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The missing Shadowrun 6e Character Generation

The CRB suggests teh following steps:

  1. Define your role and background
  2. Pick your priorities
  3. Pick your positive and negative qualities
  4. Spend the starting kamra
  5. Polish the character
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Last active February 6, 2020 20:24
snmalloc bench

Perf bench

MiMalloc (same die)

#[Mean       =     73513.96, StdDeviation   =      3364.16]
#[Max        =       175103, Total count    =     27556509]
#[Buckets    =           30, SubBuckets     =         3968]

use std::io::{Read, Seek, SeekFrom, Write};
use std::slice;
use std::time::Instant;
use std::{fs::OpenOptions, io::Result};
use std::ptr;
use std::mem::forget;
const BUF_SIZE: usize = 1024 * 32;
const FILE_SIZE: usize = 1024 * 1024 * 512;
const QUEUE_DEPTH: usize = 32;
fn bad_fn<'script, 'event, 'run, Ctx>(
&'script self,
context: &'run Ctx,
event: &'run mut Value<'event>,
meta: &'run mut Value<'event>,
local: &'run mut Value<'event>,
path: &'run ast::Path,
value: &'run Value<'event>,
stack: &'run ValueStack<'event>,
) -> Result<Value<'event>, Error>
# requires `remarshal` and `jq` to be installed
if [ -d "$1" ]
name = "j2m"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2018"
base64 = "*"
serde = "*"
serde_json = "*"
rmp-serde = "*"
set -e
SCRIPT=$(readlink $0 || true)
if [ -z $SCRIPT ]; then
SCRIPT_DIR="$(cd `dirname "$SCRIPT"` && pwd -P)"
RELEASE_ROOT_DIR="$(cd "$SCRIPT_DIR/.." && pwd -P)"

Required materials:

  • SD Card reader

Assembly / installation

[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Query parsed: SELSELECT sum(sum(action.count IN fifo WHERE service=sniffle), 1m) LAST 1h
[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Times normalized.
[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Aliases resolved.
[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Preprocessor done.
[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Query flattened.
[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Time and resolutions adjusted.
[dqe:parse|<0.334.0>|16ms] Query Translated.
[dqe:prepare|<0.334.0>|16ms] Parsing done.
[dqe:prepare|<0.334.0>|16ms] Buckets analyzed (0).
[dqe:prepare|<0.334.0>|16ms] Buckets fetched.
Hey Heinz N. Gies!
I am @nubela on Github and I found your project (project-fifo/libsnarl) on Github. There is a small chance you might have heard of some of my projects such as Javelin Browser or Gom VPN.
Anyways, I found that Github Page at project-fifo/libsnarl has a custom domain, and I was wondering if I can help you get it to HTTPS with a LetsEncrypt cert? (for free, of course!)
I work at Kloudsec (a free and minimal CDN for programmers) and I just built this tool[1] to provision LetsEncrypt certs for github pages.
Will you like to try it? (and help me test it?) ;)