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public class BleCommandExecutor implements CommandExecutor {
private final BleDevice bleDevice;
private final Executor executor = Executors.newSingleThreadExecutor();
private final Map<String, Queue<CommandCallback<String>>> callbacks = new ConcurrentHashMap<>();
public BleCommandExecutor(BleDevice bleDevice) {
this.bleDevice = bleDevice;
public void requestAsync(@NonNull String command, CommandCallback<String> callback) {
Queue<CommandCallback<String>> callbacksQueue = callbacks.get(command);
if (callbacksQueue != null) {
} else {
callbacksQueue = new ConcurrentLinkedQueue<>();
callbacks.put(command, callbacksQueue);
executor.execute(() -> {
String result = bleDevice.requestSync(command);
Queue<CommandCallback<String>> cbQueue = callbacks.remove(command);
if (cbQueue != null) {
for (CommandCallback<String> cb : cbQueue) {
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