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Linell / question.rb
Created Sep 4, 2019
Is there a better version of this code?
View question.rb
# Original code. The problem here is that if there's an existing
# Bar object for the user then we end up with two objects. That's
# a valid case though -- we just don't want it here. I want it to
# result in the user having one confirmed Bar object.
foo = Bar.create_or_raise(
user: user,
entity: entity,
status: :confirmed,
role: :owner
View temperaturePutTest.json
"body": "{\"temperature\":\"72.00\",\"pressure\":\"1234.45\",\"rh\":\"12.34\"}",
"resource": "/{proxy+}",
"requestContext": {
"resourceId": "123456",
"apiId": "1234567890",
"resourcePath": "/{proxy+}",
"httpMethod": "POST",
"requestId": "c6af9ac6-7b61-11e6-9a41-93e8deadbeef",
"accountId": "123456789012",
View .vimrc
filetype plugin on
filetype plugin indent on
syntax on
filetype indent on
set autoindent
set autoread
set backspace=2
set clipboard=unnamed
set cursorline
Linell / Procfile
Created Feb 7, 2018
Sidekiq Web UI
View Procfile
web: bundle exec puma -t 4:16 -p $PORT
worker: bundle exec sidekiq -r ./app.rb
View ImageMagick 6.9.7-3 Homebrew

Homebrew Formula patching old ImageMagick release 6.9.7-3


$ brew install


View parser.ex
defmodule Mix.Tasks.Parser do
use Mix.Task
require IEx
@shortdoc "A test of the parser."
def run(_args) do "Greetings from the parser"
# The following tree represents a query that looks like:
View thing.sql
-- Works perfectly!
ST_Union(geom) as location_union,
ST_SnapToGrid(ST_Transform(ST_SnapToGrid(ST_Transform(geom, _ST_BestSRID(geom)), 10,10),4326),0.0001, 0.0001) AS snap_pt
FROM locations
GROUP BY snap_pt
-- But what's a decent way to figure out which groups contain a given user?
-- I can use the following query to get the list of users in an example ST_Union from above:
Linell / euler_one.ex
Created Sep 2, 2015
Project Euler problem on in Elixir.
View euler_one.ex
Enum.filter(1..999, fn(x) -> rem(x, 5) == 0 || rem(x, 3) == 0 end)
|> Enum.reduce(fn(x, acc) -> acc + x end)
# 233168
Linell / jose.ex
Created Apr 28, 2015
split a string up into given chunks
View jose.ex
|> String.codepoints()
|> Enum.chunk(2)
|>, ""))
# ["Jo", "se"]
Linell / pe_problem_one.ex
Created Apr 27, 2015
Project Euler problem on in Elixir.
View pe_problem_one.ex
# The fancy anonymous function syntax. I'm kind of not a fan of it in this case.
divisible? = &(rem(&1, 5) == 0 || rem(&1, 3) == 0)
1..999 |> Enum.filter(divisible?) |> Enum.sum
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