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Created May 11, 2021 16:27
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Time Since Waking - Roam Component
(ns com.luisthiamnye.roam-render.waking-time
[reagent.core :as r]))
(def default-hour 7)
(def default-minute 30)
(defn time-since [date]
(let [mins (/ (- (js/Date.) date)
1000 60)]
[:<> [:b (quot mins 60) ]"h " [:b (int (rem mins 60))] "m"]))
(defn get-time-elapsed [wake-time-str]
(time-since (.parseDate (.-en_GB js/chrono)
(- (js/Date.) (* 4 60 60 1000)))))
(defn component [_ hour minute]
(let [wake-time-str (str (or hour default-hour) ":" (or minute default-minute))
time-elapsed (r/atom (get-time-elapsed wake-time-str))
update-time (fn [] (reset! time-elapsed (get-time-elapsed wake-time-str)))]
(fn [_ _ _]
(js/setTimeout update-time (* 1000 60))
[:div {:on-click update-time
:style {:display :flex
:justify-content :center}}
[:span {:style {:font-family "Helvetica Neue"
:font-size "24px"
:background :azure
:color "rgb(0,57,96)"
:padding "5px 8px"
:border-radius "5px"
:box-shadow "0px 0px 4px hsla(230 50% 50% / 0.2)"}}
@time-elapsed " since waking"]])))
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Used just like any other roam/render component.

{{[[roam/render]]: ((codeblock-uid)) 8 30}} would be used if you had emerged from unconsciousness at 8:30AM.

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