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Last active December 30, 2022 19:27
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Matrix IRC Bridge Setup

Matrix IRC Bridge Setup

Change IRC Nick

This is optional, in case you prefer your nick to be shown as something other than <matrix_nick>[m] on IRC, e.g. just <matrix_nick> (without the [m] suffix) or <libera_nick>.

Open a private chat with

!nick <new_libera_nick>

Note: This does not change your Matrix nick!

Register Nick & Login

Open private chat with, register your current nick on (if applicable), and login:

Note: If you already have a registered nick on, you can use it at this point to log in. You may want to add the nick you're using right now to your existing account as an alias using the step below.

REGISTER <libera_password> <libera_email>
# now wait for NickServ to reply, then proceed to your mailbox for the registration code (paste from email)
VERIFY REGISTER <libera_nick> <registration_code>
# you should be getting logged in now.
# In order to log in next time send the following command, or store your password as described below to automate this step:
IDENTIFY <libera_nick> <libera_password>

To add an alias nick to your account, change your nick to your alias as shown above and then command to:


Store Username & Password

In order to be logged back in automatically, open up the private chat with again, and do the following to save your username and password:

!username <libera_nick>
!storepass <libera_password>

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Mikaela commented Jun 9, 2021

You have wrong MXID for the bridge, it's just without the -irc part.

Personally I would recommend for registration instead, but I guess some will prefer to not leave Matrix for the registration progress.

Thanks for the writeup

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I found that I also needed to send !username <libera_nick> to for it to be able to reconnect over SASL successfully, but that may or may not still be necessary ...

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Updated. Thank you @Mikaela and @decathorpe!

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