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Last active Jul 2, 2020
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Open Source Contributors in the Arab World

List has moved

I've moved the list here: to allow for direction contributions

Arab OSC

List of the most influential Arab Open Source Contributors (Arab OSC)

This is a list of the most influential Arab Open Source Contributors. This list has been compiled based on recommendations and referrals from the community. Anyone can contribute to this list just create a Pull Request (PR)!

Open source contributions range from helping fix bugs, translation, providing design material, contributing to documentation or even being a core code contributor. It can take many forms. As such, the criteria to be on this list or to nominate someone for it are as follows:

  1. Be in the top 5 list of contributors or lead at least 1 open source project
  2. The project should have a minimum of 50 stars or more than 10 unique contributors
  3. The project should be active and not in a read-only state with at least 1 contribution in the last year
  4. You are of Arab origins. Current country of residence is of no relevance

The List

In no particular order

GitHub Handle Project Stars
Mahmoud Zalt
Abed Halawi
Rakan Nimer
Abdelrahman Awad
Ahmad Shadeed
Omar Massad
Mohammed Al Ashaal
Omar Albeik
Mohammad Rahhal
Saeed Ahmad
Jad Joubran
Wissam Antoun
Mohamed Said


  1. This is a personal initiative that does not represent my employer
  2. Stars on a repo are not the only indicators of influence but it's the best one I can think of. If you can demonstrate influence with another metric that would be wonderful and will be taken into consideration!
  3. The emphasis on having Arab origins is because I believe Arab contributors are an under represented group in the global open source community. Their work deserves some spotlight. This will also encourage and inspire the upcoming contributors from the region.
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WatheqAlshowaiter commented Jun 26, 2020

nice list.

I think it is better to write down some rules to add these open source, like how many stars/forks and so on.

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Link- commented Jun 27, 2020

nice list.

I think it is better to write down some rules to add these open source, like how many stars/forks and so on.

Yes, you're right. I didn't know what to expect from asking the question and wanted to see first what's out there.

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