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Visual C++ runtime error (see backtrace). How to reproduce: load the save, run as fast as you can to the spider (run straight through the web) and pull a fern of the ground and throw it. Here is the file:
Breakpoint 1, 0x75f7b2e5 in msvcrt!_exit ()
from C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll
(gdb) bt
#0 0x75f7b2e5 in msvcrt!_exit () from C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll
#1 0x75f78f7b in msvcrt!abort () from C:\Windows\syswow64\msvcrt.dll
#2 0x006df078 in __subvsi3 (a=-2147483648, b=1)
at ../../../src/libgcc/libgcc2.c:121
#3 0x00409bde in IsFULLObjectVertexInValidPosition (obj=0x120262c8)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\ai\Paths.cpp:1561
#4 0x0040aceb in ARX_EERIE_PHYSICS_BOX_Compute (obj=0x120262c8,
framediff=0.109999999, source=59)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\ai\Paths.cpp:1705
#5 0x0040b1c8 in ARX_PHYSICS_BOX_ApplyModel (obj=0x120262c8,
framediff=16.7089996, rubber=1.5, source=59)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\ai\Paths.cpp:1790
#6 0x0047bf7a in ARX_PHYSICS_Apply ()
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\game\NPC.cpp:1068
#7 0x0043efe0 in ArxGame::renderLevel (this=0x3e6190)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:1429
#8 0x0043fd4f in ArxGame::render (this=0x3e6190)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:1740
#9 0x0043afcb in ArxGame::doFrame (this=0x3e6190)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:647
#10 0x0043aba7 in ArxGame::run (this=0x3e6190)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\ArxGame.cpp:582
#11 0x00446599 in runGame ()
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\Core.cpp:693
#12 0x0045d5d7 in WinMain@16 (hInstance=0x400000, hPrevInstance=0x0,
lpCmdLine=0x69d4186 "", nCmdShow=10)
at C:\Prog\Projets\ArxLibertatis\src\core\Startup.cpp:199
#13 0x007dc7b3 in main ()
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