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Downloading GSC data with R
# Description: The aim of this Gist is to show a simple way of downloading Google Search Console API data through R
# Created: 2020-04-28
# Author: Leszek Sieminski
# Goals:
# 1. Full - no data inconsistencies allowed
# 2. Stable - not ruining Google API limits
# 3. Functional - based on functions that encapsulate specific tasks.
# The idea: download all the data for every single day and loop this process for all dates in a date range
# The execution: there are two custom functions:
# 1) gsc_date_range() that creates date range (optional but handy)
# 2) the gsc_download() function which is a wrapper for searchConsoleR's package search_analytics() function
# which downloads up to 100k rows per for a single date
# Those two functions are combined in purrr's package map_dfr() loop which repeats the download for every date
# and returns a data frame with all the results.
# To ensure that the API limits are not abused, there is a specified amount of time in which R wait between the calls.
# libraries ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# authentication of Google Search Console ------------------------------------------------------------------
# depends on your searchConsoleR and gargle packages' versions, so find out what is working for you
# searchConsoleR::scr_auth() # simple example
# declare a function that creates a date range -------------------------------------------------------------
# start - first date in a date range
# end - last date of a date range
# returns a vector of dates
gsc_date_range <- function(start, end) {
seq.Date(from = as.Date(start),
to = as.Date(end),
by = "day")
# declare a function that downloads GSC data from a single date with chosen dimensions ----------------------
# single_date - a single date, like in as.Date("2020-01-01")
# url - the URL of the website with GSC API project
# dim1 - first (mandatory) dimension: page, query etc. The date & device are already required by the function
# dim2 - second (optional) dimension: page, query etc
# returns data frame with GSC API data for a single day
gsc_download <- function(single_date, url, dim1, dim2 = NULL) {
gsc_data <- searchConsoleR::search_analytics(
siteURL = url,
startDate = single_date,
endDate = single_date,
dimensions = c("date",
walk_data = "byBatch",
searchType = "web",
rowLimit = 100000)
Sys.sleep(3) # we're going to make a lot of API calls, so let's not annoy the API limits
# 3 seconds of waiting between the calls seems pretty reasonable
# download the data -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# now we use map_dfr - we create a vector of dates for which we want to download the GSC API data (.x parameter)
# and we download all the data for each day
df_page_query <- purrr::map_dfr(
.x = gsc_date_range(
start = Sys.Date() – 93,
end = Sys.Date() – 3),
.f = gsc_download,
url = site,
dim1 = "page",
dim2 = "query")
# finish!
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