National Airport or DCA, but those are the only acceptable names, period. Nobody else knows what you're talking about if you ever call it anything else, and my husband will yell at me if I use the R word."
"Paerially because that's what I've always known it as, and partially because naming an airport after the man who fired all of the air traffic controllers, would be akin to naming a police station after a convicted cop killer. "
It's what I mostly heard it called.
It was another name when I first moved to DC and the renaming was a political act and does not reflect the values or the diversity of the DMV area.
"Heck, I still call the one in Maryland ""Friendship""."
"It's brief. I also sometimes call it Reagan or National, but more often DCA."
"I traveled to and from DC frequently before eventually moving to the area, so it's always been National for me."
"I also call it DCA.
Anyway, because it's National."
"I refuse to call it Reagan... only partially because of the political affiliation. I am an Airport Planner and am annoyed by the trend of renaming airports after people, particularly when it's political. Same goes for BWI and ATL, and I'm sure many others."
'Goatfucker' kind of says it all.
"I refer to this airport as the following: DCA, Reagan, and National. "
I have a rudimentary knowledge about how DCA was renamed as part of Grover Norquist's overtly political plot to name various things after Reagan and control how a conservative president's tenure would be remembered.
Airport codes FTW!
"I'd like to call it National, but by the time I got here, it was already Reagan."
I call it DCA because the taxi drivers recognize that term. I also call it national - I must have heard others refer to it that way.
"I guess I heard it referred to as Reagan first, and was never aware (until reading this survey and some comments on it) that some people had strong feelings against calling it Reagan. I'm no fan of Reagan, but that's just the name by which I know the airport. Same way I would use the name Bush when flying through the huge airport in Houston."
I have only lived in the area since May of 2013.
"Because airline websites refer to the airport as DCA. When I'm telling friends which airport to fly into, I refer to it as DCA so they know what that is when they see it listed on the airline site. Saying ""Reagan"" confuses people, even though I sometimes call that airport ""Reagan"" to locals, because saying ""DCA"" sounds weird. "
"Least number of syllables, maybe?"
Cause I don't like Reagan
"Because Reagan had nothing to do with the airport, and because he busted PATCO and deregulated the airlines, leading to the mess we have now."
"I am not a fan of the Reagan presidency, and suspect that history will not treat his term in office as kindly as we currently do. I think Republicans know this, and are scrambling to name everything they can after him before we all recognize that Reagan ushered in the Era of the Great Bamboozling
I prefer the historical name.
it's the short version of it's official name
"There was no good reason to rename the airport, and Bush II was a terrible president and made terrible decisions, so I refused to call it Reagan. However, it just stuck and taxi drivers don't always understand if you just say ""National,"" so I call it Reagan National. I work really hard to say just ""National,"" though."
It's named after a president and you refer To presidents by their last name.
"You made a mistake here. The choices should not be either ""grew up in a state"" or ""not in the U.S.""
You might remember from your high school U.S. history course that our country has territories that are not states or the District of Columbia. They are classified as just that: U.S. territories. Still, even though they are not states, or DC, people live there and come from there. When their backgrounds are negated, even in frivolous polls like this, it matters. "
old habits die hard; probably a little anti-republican sentiment sneaking in as well.
Because that is how it was referred to on the radio station I listened to when I moved here (WTOP).
"1) If you use the word ""Reagan"" to describe it, you're declaring yourself to be a Republican or a tourist.
2) If I refer to it as ""Reagan,"" my non-Republican friends will pretend to not know what I'm talking about.
3) Simplicity - DCA (or ""National"") is as straightforward as it gets. The full name is way too long, anyway."
When I used to travel there a lot it was called National. Now I hear it called Reagan or Reagan National but National just sounds right to me and only one word is needed. Two words is just to cumbersome.
It's just easier to say.
Not a Reagan fan and National is just easier like Dulles rather than John Foster Dulles and BWI rather than Thurgood Marshall BWI.
Because many of the folks I talk to are not from this area and they don't know what National is.
"it was called National Airport when I started college at GWU in 1974. Considering that Ronald Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers during his tenure as President, it seems more than just a bit ironic to name an airport after him."
I was taught that those from DC call it National. Those not from DC call it Reagan-National. I occasionally call it DCA.
"I think Christopher Hitchens once said something to the effect of ""Washington National Airport is already named after a president, and a good one at that."""
"I grew up calling it 'National', but after the name changed 'Reagan' became easier. I'm not sure if it's the difference in two syllables vs three, but 'Reagan' seemed to have an easier cadence in conversation."
You know why.
to be sure I am understood. otherwise I use DCA.
"I call it DCA to avoid the whole ""Reagan vs National"" debate"
"I work in the aviation industry. Before I had this job, I called it National."
"I'm an air traffic controller, and I can't call an airport by the name of a man who did so much to harm my profession specifically and labor generally. "
I used to call it Natonal until it was changed to Regan National. I only use DCA when booking a flight. I don't know anyone who calls it that.
National is the name given to the airport when it was opened and there was no reason to change it - particularly to honor a former president who broke the air traffic controllers union - how inappropriate.
Trying to get us to call the airport that serves a huge portion of the federal government by the name of the man who started the malicious campaign to tear down the federal government is perverse.
It was called National Airport when I first came to Washington in 1962. That's what everyone called it then; that's what I still call it today.
It's less ambiguous and easy to search for online.
I actually call it both national and DCA because that is the name I grew up with and because I have no interest in honoring Reagan.
Because I refuse to honor the man who let so many people die of AIDS. He was an awful president and even worse human being.
President Ronald Reagan doesn't deserve a national airport named after him.
"Because I refuse to call it ""Reagan."" That airport in Houston that's not Hobby will always be ""IAH"" or ""Intercontinental"" to me."
"I try very hard to call it ""National,"" but ""Reagan"" slips out of my mouth more often than not. I really have to make a conscious effort to call it ""National,"" which I try to do. Reagan (the president) created the MWAA, I know, but I question whether that merits his name being attached to the airport. More importantly, though, it's really DC's airport, and I'd much rather keep it, and its name, as apolitical as possible."
Because that's what it's called ;)
States rights to name their own airport.
Because I did not like that president.
I've always called it National or DCA
Because that's what I called it before it was renamed.
Because that's it's name... DUH! Why politicize this?
It just ends up that way when I speak.
"The airport was already named after a president when it was simply called Washington National Airport. Now it's named after two presidents? What's next, Barack Obama George H.W. Bush International?
Beyond that bit of pedantry, though, there is something nice about claiming to be our ""National"" airport. It's the closest airport to the nation's capital, so calling it National just makes sense."
"Because you can always spot a tourist when they refer to the airport using the ""R"" word. "
"The full name is ""Ronald Reagan National Airport,"" I think? The ""Airport"" part is usually implied by context--I'm not flying out of ""Ronald Reagan National Petting Zoo,"" right? Dropping the ""Ronald"" is a pretty obvious thing to do, I think. So ""Reagan National"" is what's left. I do sometimes shorten it to just ""Reagan,"" though, but that's not my default."
"Hate Ronald Reagan, honestly"
"I think at the very beginning I used to call it National, but then I saw Reagan's statue in the airport and ever since I startes including his name "
I don't think airports should have ironic names.
"I use DCA, National, and Reagan National interchangeably. Depends on who I'm talking to and how familiar they are with the area. DCA seems the quickest way to say it, but if you're using a longer name, it must be National or Reagan National. "
I just always remember it being called Reagan growing up.
"It's short, everyone knows what it means, and it avoids debate. (Plus St. Reagan fatigue.)"
Because Reagan was a hack.
It was National when we moved to the DC area and it has stayed National (to me) ever since.
Just a habit. Still don't agree with the renaming of so many airports for President'. I think naming aircraft carriers for past presidents is a true honor...there are few of those very powerful ships...just like the number of people who have had the honor of being president.
"Nothing should be named after Ronald Reagan. Ever.
"First: naming the airport after a certain president who was in office in the 80's is an offense the hardworking men and women who make our national air travel network work. Busting their union was unndemocratic and a violation of basic workplace rights. Then, to name an airport after him, when he was still alive? Simply unnecessary.
So why do I call it national? ""Washington National"" is too long and DCA is an airport code, not a name. When was the last time you heard someone call Dulles ""IAD"". BWI only makes sense because it's an acronym for the airport's full name.
Therefore, ""National""."
"Because that was it's name before the ""Reagan"" fetish set in."
It's the least confusing.
I refuse to call it Reagan. Yuck. It's National or DCA. Period. And I totally judge when Republicans call it Reagan.
It was National to me when I moved to DC... so it will always be National to me.
Is easier to remember
To hell with republicans and Ronald Reagan.
Because that's the name.
I'm a private pilot.
"My parents are from DC, and they always have referred to it as National. They lived their before the unfortunate renaming. "
I grew up in the early 80s and early to mid 90's flying into it at least 2 times per year - always been National to me
That's its name. I dislike Reagan and refuse to call that airportby his name.
"Reagan did profound damage to the values of this country, nurturing a dangerous mistrust of government and favoring the rich over the everybody else. He was also a macho cowboy in foreign affairs. I can't bear to use his name for this airport. (But then to be fair, I admire Thurgood Marshall hugely, but can't shake calling his airport BWI.) "
Grew up calling it National.
"Part of the reason it was renamed, supposedly, was so it could be named after a U.S. President. Which is fitting for the nation's capital. But who on earth do you think WASHINGTON National Airport was named after? "
"""Reagan National,"" because that is its name. I will also use ""Reagan"" or ""National."""
Anything but Reagan. The irony of naming an airport after the guy who broke the air traffic controllers union (and so much else) is just too much.
I don't think every item of public infrastructure should be named after a prominent figure or business. Let public works maintain their own importance in service to people who live there. Recent example of folly: turning the Triboro Bridge into the RFK Bridge. It cost $4 million to change signage but nobody calls it the RFK Bridge. I don't think we need a bridge to remember the importance of Robert F. Kennedy.
"Because I think it is ludicrous that National, of all the airports in the nation, would be named after a guy that busted the air traffic controllers union and IMHO was the WORST President we have ever had!!! :-) Thank You for trying to settle this important matter once and for all!"
"Sometimes I also call it DCA or Reagan National. ""Reagan"" is just easier to say."
"Because I have known DCA as National airport for 50 years and because I object to the ""Republican Revolution's"" renaming of an airport that wasn't theirs to rename. It was already named for our first president."
Because George Bush is an asshole for naming an airport after Reagan. WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT 4EVA!
Name change to Reagan pushed by a Republican congressman from Georgia over objections of local officials. Reagan name is not appropriate for National since Reagan had few local ties and fired the air traffic controllers.
"It was always referred to as National, or Washington National, when I was growing up in MD circa 1972-1990. Also, as a Democrat my family and friends were not huge fans of Reagan."
"I don't like calling it ""Reagan"" and ""National"" sounds strange."
"B/c Reagan didn't want anything named after him until 25 years after he died... let alone while he was still alive. Also, it was a slap in the face to the air traffic controllers."
"It has always been just ""National Airport"" to me and appending the name of a former President was a political move to attempt to solidify his perceived ""greatness"". I don't identify myself as a Democrat or Republican, but I am definitely not part of the group that continues to deify Reagan."
I call it Reagan National because that is the name of the airport.
It was called National when I was a college student in DC.
"Always been National to me always will be
"I've always called it that, for 60 years. It's a habit I can't change "
"I never say the proper name. I don't like that word, and I don't want to sound like a tourist."
"1. I never agreed with the idea that Reagan was a wonderful president.
2. I resented the bullying from the republican congress to force the name change in metro, etc.
3. I also resented the changing of Cape Kennedy back to Canaveral. Asassinated president vs. the great (?) actor?"
"I think the bigger issue here is branding, which could have serious negative impacts on positive revenue. The fact that this survey exists is an indicator of a lack of identity."
Not a fan of the name they changed it to.
I refuse to recognize the name it was given in 1998. The way it happened was disgraceful and insulting to the idea of local home rule. And the fact that an airport is named for someone who fired thousands of air traffic controllers is just absurd.
No real rhyme or reason... just what comes to mind at a given moment. I've never once said Reagan/National/DCA and had anyone give me a look of confusion.
I knew it as National but recognize its now named after Reagan so I say Reagan National to be safe.
because it is Regan National
"The name has been butchered for years even by the airlines. DCA provides the least bit of confusion. Reagan National would come in second...Although lacks the reference of ""DC,"" thus I don't bother. "
Because is was such a cynical and disgusting display by politicians to name the airport after someone who treated air traffic controllers the way he did.
"I do a lot of travel arrangements for work, so I refer to the airport as its airport code."
Cannot stand Ronald Reagan and he did nothing to help the airport. He laid off all the air traffick controllers.
I have been flying through National for years. I find people who know the airport call it National and those who are not as familiar call it Reagan National. I have a parent who is a flight attendant and they too call it National or DCA
"I call it National because I always have, and because I loathe Reagan, and because Reagan broke the aircraft controllers' strike and union."
Ain't nobody from here voting for Regan.
"Airport should not have been renamed after a still-living person; such honors should always be posthumous. (It is entirely irrelevant that the condition was achieved subsequently.)
But even more importantly, ""National"" is an important attribute that should remain prominent."
"When I'm talking to Airport/Airline staff or people new to the area, I call it Washington's Reagan National or Reagan National -- they get confused.
Naming an airport after a guy who broke a strike at the FAA is unethical, and I won't do it unless I have to."
Because it already had a distinct identity as washington national before people insisted we start calling it something else.
"I will always. All it National Airport, because I never believed Ronald Reagan deserved to have an airport named after him - at least not in the DC area. He was an OK president, but while everyone thought Reagan did a great job, we learned the hard way that ""Reaganomics"" ultimately hurt us economically. He is not responsible for the fall of the iron curtain. He was just an OK president. Not one who made enough difference to get an airport in this area. He was a pretty good actor, name or build an airport after him around Hollywood or maybe a small air park near his ranch."
"That's what it was called on my flight ticket and Metro maps, so I didn't realize it might be called anything else until I'd already used it a couple times."
It never needed a new name and certainly not one given on a partisan basis.
Reagan screwed over Air Traffic controllers and mismanaged deregulation of air travel. Putting his name on an airport is insult added to injury.
Because I don't like reagan
Because ketchup is not and never will be a vegetable.
"I grew up with my parents calling it National. At some point, I learned that some people called it Reagan National, so it made sense to keep dropping the 'Reagan' as shorthand."
Because that's what it was and the political Reagan project was a colossal waste of taxpayer money to rename everything. He already has the Reagan building and the GWU ED. What did he do to improve this country? Nothing.
Named after our nation's 1st President and every flight flies over his estate....
"Concise to use one word. The acronym is confusing at times, as in I forget it."
"In DC this airport is very political and referring to it as ""Reagan"" vs. ""National"" is very telling of a person's political standings. I choose to call it National not just for political reasons, but as a nod to the airport's history. "
Washington National
Becaiuse it's the first word in its official name!
"I'm not calling an airport ""Reagan"" after he dissolved the air traffic controllers union (even if it did recharter)."
"I remember National Airport back in the early 90's, before the re-model/expansion and before it was renamed after Ronald Reagan, when I used to visit family in the area. Great Airport and my favorite of all. "
"I prefer the name. Always have, always will."
It is obscene to name an airport after the man who busted the air-traffic controller strike.
"It varies, but I either call it DCA or Reagan the most. "
"First thing that comes to mind. I call it DCA or Reagan. I used to take the metro by it everyday, I think I called it National more often before that. "
That's what I type in when I'm looking to book a flight.
"I call it DCA because it clearly indicates which airport I mean. Sometimes I say ""National"" but that's so vague. I would never call it ""Reagan"" because a) I never hear anyone call it that and b) Reagan was terrible."
"DCA is easier to rattle off than Reagan, Reagan National, National, etc. Also it immediately clears up any confusion or questions when interacting with airline staff."
"I'm not a fan of anything named for people, or corporations. Things like airports, stadiums, etc. should relate to the people that live in that area."
Because that's what it was called when I first knew it. Also I don't believe in honorific names for people who are (at the time) still alive.
That's it's name :)
Because I'm sure as hell not going to call it Reagan!
"Have called it by all the names listed above. Usually refer to it as Reagan or DCA a majority of the time. Refer to the airport as Reagan mostly due to the is the beginning name of the airport. Refer to it as DCA when I'm discussing flight plans with fellow travelers. Unlike other co-workers, I do not correct people when they call the airport by a name they don't prefer/like/feel appropriate. "
"I'm a historian; I like historical names. I also study the Art Deco period. In addition, I had great objection to the rapid effort to name everything after President Reagan while he was still alive."
"National. That's what it is, that's what it was. The people who lived, used and identified with the airport were never given any choice in what it was to be called. I will always call it National, no matter what politician it is named after. Same with BWI!
I call it DCA because Reagan does not deserve to have an airport named after him.
"After the 1981 air traffic controller strike and Reagan's response of firing EVERYONE on strike (and coincidentally enough Air Florida Flight 90 crashed just a couple months after he fired everyone), I will die before I call the airport ""Reagan"". "
"It's what others around me called it so naturally, I followed."
"I specialize in marketing research regarding airports on behalf of Airport Authorities, Airlines, Concessionaires and other entities interested in the opinions of air travelers. As a result, I tend to refer to airports the way most airport personnel do... either by the three digit code (DCA) or by name but your survey did not allow me to select two answers. If you would like additional insights into what air travelers think of DCA, IAD or BWI feel free to contact me:"
Refuse to call it Reagan. An airport shouldn't be partisan.
Because naming an airport after the guy who fired all the air traffic controllers is moronic.
Don't want to call it Reagan.
"Ahem.... Thank you for asking. It's called NATIONAL airport. That is what I call it, and that is what I will always call it "
See political affiliation.
Because REAGAN
"I refuse to call it Reagan because they never should have changed the name. Same reason I call BWI, BWI and not Marshall "
"it is the most logical name for the airport, also traditional, most appropriate, neutral name"
"I went to Georgetown and heard most people call it Reagan. That, or the first time I heard people talk about it they called it Reagan and it stuck. I didn't have many opportunities to use it since most round trip flights to California fly through Dulles. "
"The question you're asking is flawed. BWI and IAD are not DC airports. Getting to BWI from DC requires a car or multiple transit transfers, and IAD has no transit connection."
That's its name. :)
I think it's because of how I heard others around me refer to it (I went to high school in Howard County).
"I call it National when really should be called Washington National because it is located in the Washington DC metro area.
The only reason it is named Reagen is because the Republicans could do it. Reagen does deserve to have something named after him in every state any more than Clinton deserves to have something named after him in each state. The airport is not located in Reagan,VA or the metro area of Reagan,DC, yet."
That's what it was called growing up here.
Because only filthy carpetbagger conservative tourists would call the airport by the name of the worst President of the 20th Century.
"same reason I sometimes call Costco ""price club"". Same difference. "
"Reagan had nothing to do with the airport, and he wasn't a particularly good president. This name is a piece of politics proclaiming the legitimacy of one brand of politics over another (but, then again, so is the full name of BWI)."
I seem to use IATA codes for every airport.
The only acceptable names are DCA and National.
Naming an airport after a president that intentionally busted the AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS' union was an incredibly insensitive and callous decision. So I refuse to call it by that name.
Because it is the industry standard such as BWI Marshall
Reagan sux
Because I remember a certain Republican congressman who threatened to block appropriations and spending on a plethora of important federal programs if the signs referring to National Airport were not immediately emblazoned with the name of a certain former president who authorized Iran-Contra and liked jelly beans.
"Have always called it National. Find it absurd to name everything after a dreadful president and a dreadful human being, and in particular an airport. "
I refuse to call it Reagan because I do not support the man or his policies. And DCA is the easiest!
"The same reason I call Dulles, Dulles. Because that is its fucking name."
"I'm annoyed at the people who feel the need to plaster Reagan's name everywhere.
In addition, as one person put it, naming an airport after the man who fired the air traffic controllers is like renaming Atlanta ""Shermantown""."
"Because that is its name. I don't take pride in who it is named after - that is irrelevant. If it was named Walter Mondale National Airport, I'd call it Mondale. People who go through pains to call it something other than its name are trying to make a political point. Grow up and deal with it."
"It's just so much easier to say ""Reagan"" because it's one word and I'm lazy."
It's quick and easy. In writing though I call it DCA or national because I cannot seem to spell Reagan correctly without autocorrect.
I grew up in Northern Virginia and we always called it National. Even after it's name was changed.
Ronald Reagan ignored AIDS.
"takes too long to say ""reagan national"" so i just say reagan. however, i have noticed that i say DCA if im travelling in other cities or abroad, because no one else seems to call it that outside of this area. "
"1. It was National when I moved here.
2. Boo on Reagan! (See political affiliation question.) There was a group lobbying to name *everything* after Reagan at the time. So irritating that the airport namers have in. Plus it seemed tacky to name an airport after a former president who was still alive at the time."
"The name given to it by Republicans is an insult to DC, to the airline industry, and to the population in general. I absolutely refuse to call it that. And I will correct people who do call it that in my presence. "
Airport code
"Honestly, I use Reagan, DCA, and National interchangeably, but Reagan probably the most."
I usually call it Washington National as it was already named for a president.
Because everyone I met in DC told me to call it National or DCA and I was told never to call it Reagan
Who is this Reagan fellow some people are talking about?
It's an insult to air traffic controllers and workers in general To have named an airport after the President who broke the air traffic controllers' strike.
Not a clue.
"DCA is accurate without being partisan for or against Reagan or his legacy, which works well for me. Also, considering Reagan busted the PATCO strike, I'm at a loss for why anyone would name an airport after him - seems like a middle finger to the people who keep us safe in the air. (And no, I don't know a single controller.)"
"It's what it's always been, plus I didn't like the way the name was changed. (I wasn't a big fan of Reagan, although in retrospect he wasn't that bad!)
I've heard Reagan National enough that it doesn't startle me, and when I'm booking flights for work I think of it as DCA."
I'm not a big fan of RR.
"Family history.
Also a private pilot - national is most common "
"The absurdity of naming the airport in honor of the person who broke the air controller union and endangered the flying public is beyond belief. For that matter I will only call ""Dulles"" IAD."
I grew up with National Airport. Naming it Reagan was an trying to change the name of DC Stadium to RFK.
Reagan was an awful President.
"Ronald Reagan is not as great a president as the GOP (who would not welect him today because he wasn't conservative enough) would have you believe. He is falsely credited with the fall of the iron curtain. We learned the hard way that ""Reaganomics"" ultimately hurt us. He was an OK president; he was not a president who should have an airport named after him -at leat not to n the DC area. (Besides, he fired air traffic controllers, it seems a bit odd to name any airport after him.) he was a decent actor name an airport or air park after him around Hollywood or near hai ranch."
"When I was growing up everybody called it ""National"" so I just stuck with that."
"I work in the aviation industry, and am accustomed to calling airport by their FAA code."
Because it is National to me and I correct after I call it that to the political name they gave it.
When I first moved here a new friend who had been in this area for years called it National and the name stuck. I often call the airport both National and Reagan.
I either call it DCA or sometimes National Airport. It's the quickest and clearest (there are lots of things called Reagan).
I'm active duty AF and it's the airports code
Because that is its real name. It was named after the 1st President of the U.S.
It's what I heard it called once and it just stuck.
Not sure why I mostly call it DCA. I sometimes call it Reagan.
went to an aviation school
"I call it National but only locals know that. I call it DCA sometimes, more peers (not born here) recognize that..."
"That is what it was called when I was flying in and out of it. I also do not like naming things after recent presidents, let them marinate a while and see how things shake out."
Although I sometimes forget and call it National I think the renaming to honor an influential president deserves the recognition.
Because I dislike Reagan and because that seems to be what most of the locals call it.
It's a short abbreviation.
"In theory I'd love to just call it National or DCA, but it is Reagan and I'm fine with that. "
Because of the arbitrary renaming of National Airport.
"I use National and DCA almost equally, but I use National just a bit more."
"Most often I call it Reagan but sometimes National.
Why do we really do anything?"
"""Didn't you learn your airport codes in high school?"" - Kenneth Parcell"
I typically refer to airports by their code.
"When I do it not on purpose: because that's what it was called when I learned to talk
When I do it on purpose: because I'm still bitter about the Metro signage fiasco perpetrated by idiots"
Least amount of syllables.
"Ronald Reagan broke an air traffic controller strike when I was a kid in a really nasty way. If you want to honor an ex-president, how about you don't name a thing that represents a specific bad decision he made after him? I've got no beef with naming stuff ""Reagan"" but an airport? Really?
Also -- it did not need a new name. National has been National all my life.
"IMO, Reagan was one of the very worst presidents for the country. He increased the national debt more than all the presidents before him combined, set us back environmentally, and set in motion the assault on the middle class that has created so many continuing problems. I refuse to honor the decision pushed through by Republicans in Congress to name this airport after him."
"It was and always will be Washington National Airport. In fairness, BWI isn't Thurgood Marshall Airport either."
"Because once upon a time, calling the airport that serves the nation's capital ""National Airport"" was a politically neutral, socially acceptable compromise. Forcing a demographic that overwhelmingly votes democratic to fly home into the welcoming arms of a conservative messianic figure seems overly cruel."
Because that was the name
I heard it called Reagan or Reagan national and I guess just started calling it Reagan. Once lived there I was told natives called it National
"Um, that's its name. Damned Liberal blowhards..."
Because that's it's damn name
"I don't like the association with Ronald Reagan, and DCA comes more naturally to me than ""National"" "
The Reagan Administration crushed the Union and made things less reliable for a time at least at the Airport in question and never did anything to merit having his name put in its title. It would be more accurate to put his second wife's name on it since she was the one that manipulated the name change.
"I don't live in the DC area, but I visit fairly often for work. I didn't know Democrats didn't call it Reagan until I visited DC for the first time when I was 18. On that trip, my late-night flight back was cancelled and I ended up spending the night in the terminal, unable to sleep because of construction noise and the overly-cheery security intermittently warnings playing through the radio, and being asked to move a few times. It was a rough night.
For that reason, because I associate that airport with a really unpleasant experience, I have no problem calling it ""Reagan National."""
"I call it either DCA or National, because I refuse to call it Reagan. Congressional Republicans' antics in forcing our hand in naming the airport, and later threatening to withhold Metro funding unless Metro signage changed, makes me especially stubborn on this point."
My aunt and cousins lived in Burke when I was a kid and my mom used to call it National-- she never switched to calling it Reagan so I grew up calling it National.
The name change was not locally-sponsored. It was rammed down our throats using threats and intimidation.
"That's the name of the airport, why would I call it something different? To make some passive-aggressive jab at a great president I dislike? That'd be dumb and petty."
I call it national or DCA. I don't love that it's now named Reagan_
That's how it was described to me.
Because I'm against slapping Reagan's name on things.
"I don't do it consciously, but I remember it being changed in the late 90s and I've just always called it National. "
I call virtually every airport by its three letter code. DFW and DAL are my hometown airports. I call the other Northern Virginia airport IAD.
Because its called Reagan National Airport. Reagan is the first word and is more descriptive. I call other airports JFK and Dulles too because they were named after people
I use Reagan and National interchangably.
thats what the sign says
I call all airports by their airport code.
"DCA is good for airport code, Reagan is simpler and more memorable. National airport is a boring name. Reagan National is just pushing it, I mean come on. Ronald Reagan is a little redundant; we all know which Reagan we're talking about."
The which airport do I use most frequently question forces me to give an answer that isn't entirely accurate. I've used BWI more this year but I use whichever airport is most convenient/least expensive for when I need to fly.
"It never occurred to me to call it anything but ""national"". "
"I use initials for all airports in the area.
Ex: IAD, BWI, thus, DCA"
"Because it's our national capitol, and should not be named after any specific president. "
"It's the traditional and proper name. I object to taking a perfectly good name (National) and changing it to Reagan, as if he were the second coming of the Messiah. He was a pretty good President, and I even voted for him once, but he is not worthy of our worship either now or in the afterlife."
So we're supposed to call that airport that same name of the president broke a strike of airport workers & broke the social contract the federal government had with it's citizens? the irony!!!
"my parents call it reagan national, but more often than not shorten it to just reagan"
That is what it always was in my life - Ronald Reagan had nothing to do with it.
I call it DCA or National interchangeably.
I grew up knowing it as National and Reagan was a piece of shit.
I won't call the Airport after the man that so damaged labor rights generally and air traffic controllers and the industry's working men and women specifically.
"Its the height of arrogance to name or call after a president who disrespected and fired over 10,000 air traffic controllers who entered into a negation for better work conditions. Hence, that is why it is still National Airport to me. "
Because it was a dumb idea to rename our capitol's airport after a president who's legacy continues to be divisive.
Because the official name is Reagan National.
I call it National Airport because it's short and easy to say. I'm glad that the airport is named after Ronald Reagan because he deserves the honor but it is too cumbersome to use the entire name of the airport in conversation.
"I call it both National and DCA, but I say National more often. I think I wanted to fit in when I moved to DC in 2002-- knowing what to call the airport was part of that!"
I like airport codes:)
"It was, is, and always will be National. The do or did live in the D.C. area should be followed by ""do you or did you work in the D.C. area. For me that is a yes."
Because that's it's name and what almost everybody else calls it. And what you need to know to search for it on travel sites.
That's what it was when I was growing up. And I never liked Reagan. "
It's what my parents/family called it.
I call it National or DCA. I refuse to use the name of the President who busted the air traffic controllers union when referring to the airport. I actually think it's kind of offensive that they named it after him.
I always have.
"That's just what I knew it as when I was growing up, but more frequently when I'm booking flights to & from it now I just use the code DCA. "
I'll also use national and Reagan national...but usually Reagan. I lived in dc 2003-2007. Didn't fly a much then but always wanted a Reagan flight because metro access.
National Airport has been its name for a long time. Renaming after a second president (and a mediocre one at that) is offensive.
"I started flying into National in the 60s. It was National then, and it remains National to me."
"I get confused by airport abbreviations, and my first impression of the airport is still the statue of Reagan. So that's why I call it Reagan."
"Because Reagan was a terrible president whose disease made it so he didn't know what was going on during 80% of his presidency. He made the rich richer, and the poor poorer. Trickle down economy never works. His ""family values"" policy was crap, he didn't provide any family leave or national benefits. He put the country in awful debt. He doesn't deserve an airport named after him. "
"DCA because that's what it is!
airline code....."
that's what my family called it
"I think that's what my parents call it. I think Reagan national, but say national."
"The Metro station is called ""Reagan National Airport,"" so that's what I call it. I've been in DC for two years, and am only now just starting to learn about the dispute over the name of this airport."
"It was called Washington National Airport. We don't call BWI Marshall airport, even though it has Thurgood Marshall's name attached to it. "
I don't give in to Republican trolling.
"I call it National because that's how I always knew it; new names are difficult to switch to. And ""Reagan National"" hardly trips off the tongue."
I call it DCA or just plain old Reagan. Don't know's just been that way since I can remember!
I will not participate in the Neo-Con fetishizing of what history has proven to be a very mediocre president and worse actor.
That's its name. I don't call BWI anything but BWI either.
"It was the original name of the airport, and is more representative of our nations capitol. It is a name that will resonate with international and domestic passengers. An airport with a name like Reagan is not presentative of the city."
"It seems to be the name I've always remembered associated with it ""Reagan National"" - I didn't even know it was only called ""National"" in the past till fairly recently. "
I'm taking an absolute guess.
"I used to call it National, I don't want to call it Reagan. "
"As a diehard liberal, I refuse to call it anything other than National due to Reagan's treatment of the striking PATCO controllers as well as his overall anti-labor bonifides. "
"Fewest syllables, easily recognizable."
It's easier to say...I never say the entire airport name especially if it begins with someone's name.
Because I didn't like reagan economics or the Iran/contra shenanigans.
Always have
Because that is what I grew up calling it and I always thought the name change was stupid.
I see that's the name on the wmata map.
It is representative of our nation's capital city and should be referred to as such.
"Because I'm against Republicans trying to name everything after Reagan and ""National"" is still an accurate descriptor"
"Not fond of galloping Reagan hagiography.
"For the same reason I don't call BWI ""Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International Airport."" It's shorter and the name that's always been used."
I hate Reagan
My parents call it that so that's what I say too.
It's what I've always called it from when I was a child before it was renamed.
"1. ""National"" clearly associates the airport with the city of DC (the nation's capitol) and the people who live there.
2. Reagan clearly associates the airport with Congressional Republicans, most of whom only live in DC begrudgingly as a function of their jobs.
3. It's silly to name things after living presidents, especially just a decade after they left office.
4. I don't really care about JFK in NY as a comparison -- I don't live there, and to be perfectly honest, I think think Idlewild is a far more interesting and evocative name."
"Among other things, it is absurd to name an airport after someone who broke the air traffic controllers' strike."
National Airport
"I often refer to the airport as Reagan, National , or DCA. It varies. "
Because PATCO
Don't like calling it Reagan
Reagan is a joke.
You can't name an airport after the President who busted the air traffic controllers union.
Because we say SFO in SF.
I like shorter names
They are a customer of ours.
"I alternately call it Reagan, DCA and National, but most often DCA because that's the code for booking flights and how I most often see it written."
Regan fired the controllers. No reason to name an airport after him.
It's what I've heard.
Short and quick. But Reagan was an awful president who died not at all deserve all these accolades. Change it to Tim Howard national airport after someone who deserves it.
Sometimes I call in Reagan and sometimes national
Because it's the name of the airport I landed at when I came to DC to be a Congressional summer intern in 1993.
Because Reagan was an idiot.
"There's Reagan, BWI, and Dulles. That's how I know the airports."
I work for an airline. We call our own non-transport facilities by the airports nearby. There's no reason to be less exact when referring to the airports themselves.
"My parents were very against it being named after Reagan and always called it National and I picked up the habit. I personally use both Reagan and National sometimes, but the majority of the time I say National."
"My parents both went to George Mason, and we traveled to DC fairly frequently when I was growing up, which at least in part factored into my decision to move here. They always referred to it as ""National"" and as a result so do I."
No Airport should be named after reagan after he destroyed the air traffic controllers union.
Fuck Reagan
"Until everyone starts calling BWI ""Marshall Airport,"" I refuse to switch to ""Reagan."""
"I was born at Georgetown Hospital and our family lived just south of Old Town Alexandria. My entire childhood, I would watch the planes flying up (or down) the Potomac, on their way into or out of National Airport. That's what it was called. Whenever we traveled, we always flew in and out of National. I was angry that they changed the name. It was a silly waste of money and still causes confusion. As a matter of principal, I will only refer to it as National, or DCA."
Short and sweet. Rocking Reagan down the runway
"Because that's the true name of the airport.
I also call it DCA/National."
It's the airport code. I like to refer to airports by their three letter code.
"I'm a travel agent from long before they renamed it after that president. I refuse to use his name. I've got a feeling that MDW in Chicago will be renamed Obama-Midway Airport. As I spent most of my life in Chicago and I'm a screaming liberal I will have no problem using that name.
"honestly, i call it by most of those things interchangeably - ""National"", ""Reagan"" and ""DCA"""
Because I don't believe in naming Airports after Presidents.
Because that is its name
That's what it was originally called. I usually use the original Metro station names too (e.g. New York Avenue vs. NoMa). Not everything needs to be named after Reagan
"Its airport code DCA is the easiest and most accurate way to distinguish it from BWI or IAD. I also refer to it as National Airport, because it's the nation's airport! Ronald Reagan had nothing to do with it, and has enough stuff named after him."
It was already named for a president... Washington National Airport.
its interchangable between DCA and Reagan
Because it is DCA
It's an insult to the people of DC to call it Reagan.
What I grew up calling it.
Because it is already named for one President (Washington). It makes no sense to use the names of two.
I don't care for the beification of the deceased former president for who that airport was renamed.
"That's what I've heard from everyone else, ever since I moved to DC in 2001"
"I call a lot of airports by their code (like IAD, CVG, etc). And yes, it is political, too. I don't wish to recognize a president that contributed to the plight of people in the U.S. with HIV/AIDS because he refused to acknowledge it due to his own prejudices."
Because there is no way in hell I am accepting the deification of such a horrible president. Maybe we should rename it Mitch Snyder Airport in honor of someone who worked for those most affected by the Reagan administration's policies.
I honestly don't know why.
"They could have named lots of other thing after Reagan. It's insting that that named an airport after him, considering what he did to the air traffic controllers. "
I use Reagan because he was a good man
It's a short name. Easy to say.
It's what my parents called it
"Never Reagan. The guy who canned the air traffic controllers?
"I feel there is enough Reagan imagery to warrant a title that includes ""Reagan"", like it's intended to be called that. But I also recognize that locals call it National. So I usually say ""Reagan National""."
Because it is National Airport. Always will be.
I call it National because it's a travesty to name it after Ronald Reagan after the air traffic controller's strike.
stubborn. It was called national my first trip to D.C. and it stuck. The Reagan cult of personality didn't help.
How they name an airport after a guy who fired air traffic controllers I don't know. Well I do. It was a pot shot at labor and controllers. And is another notch in the belt of the guy who wants to rename everything for that guy.
"When I first moved to the area I knew it as Reagan National but I quickly was informed by my progressive friends (labor and LGBT rights activists mostly) that no one here calls it Reagan. Also, I alternate betweent Washington National and DCA mostly because I book flights online and quickly type in the airport code."
Because I use airport codes for everything.
National. Because that's what it's called. Naming Ronald Regan National Airport was ridiculous.
"When I book a flight on kayak or through my work travel center, I search by DCA airport code."
Because I don't want to legitimize Congress' colonization of DC.
That's what my grandparents and parents call it.
Because it was always national. Changing it's name Ronald Reagan - Washington National Airport decades after it was built is rather presumptuous. Especially when you consider that locals do not think Ronald Reagan should be so venerated.
Because a bunch of big-government Republicans decided to meddle in local activities with no input from the community that they run roughshod over.
Because Ronald Reagan is a huge douche.
"Because Reagan did nothing for District residents. It's just another case of Congress ramming their will down our throats. It should be renamed to ""Marion Barry Washington National Airport."""
I refuse to honor Ronald Reagan.
It was National when I was a teenager. I'm not gonna call it Reagan. If I called it Reagan people would think I was a newbie and/or a conservative making a point of being a jerk.
"The jerks in Congress can re-name an Airport, but it doesn't mean I have to follow it like a lemming."
Fuck Reagan. He was a murderous bastard.
"It's been referred to as National Airport for most of my life, so why not continue to refer to it by that name?"
I call it by its designated name!
I disliked the name change when it happened because Reagan never did anything to deserve the accolades some chose to give him. I do think that the name makes me think poorly of the airport overall.
I use airport codes when speaking because I book travel for my boss frequently.
Washington National Airport. Because that is its name and co-opting it was not appropriate. Political muscle was unfairly exercised to rename the airport.
I call it National Airport because that's what it is. So there.
Will not call it Reagan. It was already named after our first president and flights to DCA go over his house! It was an insult to change it.
The way Congress treated Arlington County regarding signage at the Metro station at National turned this from a way of honoring someone that Republicans admire into a petty dispute. And I can be just as petty as Congresscritters when it comes to names.
That's what they call it on tv
"I usually say Reagan, occasionally 'DCA.' I know a lot of lefties intentionally eschew the word, so I use it intentionally, in the spirit of defiance if nothing else."
"I've lived here for 40 years and think ""National"" is a simple, clear, bipartisan name."
I've always called it National or DCA. I can't think of a reason other than that's what I first heard it called.
I think you guys will figure it out based on my survey answers.
"I tend to call all airports by their three character code, and old scheduling habit. Well, that and, when I was a staff assistant on Capitol Hill, I called it Regan and my Chief of Staff said, ""NEVER call it that EVER again!"" I thought he was being a bit too touchy, myself, but I haven't called it Regan since."
The man most responsible for destroying the air traffic controller's union and sparking a race to the bottom in flight staff work standards does not deserve an airport in his name. Period.
Don't believe that Ronald Reagan deserves to have an airport named after him.
"When talking to friends about flying, I often call it DCA because of the airport code... "
Shorthand name
"bwi was changed, too. very few people refer to it as marshall-bwi. national was named for george washington -- as in washington national airport -- it does not need to be named after two presidents. besides, reagan was not in washington league as a president."
It is National airport. Fuck Reagan
I call it either DCA or Reagan
"I'm an air traffic controller, and we controllers call it anything BUT Reagan. Some call it Washington National or National or just DCA. Reagan fired controllers back in the 80s for striking on working conditions and pay. "
Reagan makes perfect sense for a political city.
"Lived in Fairfax County almost my entire life. Called it ""National"" until about 3-4 years ago, when I started calling it ""Reagan"". I blame it on moving to a job where I work with a lot of people new to the area."
I will never call an airport by the name of a man who fired air traffic controllers.
I've always called it Reagan and I had no idea there was a debate. Fascinating!
Habit. That's what I was introduced to it as. I do call it DCA or national sometimes too though.
"Because it's National Airport, ding dangit."
"I lived in Fauquier County, VA all my life until I graduated college. However, from birth to fourth grade, I traveled daily to be cared for my Grandparents at their house in Alexandria, VA. My mother is an Alexandria, VA native and I consider it my second home. My mom still calls it National, but I have combined the new and old names."
It is the closest to the nation's capital.
I do not believe that an airport in the nation's capital should be named after a president who was so divisive for so many.
Because I usually mention that airport among decent human beings.
"i call airports by their call sign, just a habit"
"Ronald Regan is too long/is a person - but is usually what comes out of my mouth in conversation since the topic gauges that were already talking about airports.
However, Regan National is the best name imho. It's short, and specifies the discrepancy in airport. (National vs. International) "
"That's what I called it growing up. And Reagan fired a bunch of striking air traffic controllers, so I'm not cool with naming an airport after him."
I work for an airline.
Reagan was a terrible president.
"I call many airports by their IATA codes, but I do refer to it as ""National"" when I'm not calling it DCA."
"My mom grew up in Fairfax Co., so I visited my grandparents a lot when I was a kid. They always called it Reagan National. They are super Republican. I'm in the middle, but my gut instinct is to call it Reagan National, followed by National, followed by DCA."
Refuse to call it Reagan.
That is what I was told it was called when we lived there.
"Habit - I also was/am offended that an airport should be named for a President who actively opposed the Air Traffic Controllers' job action.
p.s. I always thought that the parkway, Pentagon and airport land on the Va side of the Potomac was not part of the post-Civil War rescission and remains part of DC. Could you clarify that in your follow-up article? "
DCA is the airport code.
Because that's its name?
I go back and forth between DCA and Reagan. I almost never call it National.
"Habit. I have to think to call it Reagan, but if I just blurt it out I call it National, everyone knows what you are talking about either way so I never bother to call it Reagan."
"Have lived here about 13 years now. I alternate between Reagan and National, but most often use National. DCA is just for bookings, too impersonal - doesn't identify with anything whereas Reagan and National clearly do."
"Although I didn't grow up in the DC area, my father's family is all in the area and we visited at least once a year. They all refer to it as National, and so do I."
"The only airport named after a president that I'm okay with is JFK, since it's more patriotic than partisan. I'll only refer to the airport here as either DCA or National for that reason. "
"I think that I just tend to call most airports that I fly into/out of by their airport code - BWI, JFK, LAX..."
"I call it National because it is National.
Because Ronnie Raygun was a gigantic dick and shouldn't be memorialized.
He who must not be named did not deserve to have an airport named after him
"I should remember to not call it Reagan National, as it's a travesty, and I hate Reagan. But dammit, it has gotten into my regular usage despite myself :("
Dated a flight attendant just got used to speaking in airport code.
i remember seeing a statue of ronald reagan in the airport so the name stuck with me
"I call it Reagan because that's what it's called. Efficient, effective. "
"Annoyed by effort to name everything Reagan. Generally, don't like places to be named after people (Dulles is, but who knows who Dulles is anymore?)."
"bc i refuse to call it the ""full"" name. and it was a ROYAL waste of $$$ changing it. "
"Because it looks good, its convenient but when youre in for the long haul it just doesnt get the job done. Like Ronald. "
"Aunt who lives in northern VA corrected me the first time I flew in, ""We call it National. Not Reagan."""
"My first job in DC, I said I was going to go catch a flight at ""Reagan."" My boss (super liberal) overheard me and said ""you're a Democrat, you say National."" And I've stuck with it ever since."
Called it Reagan until I moved to DC four years ago and was told only republicans call it that. National doesn't roll off the tongue as well as DCA.
I also call it Reagan National.
Just always stuck. Easy to say
Simplest and most specific
Because john McCain made a decision that belonged in local hands
National or DCA are both names I use for it.
I use Google Flights booking and constantly look at the flight code trying to find the best deal that I can
Because that's its name.
It's just easy
"Used to call it National, but I work as an air quality consultant for airports, so have gotten into the habit of calling it Reagan National over the past 10 years - since I write reports using that title. "
Ronald Reagan does not deserve the honor of having an airport named after him. I have no need to buy into the Republican fetishization of him.
Just habit.
"Not entirely clear. May be political affiliation. But I would call it either ""DCA"" or ""National"". I fly quite a bit (5-10 times a month), but I call other airports a mixture of their actual name (e.g. Heathrow, Logan, Port Columbus, Dulles), and the airport code (LAX, JFK, CDG, BWI)."
That's the name of the airport.
"1. Because I'm a long-time Washingtonian.
2. Reagan was not my favorite president."
It's the name.
Because that's its name...
"George Bush Airport is in Texas, Bill Clinton Airport is in Arkansas. Why can't Ronald Reagan Airport be in California? Even if you don't care about being local, go with someone the locals actually like. JFK wasn't from New York, but at least New York voted for him--and they get to name their own airports. DC didn't even vote for Regan when he won 49 states!"
Because Reagan was a shitty president and the republicans are lionizing him through revisionist histories.
Because that's the name. National.
"Close family members have lived in the DC/Baltimore area for decades and refer to the airport as National, which is where I picked it up."
Because it's called National Airport.
"It's always been National and always will be. That some jerks went on a naming spree while a former President was still alive is an affront to America. Ironic how no one ever attempted to name it ""the Ronald Reagan memorial trillion dollar deficit."" Nevermind that dude fired all the air traffic controllers because they had the nerve to go on strike to dispute unsafe working conditions.
"I grew up in Stafford County and National was the airport we used probably 75% of the time, both for family trips and for relatives flying into town to visit us (which was code for: ""Have a free place to crash while we tour DC""). While my first inclination is to refer to it simply as ""National"" from sheer force of habit, I shudder at the thought of disrespecting Ronnie. It feels unnatural to just say ""Reagan,"" though. The compromise I hit on was to refer to it as ""Reagan National,"" which is probably the equivalent of my grandma using compounds like ""tuna fish"" or ""ink pen."" But there you go."
"Ironic to name an airport after someone who was so unforgiving toward air traffic controllers. In addition, I came of age during the Reagan era, and it and the highly partisan politics that followed from it define my political consciousness. While I am a green, not a democrat, I have been and remain particularly offended by many of the social policies of the political right. "
DCA because that's the official abbreviation for the airport.
Very very very very very much not a fan of Reagan or his politics
National Airport is historic. Reagan National isn't.
I call it National because that's the name of the airport. Reagan has enough crap in this country named after him. The republicans were in control of congress the year the name was changed and rammed it down our throats. They even threatened metro with a loss in funding if they didn't change the name of the metro stop.
Because nobody wants to call it Reagan
"I don't remember the Reagan years fondly, nor the effect of his politics on the nation's economy."
I call it National too. Anything but Reagan.
"When I fly in to National, I'm corrected by my family (all Democrats), who call it Reagan. But I just can't get used to the new name, even though it's not new any more. I was always proud to be flying into National Airport when I was a kid--proud that this was the nation's capital and it was also my home airport.
Naming the airport after a politician doesn't offer the same inclusive appeal. DC is the entire nation's capital--we all agree on that. Ronald Reagan wasn't the entire nation's favorite president."
"I am a creature of habit. It was once National, and will remain National."
I will always call it National Airport. The name never should have been changed.
I like using the call letters.
"It's always been National airport to me.
Plus, Reagan was just terrible."
"I actually call it ""Reagan National"" only to people who might be confused, to my friends and family I refer to it as ""the Great Satan."""
Reagan was a terrible presidenthe inflicted damage on this country that we're still dealing with today. I'm not using his name.
"I grew up 5 miles away from the airport, and it was always National. Still kind of grates when I hear people call it Reagan, because I'm not used to it."
It will always be National Airport to me.
Ronald Reagan was no George Washington.
Because: It had a name before the Reganification of all things.
"Brevity, specificity"
It will always be National.
"Because Reagan pointedly refused to recognize or fund aid for the AIDS crisis until 36,058 Americans had been diagnosed with AIDS and 20,849 had died. So what if he was in a movie with a monkey? That didn't make him a good president. And air travel is aggravating enough without being reminded of this legacy right before entering the George W. Bush Security Screening Theater. "
Seems the most appropriate....that and I hate Reagan.
"It's always been National to me. National, Dulles and BWI nothing more, nothing less"
"Getting preoccupied with a name just maximizes the amount frivolous semantic gridlock that's already holding our society back. There are lots of things out there that are named after assholes. For example, The Edison Victrola or The X-Men."
"I lived with my parents in Fauquier County when I was young, but my mom would take me to my grandparents' house in Alexandria for school, and we'd stay there for most of the week."
I call it Washington National. I think George was a more important president than Ron
not a Reagan fan
"Because Reagan is awesome and the Nationals suck, so gotta go with Reagan"
It's just easy to say DCA.
"Most people I knew when I moved to DC called it National. But I refer to it DCA around fellow aviation geeks.
Also, I grew up in the Philippine, in the latter part of the notorious regime of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. His most prominent US supporter: Ronald Reagan."
"It really still is ""National"" to me, but few people call it that because of the ""Reagan"" bit. You can definitely tell the age and whether the person grew up in this area by how they call that airport. It is definitely not ""Reagan""--- that never took on and no one ever calls it that. ""Reagan National"" is a mouthful and only stewardesses ever call it that, when they're announcing landing. So, to shorthand and make sure everyone is always on the same page, whether you grew up in the area or not, e we most often call it -- DCA. But, I have called it all of those things, including ""that other airport in Nova."" :P "
"I use ""Reagan"" and ""DCA"" interchangeably. "
Because National was its name before and naming it for the president who fired striking workers there is rubbing salt in the wound.
"When I moved here in 2011, I was told that ""real"" Washingtonians call it ""National""."
"Because it's easier than saying Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. I guess I could start calling it Ronald. I think I might, actually. I like that better."
The name should not have been changed to honor the president who fired all the air traffic controllers when they were on strike. Union solidarity!
It's our national Airport. I don't buy into the fabricated sainthood of a certain Former President.
I mostly call it National but sometimes will say Reagan.
Because to hell with Ronald Reagan.
Ronald Reagan has too many things named after him already. Naming an airport after a man who tried to fire striking air traffic controllers is obscene.
"It's always been National to me, and I thought Ronald Reagan ascended to Godhood a little early."
"After moving away I forgot what it's called so I looked it up, and that's what I found. I never flew when I lived in the area."
To not give Reagan's ghost the satisfaction
Opposed to the lionization of Reagan
My boyfriend calls it that
I didn't even know there was another airport up there
It's always been National to me.
It's what it has always been. Real natives never call it by that President it's named after.
Ronald Regan was a terrible president.
He busted the air traffic controller's union and it was a political decision.
"National or DCA (when typed out) is what everyone else I knew and worked with called it when I moved here. I appreciate the region refraining from ""Reagan."""
I try to ignore the fact that the airport is named after...that President...and insist on calling it National.
People know what I mean when I say DCA. Otherwise I would just say DC.
"The first time I came to DC, I was told by a longtime resident that the airport is ""National"" not ""Reagan"" and that only out of towners call it that. That stuck and now I pass the advice along. It is National Airport, or DCA if we're talking in airport code. It is never Reagan. That's just wrong."
I'm your typical anti-Reagan liberal so I don't want to invoke his name when I don't have to.
"Congressional overreach. It is our airport, not theirs. "
'DCA' is the quickest name and also the most distinct.
Dysfunctional City Airport aka DC Airport aka DCA
"As a pilot, I tend to use DCA, but when talking to other people I use National. I moved to the DC area in 1999 when the rename was still recent and the old name of National was still in regular use."
I don't want to call it Reagan. Should be renamed Clinton National Airport
"Because the Reagan fetish is silly, and DC *should* be the home of our ""national"" airport, just like it's the home of so many other ""national"" things, not to mention the Nationals."
It is National Airport. This business of retroactively renaming long standing structures for political/sentimental reasons just creates more confusion and additional costs all the way around. Congress/Senate should do what they were elected to do...
It's a slap in the face to name an airport after the president who summarily fired most of the air traffic controllers. I refuse to acknowledge it. The airport was National and will remain so unless the name is changed to something less offensive.
"Reagan shut airport down.
Kind of insulting to name it after him."
That's what people called it when I moved here 15 years ago :)
"It was National when I moved here at the age of 4 and it will always be National -- and everyone knows what you're talking about when you call it National. I loved Ronald Reagan, but I can't call this airport Reagan National."
Don't think we should have an airport i like so much named after someone i don't like so much.
"Because road signage and Metro all refer to it as Reagan National, but saying or writing Reagan is simpler. "
Ronald Reagan sucks
I cannot bring myself to call it by the official name because it is abhorrent that a man who fired all the air traffic controllers has an airport named for him.
I think Reagan stands for the Republicans' misunderstanding of the actual world.
Old school name
It was National when I moved here in 1993.
Dca or National. Never Reagan. I fly in and out 5 or more times a week.
I think it's what my dad calls it.
Because I thought that was its name...
easiest to say
It was already named after a president when I moved here. I never saw a reason to rename it.
Because its name is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
I switch between and Reagan and DCA -- the shortest possible ways to say it. :)
"I have never flown into or out of the airport that's in Northern Virginia that isn't Dulles. Not that I can remember, anyway. I can't usually remember the airport code off the top of my head, but if I could, I'd probably refer to it that way. When I was a kid, we called it National and it was considered the worst. When they changed the name, I still called it National for a while until I heard my parents (who live in northern Maryland) call it Reagan National and I think that just makes sense for me."
Because that's it's name. :)
"The lack of DC voting rights leads me to reject impositions by Congress (regardless of party) on the people of DC. The airport insult is a perfect example of the treatment of DC residents by politicians of both parties. An airport was renamed without our input, deviating monies that are better used for DC citizens - all to rename an airport for a mediocre leader with little concern for full democracy for the ""third class citizens' of DC."
"I think it's kind of stupid to only name things after people who we admire. Reagan was a significant historical figure. Let's name more stuff after Carter and Clinton too. I object to the total ""de-Communization"" of street names, place names, etc. in Eastern Europe, where I now live, for the same exact reason. Nobody thinks the medieval kings and queens that streets here are often named for were saints."
"Because Reagan busted the Air Traffic Controllers Union., to name ANY airport after him is an insult to working men and women everywhere."
My parents always called it National.
Because they named the airport before he passed away. We should wait until politicians pass away before we honor them with monuments or major institutions.
"I actually used to call it Reagan, but was admonished by ""locals""/longtime residents. In an effort to be more authentic to my new city of residence, I switched to National."
"Because I refuse to much honor Ronald Reagan.
National Airport. That's what it's called.
I refuse to use he-who-shall-not-be-named because it was a travesty to name it for him. Not least becaus of his treatment of the air traffic controllers.
"Reagan doesn't deserve the honor. Plus, I've known is as National since my youth."
Because it was National first and I also refuse to give Reagan any credit. The Reagan era was a scam.
Reagan is quick and easy and people tend to know immediately what you're talking about.
Entire Maryland calls it Reagan. Stop inventing the wheel!
"An honorific name is superfluous and not necessary for everyday use. So I always say ""National."" And it's not political for me - you notice there isn't a poll about what to call BWI (which could certainly be called Marshall)."
"Although it's not technically in DC, I call it ""the DC airport"" because it's right on the border. More important, this name differentiates it from the two airports that are a little far from actual DC.
I'm not into things named after people without exciting histories or legacies, but that's beside the point. "
"DC - as part of the call letters, what I say in my head when I'm looking at flights.
National - to help my friends distinguish...its not Dulles. "
It wAS alway national Now it is Reagan national
"I call it ""National"" or ""Reagan National,"" but I find that ""National"" is clear enough for most people to know what I'm talking about, plus it's shorter than saying ""Reagan National."" I don't call it ""Reagan"" alone because it makes more sense to me for an airport to be referred to by a name that indicates the area it serves which, in this case, is the nation's capital, hence ""National."""
"What I've always heard it called, really. And my mom hates it if I call it 'Reagan'..."
"Because if DC had the same autonomy as every other major American city, there is zero chance that they would name their airport after Reagan, a man who busted the air traffic controllers union and led to the birth of the modern conservative movement, a movement despised by most DC residents."
"At a previous job in Bethesda, I'd occasionally traveled for work. All my co-workers called it Reagan Airport, and so I did too. It just stuck at that point."
I refuse to call it Reagan.
Renaming airports is stupid. Same with BWI (Thurgood Marshall).
Shortest name.
IATA airport code. Shortest name with no chance for confusion. Entering DCA usually brings up the correct airport on websites.
Just a short version of the name.
Disagree with republicans trying to name everything after Reagan
"The first time I flew into it, it was called Nation. Plus, Reagan really didn't do anything to deserve an airport, especially one in D.C., being named after him. His legacy hasn't been tested over time either. "
"If just flows in conversation. ""Yea, I'm flying out of Reagan tomorrow. "
"I think re-naming buildings in honor of politicians is arrogant. Also, I chose ""I did not grow up in the US"" although I did because before the age of 18, I lived in no one place longer than any other."
Object to everything in DC being named after Reagan by people who do not live in the area.
Because it's named after a man undeserving of the honor.
Reagan destroyed this once-great country.
"When I moved to DC 3 years ago I was told that Democrats refuse to call the airport ""Reagan"". Everyone around me called it National or DCA, so that's what I've gotten used to calling it."
"I called it National for a long time, but I think seeing the signs for it all the time made me change what I call it. Sometimes I use National, other times Reagan, other times Reagan National. "
Reagan was forced upon the airport. It's National. I correct people when they say Reagan (I am really fun at parties)
That's what my DC friends in their 30s call it.
"I call it National because when I first moved to D.C. in 2007, a D.C. native told me no one who lives in the District calls it anything else. I didn't want to be doing it wrong!"
It will always be national. Also can't stand Regan.
That's its shortened name.
Ronald Reagan silently sat and did nothing in the 80s while thousands of people died from AIDS. I don't believe him to be the great man people paint him to be.
That is it's name I thought.
"National, because it's what I learned first. "
I call all airports by their flight symbol
That's it's name now!
"""Reagan National"" prevents ambiguity."
I was corrected by several people who grew up in the DC-area and DCA is easier to remember after booking so many flights to/from the airport.
"Its National or DCA - Always will be. It was a completely political play by the Republicans who wouldn't even vote for that person anymore because he's too liberal for them. Why can't it be named after a famous Virginian? Oh wait, it was."
Because I feel like washing my mouth out with soap if I ever refer to it as Reagan.
Because Reagan was an asshole.
"When I first moved here two years ago I called it ""Reagan"" but someone who had grown up here told me that pointed me out as not from here and true locals call it National. I immediately switched."
"As a kid it was national, my parents worked in Crystal City I grew up and it changed to Reagan national"
No one should get an airport named after himself when he's still alive. Wasn't he even still in office?
"That's what I heard other people calling in when I moved here. I most often call it Reagan, but not exclusively. DCA is a close second, and Reagan National is third."
Reagan is the man!
"It's what I heard my parents call it, and they lived in the DC area since the mid-70s."
I don't like calling it Reagan!
"I just have trouble with airports with people's whole names. Especially actors. I refuse to call it Ronald Reagan National Airport and I refuse to believe that John Wayne Airport is a real place that exists.
(Also, when you say Ronald Reagan National Airport, it sounds like you're saying two places. It's just too much of a mouthful.)"
disrespectful to the air traffic controllers.
Because I hate Reagan.
"National is silly because lots of airports are ""national."" It's like calling any international airport ""international."""
I can't bring myself to call an airport after President Reagan. It's bad enough that my friends who work for USAID have to call their work place after him.
It's the least number of syllables.
I call it by its airport code designation because that is simple and non partisan.
"To confuse the people who use this as a stupid, political litmus test."
Because Reagan deserves nothing in his honor.
Because that's what I use when I book my flights.
Because I'm not a fan of rebranding.
Ronald Reagan ruined the country.
I don't want to call it Reagan.
You know why.
"It was only around 2 years ago that I started flying out of Reagan/DCA/whatever-it's-called and I use all of the aforementioned names interchangeably. If I'm feeling lazy: DCA. If I'm around my father, a staunch Democrat who can't understand why an airport would be named after a man who fired unionized air traffic controllers: National. To people not from the area: Reagan National, to limit confusion. What a funny mess!"
Cuz Ronnie Raygun fired the ATCs and does not deserve an airport named after him.
Because when I moved here a friend told me that only non-locals call it Reagan.
I fly a lot. Which means I tend to think of airports according to their airport code instead of by name.
DCA. I'm an air traffic controller.
"I was pretty young when the name changed, and this way seems clearest. Lots of things in DC are ""National."""
"I also call it ""that airport that looks like a military installation."""
It's called National or DCA.
"A. Because that's what I grew up with.
B. Because when they were planning on changing it I heard a quote from someone who worked in aviation who said they would rather have a red hot poker in their eye than name it after Reagan so I did some research and learned a lot more about the Reagan/airline ""problems"". "
"I usually use DCA because I often refer to airports by their 3-letter designation (PHX, ORD, LAX), likely as a result of growing up in a family of pilots and being familiar with the aviation industry. Rarely, I will refer to it as Reagan National."
Fucking santification of Reaganbas a false god bothers me.
I call it Reagan national because that's the name I grew up with.
"I've always been offended by using Reagan
- he destroyed the air traffic controller's union
- and the drive to get his name on everything reeks of some strange right-wing idolatry."
Because that it what I learned it as...
"I first learned about it as a kid by the name ""National"". I think of it as DCA sometimes, but would almost never call it that out loud. Republicans wanted to name it after their favorite recent president, but because of Reagan's air controller union issues that always felt like a slap in the face to labor. So National it remains. Also, it makes sense - it's the airport closest to our nation's capital. "
"It's what locals call it, so that's what I call it. I'm not a tourist or an idiot, so I call it National. Why name an airport after the president who caused air traffic controllers so much strife? Why name an airport after a president who was horrible? It will always be National to me."
"I fly a lot, so airport codes are useful shorthand, and I almost always refer to all airports by their three digit codes. However, when I ask a taxi driver to take me to the airport that is not BWI or Dulles, I ask for ""National."" I do find that I studiously avoid any reference to ""Ronald Reagan"" in the name."
"'Cause that's what I and my family have always called it. Also, I despise Congress's handling of it with the renaming of an airport that serves the local population, not the nation, Further, they should have taken the tab for the associated costs (Metro signs, etc.) since they created that cost."
"National or DCA is fine.
Reagan is one of the worst presidents we've ever had."
Because that's it's name.
Because Propaganda is insidious.
"I call it National or DCA. I pass by it every day, twice a day, on the metro. When I first moved here, all the Metro conductors all called it National. Now most call it by the full name, ""Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport"", although those that do not call it by the full name refer to it as ""National"" -- I hear it about once or twice a week."
"I used to be an EA and one of the people I supported didn't know which airport was Reagan and showed up to the wrong airport once for a flight after she screamed at me, I will not called them, ""Dulles"" or ""Reagan"" but by their three letter codes. "
That is its name!
It was National airport for years..and to me that's all it is
Too many things named after Reagan. He wasn't that good.
"I work for an airline so tend to use the three letter airlport code. However, when not calling it DCA, I'd call it Reagan."
Not a fan of Reagan as a political figure
Reagan is a buffoon.
"""Reagan"" doesn't seem to be specific enough. And, it doesn't sound like you're talking about an airport if you said Reagan. ""Reagan National"" does the trick."
"I use the terms DCA, Reagan, and National -- though I use DCA most often. But I generally call most US airports by their code-- except for Dulles. IAD is just annoying to say, it doesn't roll off the tongue, so to speak."
Refuse to call it Reagan. I sometimes call it National.
When I moved here in 1976 it was National
I do not believe Reagan deserves having an airport named after him. His policies were discriminatory and hurt our country.
"We've lived here only since about 2010. That's what others have called it, and it's short."
"For a party that is based on the concept of local control, it was beyond hypocritical to require local governments change the name and absorb significant costs to do so.
It is an ultimate insult to flight controllers who were based at National who were trying to point out major issues with the system and who were totally shut down by Reagan. I always correct out of towners when they use the wrong name."
Because that's its name.
I use DCA and National but NEVER Reagan!
I'm a Native Washingtonian- I was going to that airport for years before they changed the name and I just can't make the switch!
"Around the world people admire USA, so when they land in the DC Airport, they need something that makes them feel proud and energized.
Its a pride thing."
Ronald Reagan National Airport. Short hand drop the 'Regan'
"I usually look for tickets using DCA, but in conversation I use DCA and Reagan interchangeably"
Why use two names when just one will communicate the point?
"Whatever my opinion of Reagan and his policies, the name change was done by the legitimate authority and the name belonged to a President of this nation. Because the office of the President and the power of Congress deserve respect by virtue of what they are, not who they are, I use the name Reagan. Because most of my neighbors call it National, I also include that as part of the descriptor. "
I don't like Ronald Reagan. His administration started us down the path to massive inequality and corporatization.
"Ugh, because Reagan is awful "
"I didn't like that it was named after a living person (plus i never loved him), and now I'm just used to calling it National."
There are better presidents that could have been honored eponymously.
"Washington National Airport has already been named for a president, and a fine one at that. Those who seek to rename it are royalist usurpers.
Least confusing name of all the options
I used to call it National and the fell into the habit of calling it Reagan. I still use National occasionally.
"It's DCA because I book online - if I use another name I probably opt for Reagan over the other options.
That's what I've always heard it called on the news.
"Most of my left friends scoff when I call the airport Reagan, but it's just a name. "
"Despite my political bias, ever since I moved to DC 8 years ago the most common way I've heard the airport mentioned has been discussed is Reagan National. "
Shorter name and old habits die hard
Because it's National.
It is shorter than calling it Reagan National.
Naming an airport after the president that locked out the air traffic controllers is just silly.
"Because it is and always will be National Airport. It has a better ring to it. It's a National Capital area airport, and no president should have the claim to that. So, simply, it should be National. "
Because the name change to Reagan was done without the consent or feedback of local residents - we called it National before the name change and still call it National. An act of Congress does not change that.
Easier for others to look up when booking flights.
"It will always be National Airport, even if the GOP can't find enough things to scribble the Gipper's name on. "
That's what I knew it as when I moved to the DC area.
I have a problem with naming an airport after the man who fired all the air traffic controllers and busted the pilots' union.
"I split calling it DCA, National, or Reagan National. Mostly DCA because it's most efficient."
"I call the airport Reagan. But saying that man's name necessitates spitting on the ground, saying ""I'll see you in hell, Ronnie"", or a micro-polemic about what an evil, soulless pieces of trash that man was. "
I do not like Reagan or the GOP but I made a conscious decision to just call it what it is and move on. He was US president and I will respect that.
"When I came to Maryland in 1993 it was called National, despite the change personally I prefer to continue to call. When I fly I prefer to jet from BWI."
"I've always heard it called ""Ronald Reagan National Airport"" and I know it's DCA from the amount of times I've had to type that in when scheduling a flight. But neither of those are easy ways to refer to the airport, so ""Reagan"" is what I call it--for simplicity's sake and because everyone knew which airport I was referring to."
I refuse to refer to the nation's Capitol airport after a president who busted the air traffic controllers strike.
"I vowed it never call it Reagan National, but Reagan is two syllables and National is three, so Reagan just kind of slips out."
Because Ronald Reagan was a national nightmare!
"Because while I'd rather say ""DCA"" or ""National"" to avoid uttering Reagan's name, half the time people either don't know what I'm talking about or will correct me, so I've just given up and usually call it Reagan now."
"Because I refuse to call it Reagan anything, for the obvious political reasons!"
Because Regan is a stupid name.
"Because that's what we've always called it, and the effort to change its name was heavy handed and honors someone I don't particularly care for."
"The airport code is DCA. I use that in my head when I think of it, but to friends who are looking to fly in, I say Reagan."
His legacy...
Because that's its name. Washington National Airport. Newt Gingrich can go f*** himself.
I call it DCA or National because it was so designated for a long time. I *refuse* to call it Reagan considering what he did to air traffic controllers.
"I find Ronald Reagan to have been the worst President of modern time. We are still recovering from his disasterous ineptitude. The man was a ""B"" grade actor and an ""F"" grade President.
There is no way that I will ever ""attribute"" any honor to him. "
Against the deification of President Reagan.
Regan was not the friend of air traffic controllers. It was therefore an insult to name an airport after him.
It is the national airport for our nation's capital. It shouldn't be named after a dem or a repub.
"I generally don't like public infrastructure renamed after presidents or anyone else - especially for people who are still living when the renaming occurs. Therefore I always refer to that airport as either ""National"" or ""Washington National"". In fact Washington National Airport was already named for a president - president Washington - and it didn't need to have another president's name tacked onto it.
This way of thinking is not related to my being a ""Democrat"" - I think the full name of BWI (Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport) is ridiculous and way too long, even though I appreciate Thurgood Marshall's good work on the Supreme Court."
Because the president before Bush I doesn't deserve the honor or having an airport named after him. He has done more to destroy government that anyone since Newt Gingrich.
"Easy to understand -- also don't have to use the ""r"" word."
"Name ""Reagon"" was forced on the airport by Congress after all local jurisdictions opposed it. The correct name is Washington National."
I don't like Ronald Reagan. I usually call it National or DCA.
Reagan is the name I always heard most so that's what I ended up calling it...
It's what I've heard my family (from ohio) call it
"""Reagan"" is a stupid name for an airport - there was no reason to change the name, so I'll continue to call it ""National"" (which at least associates it somehow with D.C., in my opinion)"
It was already named after a perfectly good president--George Washington.
"Last time I checked, Washington was a president... Washington National Airport!"
"I've called it all those names;
Tend to use Reagan now more frequently. Before that it was Washington National. "
That other name has soiled history enough already...
It's a disgrace to refer to the best airport in the U.S. by the name of a president who did so many atrocious things.
I actually call it Reagan or DCA depending on what I'm doing.
"Because that's its name.
And because renaming DCA was part of one congressman's efforts to idolize a president who frankly cared very little for the residents of the Nations Capital. It was a flagrant, cynical political effort, in direct opposition of the views of the citizens who live in and around DC. "
"My family has mostly called it ""Reagan."" I think it's easier to say the two syllable ""Reagan"" than three syllables for ""D C A."" I almost always used ""DCA"" when I would have flights booked by a travel agency for a lobbying organization. "
I honestly fluctuate between Reagan and DCA. I suppose I use Reagan more often. I call it Reagan because of the people around here. I call it DCA because that's the airport code. I've gravitated to using airport codes to clarify which airport it is exactly. I actually often call DCA the DC airport as well. Because the other two are further away.
"Easy to say, unambigious, and people who fly or work at airports can look up."
Because it'll be a cold day in hell when I call it Reagan.
I've just always heard it called Reagan
"In all seriousness, I call it DCA. I will not call it Reagan due to my dislike/disdain for President Reagan and his policies."
I am in the airport business and use the 3 letter airport designation.
"I always heard it called Reagan, and have called it that myself, but my boss is an avid Democrat and asked me to please call it National! "
Ronald Reagan is from California. Let them name their airports after him.
"I stick with the widely-known name rather than the new name, which sometimes takes extra explaining"
"I think DCA has officially been named after Reagan for most of my conscious life, but my parents, including my PG-county-native mother, never called it by anything other than ""National,"" so I never did. I think this is actually due only in small part to force of habit, and due mostly to their virulent dislike of Ronald Reagan (which I also inherited). "
"It's a convenient shorthand to say ""DCA"" (and IAD and BWI for the other two). "
"There was no reason to rename it. In my mind, Ronald Reagan is synonymous with trickle down economics, a vastly misguided policy which has led to the massive economic inequality of our day. Some legacy!"
Because using the airport code is accurate and no one will be confused.
I already know the name of this airport.
"I wouldn't use the 40th president's name for the airport in any case, but given the fact that he busted the ATC union - are you kidding me?"
I *think* that's the name everyone else uses?!
IT will never be Reagan after what he did to air traffic controllers
I'm not a fan of Pres. Reagan.
It is the wrong thing to use to honor a man who fired the striking Air Traffic Controllers.
"I call it National, because Reagan was a fucking monster."
"Because National used to be its full name. To me, if you call it Reagan, you've moved here more recently (or are just visiting)."
"At this point, habit. I think it started because I was told when I moved here that locals called it National and i wanted to fit in like a local."
"It's what I've always called it, and is what I've heard it called most frequently by others."
"I've never thought about it but I probably call it ""Reagan"" because that's the quickest/easiest thing to call it (has the fewest syllables). That's my guess anyways."
"That's what it is called. The runways are short, it's crappy and dangerous feeling so Reagan seems to be fitting. "
"It allows me to leave my friends with a hilarious catch phrase: ""Thank you for coming!"" "
On principle I refuse to Reagan's legacy
"My immediate answer, as I'm listing off DC airports, was 'Reagan'. But as I thought about it more, there are certain contexts or phrases in which I would say 'Reagan National', like if I were giving a taxi destination. And I would definitely expect media coverage to something at least a little less shorthand, like 'Reagan National [Airport]'. And then, to complicate things further, when I put a flight into my calendar, I always use the IATA code."
"I will never call anything the ""R"" word."
Based on standard of airport 3-Letter codes.
"I call it DCA because I think Reagan was a terrible president, whose policy decisions I disagree with, and I'd rather not use his name or proliferate it in society. "
National or DCA
Naming the airport after the president who fired all the air traffic controllers is absurd.
"Honestly, I call it multiple things depending on who I'm talking to. Other travelers, people outside of DC get DCA. People in DMV get Reagan or National, though never Ronald Reagan or Reagan National. "
Ronald Reagan was pure concentrated evil.
I don't like Reagan so I never want to associate this airport with him!
Union family
Reagan and the air traffic controllers' strike
To call this airport Reagan is an affront to air traffic controllers and labor in general. I refer to it as Barry National for someone who actually did something for this city and its citizens.
"It's a mix of Reagan National and National, but much more erred toward National. ""Are you flying into national?"" ""No I'm flying to BWI, its $40 cheaper"" ""You can get your self here on your own then, a taxi here is going to cost you like $100 and I'm not driving to BWI, shoulda flown to National or Dulles""."
It's the shortest name for it and easier to remember than DCA
2 honor ms. reagan's fertile pu$$i
"The first time I heard someone talk about it, they called it Reagan "
"Because the guy who fired the air traffic controllers shouldn't have an airport named after him. (And while we're on the subject, the guy who allegedly abhorred government waste shouldn't have a massive federal building named after him, either.)"
" I never understood why Congress felt the need to displace one former President's name in favor of another.
Plus, it was Washington National when I moved here in 1985 so that's what I'm sticking with. "
That's the airport code when searching for flights online...
It's what everyone else I know calls it.
"It had a perfectly good name, one that worked, before it was renamed. I see no reason to use the new name."
"When flying to ""DC"" I fly into ""DCA"". Seems logical enough."
That's it's original name. The addition of Reagan politicized it.
It's one of the names I've heard it referred to. Short reference yet people know what you're talking about.
"I call it DCA or Reagan because that's what my parents called it. I'm a first generation American and I have lived in DC, PG, and Montgomery County. I attended primary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate school on Maryland"
Not a fan of that president and since I am given a choice of names I'll choose to call it National.
It's the airport code used on all of websites.
Had no respect for Reagan as a president. Less than no respect.
"Older Dems won't call it Reagan... people that have been in DC a longer time are accustomed to saying National. Younger people will likely be less impacted by these factors and say Reagan, regardless of political affiliation... it's just what they are now used to now."
It was called that when I was a kid. It was insulting that the name was changed to honor a republican president in a city that that party refuses to give home rule to or honor its choices.
"Because it's the centrally located airport for the nation's airport. Also, because there's no sense in blindly following in the hero worship of a semi-competent war criminal."
" I think because my dad who flies a lot always calls it ""National"". "
"Wasn't it ""Ronald Reagan International Airport""? Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Either way, I just called it Reagan for short."
"Because it only flies domestic flights, duh."
I'm used to it now.
"National now, National tomorrow, National forever!"
The best name on facebook check-in is Monica Lewinski International Airport. We should change the name to this!
"It was National when I was growing up, and renaming it after someone I don't like or respect didn't make me want to spend one iota of time or energy reprogramming my brain to call it the new thing."
"In the Clinton-Gingrich years, there was a GOP orgy of naming key DC places after Republicans. Reagan was a two-term president beloved by Republicans and I guess was entitled to some naming honor, but he was a recent and controversial president, and his most notable action in aviation was to fire all the air traffic controllers for striking, so naming the airport after Reagan was really sticking it to Democrats and labor in an unseemly way."
"Because that's what it's called... Okay, sure, it's also called Reagan and the call letters are DCA, but it's just called National. "
"Considering the PATCO lockout, calling any airport Regan just seems... well, let's just say I can't bear the irony."
"It's what everyone else calls it. I don't like him, but that's what it's called. I have the same problem in Houston.
"Ronald Reagan is too long. Few out of towners know ""Reagan"" as the airport. DCA is succinct, but not enough people know the airport code. National is just as long as DCA, and different enough from Dulles."
A couple of reasons...1) It was called National when I was growing up and lived in NoVa. 2) I have fundamental issues with Ronald Reagan's beliefs and behavior as president.
"It's a shortened version of the full name that I see on the metro maps. I've only been to that airport once, but I pass it nearly every day on the metro."
I say Reagan or DC nothing behind it
"Habit, mainly, but also because I was a Capitol Hill staffer when the Republicans changed the name and was just shocked by the petty and ostentatious glee they took in it. (They raised money off it as well.) It was a sign of things to come, and seemed less about honoring Reagan and more about annoying people who were not big fans of the Reagan years. The idea that most of the people of DC and the immediate area opposed the idea was just a sweetener for those erstwhile guardians of local control. "
Because fuck Ronald muthafuckin Reagan
cause that's its name
"Because when I moved to the area in 2011, I was told that calling it Reagan was gauche. I make a point to call it National when around people from the D.C. area, but when I'm talking to non-DMV people, I slip and call it Reagan"
"Three reasons: !. It's what I grew up with. 2. It's shorter. 3. As comedian Will Durst once pointed out, they named the nation's airport after the guy who fired the air traffic controllers?!? You can't make up stuff like that."
"I use airport codes because it's more accurate. My name for the airport shifts depending on who I'm talking to and the scenario, but I don't have a deep undying love for one name over another. "
"It's what I've always known it to be, though I now know the airport was only recently renamed"
Because calling it Reagan is a non-starter.
"Because that is its airport code. Dulles is ""Dulles"". BWI is ""BWI"". My second choice is ""Reagan National""."
I think renaming National was a political stunt.
"It's Washington National and will forever be Washington National because that's it's rightful name. I wouldn't call it its new name just because some knuckle-dragging Republicans went and changed it to suit their need to worship a horrible person.
I resent the way it was renamed. It's too wordy now. Galling
National and DCA are both acceptable. It's always been National to me and Bob Barr was never going to change that.
"No clue, but I'm sufficiently shamed into referring to it as National from now on because you guys won't shut up about it."
"Reagan is known for union-busting ATC and did nothing to deserve having his name appended to every Fed'l Bldg, park, Post Office, fire hydrant and large tree."
Because that's it's name.
Family is full of travel agents. We tend to use three letter codes for airports.
"Considering the area that the Airport is in, Washington, DC. I feel that naming it an individual's name is inappropriate. I would like to think though that my opinion goes beyond party affiliation. I am a Democrat, yes, but I do respect and honor the many contributions and feats Reagan was able to accomplish during his tenure as President. But considering his presidency is not as aged as some of predecessors, I feel that the specific name of 'REAGAN National' is a huge stretch to be granted. He did already have a building in his name (I believe) before the airport added the President's name. If the airport was in name of George Washington - the city for whom it is named for, I believe I would have been more accepting as he is one of the many key, if not a MAJOR contributor in the creation of this nation - NOT Reagan. Reagan's term was limited to just dealing with the Russian/Communist 'threat.' I tend to also look at more... ""historical"" peoples. So those that were present during the creation of the Nation. And if not George Washington, then at least dedicate the name to honor the Native Americans... As Americans, I believe that is our CONTINUOUS faulting in life as we do little to respect the ancestry that was here before colonization had occurred. This area is rich in Native American history as well (Just look at the name Potomac for goodness sake!). But yes, the airport should just strictly be NATIONAL and identified as no person's name. I also feel that, nowadays, people find reasons or excuses to name buildings/structures after people. There are better ways to do that. Are their accomplishments and contributions to society's betterment not enough?? BWI should have also stayed BWI. I ignore the Thurgood Marhsall name as much as I do Ronald Reagan."
Either Reagan or DCA for brevity.
It's here in Arlington where Republicans don't stand a chance at office (unless the Democrats loose themselves in streetcar issues). I resent that the other name was foisted on us by a Republican from Arizona! Go name your own airport after whomever you wish and leave us alone!!!
National was its name when I first started flying into it as a kid. I also thought it was odd that we'd honor the man who fired all the air traffic controllers by naming our capital's airport after him.
It seems most natural to call it DCA. Though I had a very international/flight-heavy upbringing so airport codes might make more sense for me to use than others.
"When booking a flight online, it's easiest to type in DCA to search for the airport. So that has entered my vernacular"
Reagan was an asshole
That is how I have heard it referred to...
Reagan is the slimmed-down version of what it's called on the WMATA Metro map.
Reagan fired the ATCs. I disapprove of using the same name for the airport.
Because that's what it's called until that arriviste gadfly Grover Norquist got his conservative friends to agitate to call it after a made-up idol who hated Washington.
"I also call it DCA although it's true and original name of National is far better.
I refuse to use ""Reagan"" as he doesn't deserve this honor. He may have done many great things for our country - but he also did a lot to hurt us, including not uttering the word ""AIDS"" until the crisis was far into its time. Ronnie could have stood up for and likely stopped what has been a scourge on our country and our world by advancing medical practice around HIV and AIDS sooner.
He also presented us with trickle down economics - which just doesn't work. "
Ronald Reagan was a horrible human being and one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen. He should have nothing named after him.
"I live near the Braddock road metro stop. Since I travel past the airport often, I use Reagan or Reagan National, though I do not care about Ronald Reagan at all. "
Renaming airports after politicians (Dem or GOP) is stupid.
"I call it Reagan because it offends my liberal friends. It doesn't bother me when people use different names, but I especially enjoy calling it Reagan after some liberals repeatedly attempt to scold me for referring to the airport as Reagan. I'm with Reagan; slayer of Soviets. "
Because I don't want to call it Reagan.
That's the original name.
Because the airport was named National going back to when it was built in the 1940s. The rename was rammed through by Congress in 1998 and was not popular with anyone in the DC metro area.
I'm a democrat and a creature of habit.
"Because its official name was imposed on DC by Congress, against the wished of the people in DC. It should be named after a president the people here actually like."
"Because my friend, a DC native with liberal family, makes me."
"Sometimes I say DCA, but I get nervous that DCA might sound too much like Dulles with a cab driver."
"While I grew up in Massachusetts, my father grew up in the DC area and his father and brother had never left, so we flew to DC a couple times a year. It was National. It remains National, and for so many reasons -- including as a DC resident myself for several years as an adult -- I object to Congress having foisted that other name on it."
"I don't feel the need to prove my DC-ness by calling it National, it marginalizes those who weren't here before the change and is just a pretentious thing to care about really."
"My parents called it National, they've been around since before they renamed the airport."
I refuse to call anything by the Reagan moniker.
That's what I heard other people call it when I first moved here. Don't see any reason to change. Everyone knows what you mean when you call it 'National.'
I usually identify airports by their acronyms.
That's it's name.
Because Ronald Reagan was a terrible president. I'm from Arkansas. Flying from clinton to Reagan is too depressing to handle.
"Because that is its goddamn name, now and forever"
"Airports need common names; I'm used to JFK, Logan, Bradley, O'Hare... It's simply just easier..."
"Because, that is what it is called."
Can't stand Reagan (the person)
It has always just been National to me. I assume it is because I knew it as National before it was dedicated to Reagan.
"Reagan was a bad president. (Iran-Contra, AIDS, deficits, etc.) Name should come from locals, and it was already named for a president-Washington. "
"Because it is and always has been National airport. If it was going to be renamed for a President, let's make it a President who has been long dead and is not divisive in the region."
Because Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers and that's pretty badass tbh
"because its already named after a president, Washington!!!!"
"I lived in Northern Virginia as a kid from 1985 to 1993. We used two airports - National and Dulles - I don't recall ever stepping foot into BWI, and there certainly was nothing called ""Reagan"" for us to fly out of."
I thought the idea to change the name to Reagan was ridiculous.
Reagan was and forever will be a total and complete fraud. He defunded the air traffic controllers and they named an airport after him? It still boggles the imagination.
Because I am not a fan of Ronald Reagan.
I felt like I was losing the National vs the R-word debate with taxi drivers. So I went all in...mayor For Life International Airport (MFL) for short.
I'm in the aviation business and we all use the three letter codes when talking about airports.
"It's absurd to name an airport for a man who compromised air safety for a decade by firing over 10,000 air traffic controllers, then vindictively banning them for life from civil service. "
Because I'm sure as hell not calling it Reagan.
Because I'm still ticked off that the name was changed to honor the man who fired all of the air traffic controllers.
Because when the name change was announced I thought it was a travesty of hypocrisy and vowed never to call it anything but National. I have stuck by my vow and will continue to do so.
Because the nation's capital doesn't belong to a president or a party.
Either Reagan or DCA
"I rew up calling it ""National,"" but I've adopted ""Reagan"" because that's what most of my co-workers call it."
"Ronald Reagan is one of history's greatest monsters, a man who has wrought violence against the poor both home and abroad. I will not speak his name in honor - only in disgust."
"It was the name when I was growing up, and Reagan National sounds ridiculous."
"I realize that most DC natives call it National...but I'm not a DC native. When I came to DC 3 years ago for school, most other students weren't from around here either, so everyone called it Reagan. Only over the past year or so have I come to realize that most natives cringe when they hear it referred to as Reagan. So, now that school is almost over, and I will officially be living in the city come graduation in the spring, I've been trying to break the habit of calling it Reagan and calling it National instead. But I must confess to calling it Reagan. "
National Airport is its original name. I am not a fan of renaming airports for politically motivated reasons. That include the renaming of BWI.
"I checked ""Reagan"" because I use that name most often. If I had to guess at my usage:
60% Reagan
30% DCA
10% National"
"It's shorter and easier, most people know what you're talking about and, quite frankly, I don't feel the need to refer to anything named after Ronald Reagan any more often than absolutely necessary."
Because he was the greatest president of our generation and only democrats deny him this honor. Suck it up liberals.
what I was thought to call it
"I use all of them, really, but Reagan has been beaten into my brain at this point"
"I grew up in Houston and grew up calling IAH, Intercontinental. National was always National. I'm not a fan of naming airports after recent presidents as there is too much political yuck tied to a name. So like National, Bush Intercontinental will always remain just Intercontinental to me."
Reagan sucks
"My sister lived in Arlington, and it was very convenient to get to her from the airport in question. I just used the name I heard at that time (2004-09 approx)"
"I call most airports by their 3-letter name. Also, RR was socioeconomically retarded."
"It's National Airport, damn it! I'm not going to call it Reagan (and when I accidentally do, am mad at self)."
Because Reagan doesn't deserve an airport.
I call it National because that was its best official name that befits an airport in the nation's capital. Ronald Reagan did nothing to deserve an airport to be named after him. Let's keep it neutral!
That's what it was called when I first moved to the DC area.
Because Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and should never have been given an airport.
"Sometimes I will admittedly call it ""Reagan National"" in a more official contact, but usually I just call it Reagan. Most usually in a ""Are you flying out of Reagan or Dulles?"" (I guess it's the most parallel)"
Because that's it's name! (Shortened)
Because I refuse to call it Regan. It is a disgrace that any airport was renamed for him.
"I'm not a Ronald Reagan fan, and National is the more appropriate DC name."
"Ronald Reagan doesn't deserve to have an airport named after him. ""National"" works just fine."
Reagan sucks.
"The name National Airport is free of politics, I would so like for it to be free of political control. Wouldn't mind if it were free of the advantages given politicions "
"Was told that that's what the locals call it, and object to naming everything after President Reagan."
"Dislike Reagan, dislike renaming long-named things"
"I alternate between DCA and Reagan National. When talking to peers in the DC area, I find myself saying DCA. When I talk with people who aren't in the area, I most frequently say Reagan National. I think there's more name recognition with Reagan National. I rarely have to explain myself when I say that, whereas if I refer to it as DCA, there's often some explanation that it's the the ""Reagan National airport"" or the ""airport just across the river from the city""."
"I like the sound of it. ""National"" makes it sound distinguished. And I hate the thought of tying it to Ronald Reagan, who was a terrible President, in my opinion."
"Airport had a name prior to the Republican Sainthood Frenzy, and it was named after a US president...."
Hate the name Reagan.
I disliked many aspects of Reagan's presidency.
"I think it's strange to name airports after living people. Before President Reagan died I called it National or DCA, but after he died I started alternating between ""DCA"" and ""Reagan."" In writing I still use DCA but in speaking I frequently use Reagan."
"While I am a faithful Democrat, it says Reagan on the goddamn Metro map now and I don't have some weird crusade against our 40th President, despite his unfortunate fan club in Congress. If Democrats really want to push their absurd tack on this, let's call it FDR Airport or something."
Ronald Reagan was a horrible president. Why would I want to refer to the airport with his name?
"Democrat's don't call it ""Reagan."""
"We called it that when I was a kid, the name has stuck in my mind. "
Because Ronal Reagan was a terrible human being. The only thing named in his honor should have been a toxic waste dump and then possible it could have become an eponym so that many years in the future all anyone should know when they saw the word Reagan that they should stay away and might get sick.
Because that is its name.
Because that's what it's called!
"A combination of growing up with that name, and respect for the air traffic controllers in NY who were my colleagues during a summer internship for an FAA airspace redesign taskforce. (They refused to use the new name, which I shall not speak aloud.)"
It was a sorry day for America when Ronald Reagan broke the air traffic controller's union.
DCA and Reagan National are interchangeable. I prefer DCA as it is less syllables.
"When I first thought about the question I came up with National, but as I thought harder to make sure (before even looking at the choices- just based off the headline) I thought perhaps it was Reagan National."
"Ronald Reagan was a horrible president and Congress's move to rename our airport in his honor was idiotic. Rename it for a local figure. Hell, rename it George Washington National!"
"Because its always been National Airport, regardless of unnecessary acts of Congress. "
"I am lazy. Reagan is the first word in its proper name. I call BWI either ""BWI"" or ""Baltimore"" and Dulles is ""Dulles""."
"It was born ""National"" and should remain so until someone worthy comes along that merits having it named after her. "
I refuse to acknowledge a group of GOP legislators' Orwellian decision to rename an airport named for a great president (Washington) for one whose only meaningful contribution to air travel was an anti-labor move to fire air traffic controllers.
"It has always been National. DCA is also good. Only outsiders and transplants say Regan, ew. "
"I'll use all of its names, but I use National most frequently. Probably because that's what it was named when I first learned of it."
I call it Regan probably because of my parents but will use DCA as well.
"I book some travel for events so I call it by the airport code. I sometimes call dulles, IAD also."
"Because that's what it was called. It's also why I call BWI ""BWI."""
Because it's National airport.
"I called it ""Reagan"" once in front of my mother and she told me not to say his name. We don't acknowledge him."
I still call it National because that's what I called it growing up and I'm bad at change.
Because fuck Reagan.
I think naming stuff after people who are still alive at the time is tacky.
"I insist on calling it National because Reagan was, and remains, an inappropriate person to honor in that way.
His term was not remembered for any particular accomplishments of note, but is notable as the rise to power of a new set of political ideologies - neoconservative foreign policies coupled with neoliberal economic policies.
That new form of conservative ideology was, and remains, very controversial and polarizing. It hasn't won the perpetual assent of the governed and is rejected by voters as often as it is embraced.
The naming-honor for a great civic instutition of that kind should be bestowed upon figures that unite residents of the region and the nation, not those that divide them."
"I grew up in Falls Church (no option for that so I put Fairfax county, which was right down the road from my house), so I grew up knowing it as National. The name change happened right as I was reaching an age where I was conscious of politics, and I specifically rebelled against it at the time. I continue to make a point of calling it National to differentiate myself from the non-DC-area-natives and conservatives I work with. Sadly, some of the younger folks have no idea what I'm talking about when I call it National so for the sake of clarity I will sometimes call it DCA. "
Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and they named an airport after him? That's just grotesque.
"I don't think things should be named after recent presidents. Reagan was still alive when the airport was renamed, and much like the law against putting living people on currency, people shouldn't have things named after themselves until after their deaths."
I've always called it that and I do not support honoring Ronald Regan. Keep it what it was!
"I fly in once a year for a convention. ""Reagan"" is the easiest to say, and I've never known it as anything else. "
Because no one calls BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.
Because that is it's name
Can't stomach calling it Reagan.
"Sometimes I call it National, sometimes I call it Reagan, but I most often just call it DCA."
"Because it was always National. I'm not going to honor Republican attempts to slap their dear leader's name all over everything, as if we were living in (ironically) some sort of communist dystopia. "
"To locals, I use ""DCA"". To out of town folks, I say ""National"" or ""Reagan National"". "
"Original name, same as BWI is still BWI, not Thurgood Marshall BWI."
National or DCA.
"My parents always called it National Airport, and frequently remarked that it was a shame to name it after a person who caused a strike by the air-traffic controllers. Real locals (people who grew up in the area) call it National Airport. "
Politics. Hate Reagan.
"I don't agree it should be named after that president. I prefer ""DCA,"" which is more precise anyway. "
"Ronald Reagan's fanboy posse wishes he had been as good a president as National is an airport. Which American airport is overrated yet under capacity, with delusions of gravitas and the sort of incompetence that ruins everything around it for decades to come? Let's name THAT one ""Reagan."" "
Sometimes I start to say Reagan but then I catch myself because I really don't want to call it that. I usually say DCA because I'm an aviation geek and that's what a pilot would say.
I'm a DC democrat. The name is clear.
"Because there is also a Reagan building in DC and the cab drivers get confused. Plus, Reagan sucked."
Because I don't support the Congressional overreach that led to the airport's renaming.
National or DCA are the only choices.
"I like using airport code letters!
Call LA airport LAX
Dallas is DFW
etc. "
"That has always been its name and I cringe at naming it for the man who broke the air traffic controllers union, making flying less safe for everyone."
"Besides the silliness of the debate surrounding renaming the Capital's airport after a President who was no friend of those who work in the airline industry, I visited my grandparents in Northern Virginia at least twice a year during my childhood. Though we mostly flew to Dulles, I at least knew of National as an option should flights to Dulles be unavailable or too expensive. So I was raised calling it National, and see no reason to change it as a DC resident who uses the airport frequently.
I used to say national but heard Reagan National used enough it stuck
"I will never, ever submit to the defacing of the airport's name with the second-worst GOP president ever. "
"Because I refuse to let President Reagan be honored with an airport, or have to remember him each time I fly."
"That's its name. The ""Reagan"" bit is partisan politicization that is offensive and inappropriate to the nation's capital."
Because I don't want to honor Ronald Regan
"I grew up calling it National, and don't want to call it Reagan. However, I also feel weird calling it National because that's no longer the name. It would be like referring to Fedex Field as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium.