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1.10.0-beta1 (2019-10-29)
- Feature: Configurable minimum age for companies before allowing share trading (#7780)
- Feature: Filter on town list window (#7621)
- Feature: Ability to show Newspaper and Ticker messages in parallel (#7612)
- Feature: Show coverage area for stations and towns (#7446)
- Feature: Collapsible vehicle groups (#7417)
- Feature: More flexible docks - can now have multiple per station, ships can use any part of dock (#7380)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Railtype flags to allow/disallow 90 degree curves (#7352)
- Feature/Change: Non-rectangular catchment area for sparse stations (#7235)
- Feature: Improved performance for road vehicle pathfinding (#7261)
- Feature: Option to show local authority boundary of towns (#7025)
- Feature: Experimental method of town cargo generation that scales linearly with population (#6965)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Houses and industries can accept/produce up to 16 different cargo types (#6867, #6872)
- Feature: [NewGRF] RoadTypes (NRT) (#6811)
- Add: [Win32] Select MIDI device by port name (#7666)
- Add: 'getsysdate' console command (#7658)
- Add: Currencies NTD, CNY, HKD (#7596)
- Add: Icons to vehicle construction drop down lists (#7358, #7485)
- Add: Security warning to players that company passwords are not truly secure (#7351)
- Add: [Script] Various API functions for managing vehicle groups (#7225, #7336, #7716)
- Add: SDL2 video driver (#7086)
- Change: Inactive industries do not make sound effects (#7752)
- Change: [Win32] Use native GDI engine for rendering fonts (#7572)
- Change: Scale oil refinery edge distance limit by map size (#7514)
- Change: Do not display a news message about old vehicles when a replacement for it is activated (#7401)
- Change: When filtering purchase list by cargo type, buy button now performs a refit if required (#7301)
- Change: Don't apply forbid 90 deg turn settings to ships, and make penalties for turns configurable (#7289, #7372)
- Change: Make the chance of an aeroplane crashing at an airport with a short runway independent of plane crash setting (#7302)
- Change: Keep town growth rate in sync with house count (#6777)
- Fix #6219: Improve helicopter's ability to takeoff from commuter and international airports (#7710)
- Fix #6407: Show snowy ground sprites for train depots (#7671)
- Fix: Power/running cost sorting algorithm was not correct when power was higher than running cost (#7561)
- Fix: Tweaks to small-map colours to make dark blue company more visible (#7436, #7450)
- Fix: [SDL] Do not offer video smaller than 640x480 (#7442)
- Fix: Incorrect display of industry production around tiles (#7426)
- Fix: Show industry name in Land Area Information window for industries with neutral stations instead of just 'Oil Rig' (#7349)
- Fix: Remove redundant and broken file lookups when loading base sets (#7348)
- Fix: Always report error when ordering a road vehicle to wrong type of road stop (#7316)
- Fix #7043, #7274: Improve performance when creating towns during world creation (#7284)
- Fix #7062: Remove ship max order distance (#7279)
- Fix #7189: Fluidsynth volume gain too high (#7253)
- Fix: Add setting for whether industries with neutral stations (e.g. Oil rigs) accept and supply cargo to/from surrounding stations to fix exploit as old as TTO (#7234)
- Fix: Properly reset dropdown menu windows after changing AI/GS settings (#7092)
- Remove: DOS, MorphOS, AmigaOS & BeOS support (#7326, #7388)
- Remove: Original Path Finder (#7245)
Order is fairly arbitrary, (#..) is PRs ( PR#nnnn ? )
Needs significantly cutting down for those that have forgotten what it looks like :)
1.9.0-beta1 (2019-??-??)
Feature: Overhaul of music system, support MPSMIDI music files (TTD DOS/TTO) (#6839)
Feature: [Win32] Rewritten DMusic and WinMM music drivers
Feature: [Win32] New XAudio2 sound driver
Feature: [Linux] New Fluidsynth music driver
Feature: Framerate display window (#6822)
Feature: [NewGRF] Ability for industries & houses to produce and/or accept up to 16 different cargoes
Feature #6610: Allow towns to build houses on road turns (#6758)
Feature: Replace independent map scrolling GUI settings with single option, and add choice to not lock cursor position when scrolling (#6756)
Feature #6459: API for querying network clients from GS (#6736)
Feature: New Russian Ruble & Mexican Peso as currencies (#6678, #?)
Feature #4186: Append '(City)' after city names in the town directory
Feature #986: Automatic save when losing connection to a network game
Add: [NewGRF] Airport animation trigger for plane landing (#6334)
Add #4115: Default starting company colour setting (#6998)
Add: Mixer feature for streaming sampled music
Add: [Win32] Ability to run regression tests from Visual Studio
Add #6460: [AI] start_date parameter for Random AIs on new game
Add: BACKSPACE can be mapped as a hotkey
Add: 32bpp SSE2 blitter palette animator (#6795)
Add: List recent news messages in crashlog output
Change: Improve ship performance (#?)
Change: Decouple GUI timing from game ticks (#6780)
Change: Desert tiles are now half-desert if a neighboured tile is non-desert or sea/coast (#4754)
Change: Gradually slow down aircraft speed on breakdown (#6932)
Change: [NewGRF] Increase rail type & cargo type limits to 64
Change: [NewGRF] Increase size of persistent storage to 256
Change: [NewGRF] Use last OpenTTD SVN revision in NewGRF version number (#6843)
Change: Clone tool in depot window now behaves like clone button in vehicle window (#6754)
Change #6397: Keep town growth rate in sync with house count
Change: Scale default FreeType font size selection by UI zoom level
Change: [OSX] Reversed pinch to zoom behaviour
Change: Switch town growth rate and counter to actual game ticks (#6763)
Change: Non-tag revisions are now named '<commitdate>-<branch>-g<shorthash><modified>'
Doc: Rewrite several bits of documentation in markdown
Fix: Various duplicate town names in non-English languages (#7038, )
Fix: Only consider airport tiles when placing (for non-rectangular airports) (#6613)
Fix: Spelling fixes on some Latin American town names
Fix #7001: Pathfinders should see standard road stations as tiles where to reverse
Fix #6676: Prevent helicopters from stopping in midair during some kinds of landing
Fix: Remove need to use Ctrl+Click when building stations next to competitors (#6906)
Fix: [NewGRF] Make VA2 operator 11 (ror) behave well-defined when rotating by 0 bits
Fix #4109: Add more water checks to the Oil Rig layout
Fix #6938: Incorrect value for "Cost to Clear" was displayed for Company Headquarters in tile inspector (#6939)
Fix #6920: Make 9.8m/s^2 a common constant for TE-calculation
Fix #6892: [Script] CONFIG_RANDOM did not use the full parameter range (#6902)
Fix #6622: News message when GS constructs a town had empty company name
Fix: [NewGRF] Variable 0x85 had no bounds checks
Fix #6875: Depot building cost did not include foundation build cost (#6883)
Fix: Some pixels in ship autoreplace icon (sprite 106) were transparent
Fix: Poor contrast in cargo dest flow legend window cargo labels
Fix #6553: Make viewport button text unambiguous
Fix: [OSX] Setting mouse-wheel to scroll the map does not disable pinch to zoom
Fix #6969: Account for BOM when reading script files
Fix #6898: Ability to use seeds above INT_MAX (#6936)
Fix #6659: Bus stations could be demolished when not in demolish mode (#6815)
Fix: One-way roads could be over-built by road stops regardless of road owner
Fix: Use name of cargo instead of Passengers/Mail in town statistics (#6801)
Fix: Prevent ships moving into docks after finishing (un)loading (#6791)
Fix: Tractive effort was slightly too high as per NewGRF spec (#6785)
Fix #6465: Add {NORMAL_FONT} and {MONO_FONT} control codes to GS strings (#6726)
Fix: Four group action icons were misplaced and cropped
Remove: PSP, WinCE support
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