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Last active Jul 21, 2022
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Little ASCII spinner I wrote in rust to learn how to use iterators
struct SpinnyThing {
index: usize,
impl SpinnyThing {
const V: [&'static str; 4] = ["/","-", "\\", "|"];
fn new() -> SpinnyThing {
SpinnyThing { index: 0 }
impl Iterator for SpinnyThing {
type Item = &'static str;
fn next (&mut self) -> Option<&'static str>
self.index = (self.index + 1 ) % SpinnyThing::V.len();
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Luctins commented Jul 21, 2022

Update: later found out you can do all of this in a single line (thanks to @Winggel) :


but this will be kept up as a example, where all is spelled out explicitly.

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