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Visual components in a presentation.
topic / title

I think we all know what these are.

sub topic / title



Typically applied to lists, but elements are scattered around the borders of the slide


Callouts from source typically, attention to a particular line

figure / object / media

Some sort of media (image, video, audio, etc) followed by text

source block

Source code or some other monospace section of text

pull / float

pull the content of the container to one side


We all know what these are


Think HTML table

emphasis (could be within a title, paragraph, etc)

Some sort of demarcation for grabbing attention


Quote from someone, may or may not include an attribution line


A slide containing the overall review for a section or presentation


Typical footnote idea


Text on the slide grouped together, not in a list

chart / table

Some sort of data display, the role could define how it’s shown

background with title / large text

Seems to be popular, a large background image with text expounding the main point.

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LightGuard commented Jun 4, 2014

I've been through a number of presentations from different people, I can't think of anything else, but please feel free to add some I may have missed.

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LightGuard commented Jun 4, 2014

The figure / media object could easy follow the css media-object idea ( could be used for many, many things.

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mgreau commented Jul 16, 2014

I think a component for "speaker notes" can be useful too. The content will be displayed only for the speaker view or for a PDF export, by example.

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