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Block Creation History as CSV
(ns block-chart
[reagent.core :as r]
[roam.datascript :as d]))
(defn string-bytes [s]
(.-size (js/Blob. [s])))
(defn totals [coll]
(reduce (fn [counts [k v]]
(assoc! counts k (+ v (get counts k 0))))
(transient {}) coll)))
(defn get-c-times [measure-type]
(if (= :bytes measure-type)
(-> (into []
(comp (map (fn [[eid t]]
[(.toDateString (js/Date. t))
(string-bytes (str " "
(clojure.string/join \space
(into []
(map (comp pr-str pop vec))
(d/datoms :eavt eid)))))])))
(d/q '[:find ?e ?t
(and [?e :edit/time ?t]
[(missing? $ ?e :create/time)])
[?e :create/time ?t])]))
(-> (into []
(map (fn [t] (.toDateString (js/Date. t))))
(d/q '[:find [?t ...]
:with ?e
(and [?e :edit/time ?t]
[(missing? $ ?e :create/time)])
[?e :create/time ?t])]))
(mapv (fn [x] (update x 0 #(js/Date. %))))
(sort-by #(.getTime (first %)))
(mapv (fn [t] (-> t
;(update 0 #(.getTime %))
;(update 0 #(.toISOString %))
(update 0 #(.toLocaleDateString %))
(mapv #(str \" % \"))
(clojure.string/join ", ")))))))
(defn c [_]
(let [result (r/atom [])]
(fn [_]
[:div {:style {:display :flex
:flex-direction :column
:align-items :flex-start}}
[:div "Page and block volume over time as csv."]
[:button {:on-click #(reset! result (get-c-times))}
"Get no. of created blocks"]
[:button {:on-click #(reset! result (get-c-times :bytes))}
"Get byte size of created blocks (takes a while)"]
{:value (clojure.string/join "\n" @result)
:style {:width "300px"}}]])))
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Usage: {{roam/render: ((ref-to-clojure-codeblock))}}

This allows you to generate CSV data of the number/size of blocks created per day. You can copy the text (Ctrl/Cmd+A) and paste it into spreadsheet software for producing charts of how your graph has evolved over time.



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