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Leon Etienne Leonetienne

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Leonetienne / Shortest C++ Fizzbuzz Challange
Last active Nov 15, 2021
Challange to create the shortest* FizzBuzz (1 <= n <= 20) program that'll compile as-is with a C++ compiler without special options.
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*Every char counts. Even spaces and linebreaks.
Current best:
129 chars
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# Keyboard key coordinates in mm relative to topleft
# name is a short key description (mostly whats printed on it, if possible)
# vc is the virtual key code (virtual code). in hex. deal with it.
# x axis is left -> right
# y axis is top -> bottom
# w is key width
# h is key height
# Indexed by microsofts visual key codes,
# Keyboard measured is a razer blackwidow, excluding macro keys. Exact model: rz03 0122.
# Key names are QUERTZ german.
Leonetienne / filter
Last active Feb 27, 2021
WoW German Spamfilter to automatically block pesky boost sellers.
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Fucking worse than browsing news websites without adblock..
I'll keep this updated...
Feel free to edit the keywords below to fit your language :3
1) Download and install this AddOn:
2) Go to your contact window
3) "Create Filter"
4) Double-Click your new filter
5) Paste this spam filter into the text-field that says "Filter"
6) Save, and enjoy profit!