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Last active May 7, 2016
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MetaBrainz meeting botbot plugin pseudocode

MB meeting botbot plugin

Config options:

  • [meeting start time] (UTC) = "19:00"
  • [meeting end time] (UTC) = "20:00"
  • [meeting start msg] = "<BANG>"
  • [meeting end msg] = "</BANG>"
  • [meeting managers] = "Freso;ruaok"
  • [report time] = 180
  • [report warn time] = 60
  • [report end msg] = "Alright. Thanks everyone. :)"


State 0:

  • Wait for message containing "order for meeting*:"
  • Listify all nicks seperated by comma in [meeting order]
  • If time = [meeting start time], switch to state 1

State 1 (user reports):

  • Grab agenda items from title after "agenda:" with assigned users in parentheses after item, multiple user seperated by slash (eg. "New Search Servers? (zas), AE elections (Freso/reosarevok)"
  • Write raw agenda to string [agenda]
  • Write agenda items to dictionary [agenda dict]
  • Send "[meeting start msg]"
  • Send "Meeting order: [meeting order]"

{For each [user] in [meeting order]}

  • Send "Go, [name]!"

  • Start timer running for [report time] seconds

  • Run until either time is up or [name] sends "fin*" or user in list of [meeting managers] sends "fin."

  • If [report warn time] is non-zero and < [report time] and timer is [report warn time] send "[user], [report warn time] seconds left!" (Should print time in minutes, if divisible)

  • If [agenda dict] not empty, switch to state 2 else switch to state 3

State 2:

  • Send [agenda]

{For each [item]:[users] in [agenda dict]}

  • Send "[users]: [item]"
  • Until user in [meeting managers] sends "next item*"
  • If time = [meeting end time] - 1 minute, send "Meeting time's nearly over, do you want more time?"
  • If user in [meeting managers] sends "more time!", set [meeting end time] to "never"
  • If current time = [meeting end time], switch to state 3
  • If user in [meeting managers] sends [meeting end msg], switch to state 0

State 3:

  • Send [meeting end msg]
  • Switch to state 0


  • Voting system (collect +1s/-1s)
  • Automatically send meeting digest template to Freso
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