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Created Dec 11, 2018
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Merging datasets with LingPy and the CLDF curation framework
from lingpy import *
from lexibank_chaconarawakan import Dataset as ds1
from lexibank_chaconbaniwa import Dataset as ds2
from pyconcepticon.api import Concepticon
wl1 = Wordlist(ds1().raw.joinpath("arawakan_swadesh_100_edictor.tsv").as_posix())
wl2 = Wordlist(ds2().raw.joinpath("Bruzzi_Granadillo.txt").as_posix())
swad = [c.concepticon_id for c in
concepts = {wl2[idx, 'concept'] for idx in wl2 if wl2[idx, 'concepticon_id'] in
D = {0: wl1.columns+['old_idx', 'cogx']}
nidx = 1
for idx in wl1:
D[nidx] = [wl1[idx, h] for h in wl1.columns] + ['chaconarawakan-'+str(idx)]
D[nidx] += ['chaconarawakan-'+str(wl1[idx, 'cogid'])]
nidx += 1
for idx in wl2:
D[nidx] = [wl2[idx, h] for h in wl1.columns] + ['chaconbaniwa-'+str(idx)]
D[nidx] += ['chaconbaniwa-'+str(wl2[idx, 'cogid'])]
nidx += 1
wl = Wordlist(D)
wl.renumber('cogx', 'cogid', override=True)
for idx, ipa, segments in wl.iter_rows('ipa', 'segments'):
if not segments:
wl[idx, 'segments'] = ipa2tokens(ipa)
wl.output('tsv', filename='chacon-arawakan-baniwa.tsv', subset=True, cols=[
c for c in wl.columns if c not in ['value_in_source']],
rows=dict(concept = 'in '+str(concepts))
lingpy >= 2.6.4
-e git+
-e git+
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