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SELECT AS [ReferencingSchemaName], AS [ReferencingObjectName],
oa.type_desc AS [ReferencingObjectType],
d.referenced_schema_name AS [ReferencedSchemaName], AS [ReferencedObjectName],
da.type_desc AS [ReferencedObjectType]
FROM sys.sql_expression_dependencies d
LEFT JOIN sys.all_objects oa
ON d.referencing_id = oa.object_id
LEFT JOIN sys.all_objects da
ON d.referenced_id = da.object_id
LEFT JOIN sys.schemas s
ON oa.schema_id = s.schema_id
AND <> d.referenced_schema_name
AND NOT IN ( 'SQLCop', 'tSQLt' );
SELECT AS FK_NAME, AS [ReferencingSchemaName], AS [ReferencingObjectName], AS [ReferencingColumnName], AS [ReferencedSchemaName], AS [ReferencedTableName], AS [ReferencedColumnName]
FROM sys.foreign_key_columns fkc
JOIN sys.objects obj
ON obj.object_id = fkc.constraint_object_id
JOIN sys.tables AS referencingtable
ON referencingtable.object_id = fkc.parent_object_id
JOIN sys.schemas AS referencingschema
ON referencingtable.schema_id = referencingschema.schema_id
JOIN sys.columns AS referencingcolumn
ON referencingcolumn.column_id = fkc.parent_column_id
AND referencingcolumn.object_id = referencingtable.object_id
JOIN sys.tables referencedtable
ON referencedtable.object_id = fkc.referenced_object_id
JOIN sys.schemas AS referencedschema
ON referencedtable.schema_id = referencedschema.schema_id
JOIN sys.columns referencedcolumn
ON referencedcolumn.column_id = fkc.referenced_column_id
AND referencedcolumn.object_id = referencedtable.object_id
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