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LinusHenze / iOS_16_Launch_Constraints.txt
Created June 15, 2022 16:30
Description of the Launch Constraints introduced in iOS 16
iOS 16 introduced launch constraints, which can be used to constraint the launch of an application.
There are three types of constraints:
Self Constraints, which the launched application itself must meet
Parent Constraints, which the parent process must meet
Responsible Constraints, which the "responsible process" must meet (I assume that the responsible process is the process that asked launchd to launch a service)
Additionally, the TrustCache format was updated (see below) to support assigning each binary a "Constraint Category", which forces Self and Parent Constraints.
Note that Self, Parent and Responsible Constraints can also be set by the process performing the launch and they can be included in the code signature, in the new blob type 0xFADE8181. In both cases, the constraints are DER encoded (just like the DER entitlements).
Constraint Categories (from TrustCache, new in version 2):