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1602 Helper Functions
private void clearRepoList() {
// This will clear the repo list (set it as a blank string).
private void addToRepoList(String repoName, String lastUpdated) {
// This will add a new repo to our list.
// It combines the repoName and lastUpdated strings together.
// And then adds them followed by a new line (\n\n make two new lines).
String strRow = repoName + " / " + lastUpdated;
String currentText = tvRepoList.getText().toString();
this.tvRepoList.setText(currentText + "\n\n" + strRow);
private void setRepoListText(String str) {
// This is used for setting the text of our repo list box to a specific string.
// We will use this to write a "No repos found" message if the user doens't have any.
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