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Links to YouTube videos of AWS re:Invent 2018 sessions

The current list contains 438 sessions. The list will be updated regularly, at least once a day during reinvent. Last update: 2018-12-02 06:58 +00:00

Title Description Video
[NEW LANUCH!] Building modern apps using Amazon DynamoDB transactions (DAT374) DynamoDB transactions enables developers to maintain correctness of their data at scale by adding atomicity and isolation guarantees for multi-item conditional ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] AWS License Manager Deep Dive (CMP393) AWS License Manager is a new service that makes it easy to bring your existing licenses to the AWS cloud and reduce licensing costs. This service offers a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (Amazon MSK) (ANT398 ) Discover the power of running Apache Kafka on a fully managed AWS service. In this session, we describe how Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (Amazon ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Scaling HPC Applications on EC2 w/ Elastic Fabric Adapter (ENT360) "Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) is a network interface for Amazon EC2 instances that enables customers to run HPC applications requiring high levels of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] AWS DataSync - Automate & accelerate online data transfer (STG324) SFTP is used for the exchange of data across many industries, including financial services, healthcare, and retail. In this session, we will introduce you to AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Announcing AWS RoboMaker: A New Cloud Robotics Service (ROB201-R1) Robots are no longer just the subject of sci-fi movies. They're now prevalent in our lives, helping us carry out tedious housework, distribute warehouse inventory, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introducing AWS Cloud Map (CON366) In this session we introduce AWS Cloud Map, a new service that lets you build the map of your cloud. It allows you to define friendly names for any resource such ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introduction to AWS Global Accelerator (NET330) This session introduces AWS Global Accelerator, a new global service that enables you to optimally route traffic to your multi-regional endpoints via static ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introducing AWS App Mesh – service mesh on AWS (CON367) AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that makes it easy to monitor and control communications for containerized microservices running on AWS. Join us to learn ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Amazon EC2 A1 Instances Based on the Arm Architecture (CMP391) Amazon EC2 offers a comprehensive set of instances targeted at a variety of customer workloads optimized across compute, storage, memory, network, as well ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Machine Learning w/ Amazon SageMaker & AWS Marketplace (AIM371) Until now, many customers spent time creating or searching for the right algorithm and model when using Amazon SageMaker. In this session you'll learn how to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Tape Is a Four Letter Word: Back Up to the Cloud in Under an Hour (STG201-R1) Tape backups. Yes, they're still a thing. If you want to stop using tapes but need to store immutable backups for compliance or operational reasons, attend this ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] AWS Transfer for SFTP, a Fully Managed SFTP Service (STG326) AWS DataSync is a new online data transfer service that automates movement of data between on-premises storage and Amazon S3 or Amazon Elastic File ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Amazon FSx for Lustre: A new fully managed file system (STG317) An introduction of Amazon FSx for Lustre, a new service that provides a fully managed parallel file system that enables compute-intensive applications to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introduction to AWS Security Hub (SEC397) Learn about AWS Security Hub, and how it gives you a comprehensive view of your high-priority security alerts and your compliance status across AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Intro to AWS Lake Formation - Build a secure data lake (ANT396) Setting up and managing data lakes today involves a lot of complicated and time-consuming tasks. AWS Lake Formation is a new service (coming soon) that will ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Do I need a ledger database? An intro to Amazon QLDB (DAT370) Do you need a ledger database? Let's talk about the kinds of problems that Amazon Quantum can solve, and answer your questions about when and why you ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introducing AWS DeepRacer  (AIM367) "Developers start your engines! This breakout session will provide an introduction to the newly launched AWS DeepRacer. Learn about the basics of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Amazon Elastic Inference: Reduce Learning Inference Cost (AIM366) Deploying deep learning applications at scale can be cost prohibitive due to the need for hardware acceleration to meet latency and throughput requirements of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth: Quality & Accurate Datasets(AIM369) Successful machine learning models are built on high-quality training datasets. Labeling raw data to get accurate training datasets involves a lot of time and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introducing Amazon Hieroglyph: Now in Preview (AIM363) Amazon Textract enables you to easily extract text and data from virtually any document. Today, companies process millions of documents by manually entering ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introducing Amazon Forecast  (AIM344) Based on the same technology used at, Amazon Forecast uses machine learning to combine time series data with additional variables to build ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Better Analytics Through Natural Language Processing (AIM405-R1) Natural language processing holds the key to unlocking business value from unstructured data. Organizations that implement effective data analysis methods ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
NFL & Forwood Safety Deploy Analytics at Scale w/ Amazon QuickSight (ANT311) Enabling interactive data and analytics for thousands of users can be expensive and challenging—from having to forecast usage, provisioning and managing ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Learning Applications Using TensorFlow, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AIM401) The TensorFlow deep learning framework is used for developing diverse artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including computer vision, natural language, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Desktops & Applications to AWS with Amazon WorkSpaces & AppStream 2.0 (BAP323) IT organizations today need to support a modern, flexible, global workforce and ensure that their users can be productive anywhere. Moving desktops and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] What's New with AWS CloudFormation (DEV321-R1) AWS CloudFormation is one of the most widely used tools in the AWS ecosystem, enabling infrastructure as code, deployment automation, repeatability, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] A Deep Dive into What's New with Amazon EMR (ANT340-R1) Amazon EMR is one of the largest Spark and Hadoop service providers in the world, enabling customers to run ETL, machine learning, real-time processing, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Computing at the Edge with AWS Greengrass & Amazon FreeRTOS (IOT206) Edge computing is all about moving compute power to the source of the data instead of having to bring it to the cloud. The edge is a fundamental part of IoT, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive on Amazon EKS (CON361-R1) In this talk, we cover the configuration and networking details needed to run a production-ready Kubernetes cluster with Amazon Elastic Container Service for ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Cloud Ops Engineer: A Day in the Life (ENT312-R1) Are you an expert data center operations engineer looking to sharpen your AWS skills? Are you an IT operations manager looking to speed up your team's cloud ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Amazon EC2 Foundations (CMP208-R1) Amazon EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud and makes web-scale computing easier for customers. It offers a wide variety of compute ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive and Best Practices for Amazon Redshift (ANT401-R1) In this session, we take an in-depth look at how modern data warehousing blends and analyzes all your data, inside and outside your data warehouse, without ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build Hybrid Cloud Storage Architectures with Storage Gateway (STG305-R1) IT infrastructure teams with on-premises applications have to manage storage arrays throughout their never-ending lifecycle, including capacity planning ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Mastering Identity at Every Layer of the Cake (SEC401-R1) Most workloads on AWS resemble a finely crafted cake, with delight at every layer. In this session, we help you master identity at each layer of deliciousness: ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 2] Best Practices for Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier (STG203-R2) Learn best practices for Amazon S3 performance optimization, security, data protection, storage management, and much more. In this session, we look at ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
AWS VPN Solutions (NET304) Many enterprises on their journey to the cloud require consistent and highly secure connectivity among their existing data center, their staff, and AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Migrating Data to the Cloud: Exploring Your Options from AWS (STG205-R1) AWS offers a variety of data migration services and tools to help you easily and rapidly move everything from gigabytes to petabytes of data using your networks, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Introducing AWS Transit Gateway (NET331) To deliver your applications to millions of users you need to scale your network across thousands of VPCs. AWS Transit Gateway helps scale your workloads ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Databases on AWS: The Right Tool for the Right Job (DAT205-R1) Shawn Bice, VP of Non-Relational Databases at AWS, discusses a purpose-built strategy for databases, where you choose the right tool for the job. Shawn ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Driving DevOps Transformation in Enterprises (DEV320) In this session, learn how AWS is helping enterprises adopt the DevOps model and automation in their journey to the cloud. By using the DevOps principle to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Optimize Your SaaS Offering with Serverless Microservices (GPSTEC405) In this hands-on session, we crack open the IDE and transform a SaaS web app comprised of several monolithic single-tenant environments into an efficient, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Accelerate Oracle to Aurora PostgreSQL Migration (GPSTEC313) There is a lot of interest these days in migrating data from commercial relational databases to open-source relational databases. PostgreSQL is a great choice ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Understand the State of Your Connected Devices (IOT367) In this session, we discuss the different ways to understand the state of your operations, how to use AWS IoT services, and how to take appropriate action using ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How the Cloud Helps Nubank Support Millions of Daily Customers (STP15) Nubank, a Brazilian financial technology company, is empowering customers with a 100% digital banking experience. Born in the cloud, Nubank does this by ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Unlock Highly Regulated Enterprise Workloads w/ SaaS (AWS GovCloud [US]) WPS303 AWS GovCloud (US) is isolated AWS infrastructure and services designed to allow US government agencies and enterprises in highly regulated industries to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Extracting Insights from Industrial Data Using AWS IoT Services (IOT368) IoT (IIoT) bridges the gap between legacy industrial equipment and infrastructure and new technologies, such as machine learning, cloud, mobile, and edge ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Accelerate SAP Workloads on AWS High-Memory Instances Powered by Intel BAP349-S Join Lemongrass, an SAP consulting partner, and Intel to learn how a customer in Europe has replatformed its business-critical SAP workloads on high-memory ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Four Ways to Leverage CloudFront in Faster DevOps Workflows (CTD409) Increase your organization's agility by diving deep and discovering how Amazon CloudFront integrates with other services to accelerate your DevOps workflows. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Listen to Your Customers Voice & Engage Them w/ Delightful Experiences (DIG301) In this session, we demonstrate how to easily deploy an AWS solution that ingests all Tweets from any Twitter handle, uses Amazon Comprehend to generate a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
ML Best Practices: Prepare Data, Build Models, and Manage Lifecycle (AIM396-S) In this session, we cover best practices for enterprises that want to use powerful open-source technologies to simplify and scale their machine learning (ML) ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Coinbase Builds Out Its Blockchain Infrastructure (STP14) Coinbase has some fairly unusual security and infrastructure requirements. One of these requirements is that every server in our infrastructure is both ephemeral ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Augmenting Security & Improving Operational Health w/ AWS CloudTrail (SEC323) Enabling AWS CloudTrail for auditing purposes is often a corporate mandate, but do you know how to use CloudTrail events to improve your security and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Streamlining Application Development with AWS Service Catalog (DEV328) Discover how AWS Service Catalog is enabling Deloitte ConvergeHEALTH to streamline application deployment for its family of Life Sciences analytics software ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Home Skill API: Connect Any Device to Alexa & Control Any Feature (ALX315-R2) In this session, learn about the latest update to the Smart Home Skill API, featuring new capability interfaces you can use as building blocks to connect any ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Move to Amazon WorkSpaces and Replace Your Legacy VDI (BAP305) Learn why more customers than ever are leaving the complexity and costs of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for cloud desktop solutions like Amazon ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Safeguard the Integrity of Your Code for Fast & Secure Deployments (DEV349-R2) As companies employ DevOps practices to push applications faster into production through better collaboration and automated testing, security is often seen as ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Modern Cloud Data Warehousing (Intuit): Optimize Analytics Practices (ANT202) Most companies are overrun with data, yet they lack critical insights to make timely and accurate business decisions. They are missing the opportunity to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Quickly Get Insights from IoT Data on AWS (ANT337-S) The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating massive amounts of data, but users can't easily access that data and quickly make decisions from it. Data projects are too ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Inference at the Edge: A Case Study at the Amazon Spheres (ARC318) In this talk, we consider the unique challenges of the biosphere that recently opened in downtown Seattle. We address two of those challenges using modern ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Eliminate Migration Confusion: Speed Migration with Automated Tracking (ENT319) Customers migrating to AWS can use AWS Migration Hub to obtain a single view of all migrations into AWS. In this session, we provide an in-depth walkthrough ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Verizon is Accelerating Cloud Adoption w/ AWS Service Catalog Connector(SEC318) Many enterprises want to drive faster cloud adoption and time to market (TTM) by allowing their developers, who have various skill sets, to onboard onto AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Meeting Enterprise Security Requirements w/ AWS Native Security Services SEC319 GE has very deep security requirements for their cloud applications. In this session, hear their story on replacing on premises complex solutions with AWS native ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Run Production Workloads on Spot, Save up to 90% (CMP306-R1) Amazon EC2 Spot Instances enable you to use spare EC2 computing capacity— capacity that is often 90% less than On-Demand prices. In this session, learn ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Peak.AI Uses Amazon SageMaker for Product Personalization (GPSTEC316) In this session, learn how Peak's Artificial Intelligence System (AIS) embeds Amazon SageMaker to solve business problems with outstanding results. We show ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Inside AWS: Technology Choices for Modern Applications (SRV305-R1) AWS offers a wide range of cloud computing services and technologies, but we rarely state opinions about which services and technologies customers should ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Operationalizing Microsoft Workloads (WIN320) In this session, we discuss best practices and approaches for managing your Microsoft Windows-based infrastructure on AWS. We describe the AWS services ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Lending at Affirm: Powered by Machine Learning and Amazon EMR (STP17) At Affirm, we lend billions of dollars to millions of customers using data-driven machine learning models that are trained on years of lending history. Feature ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
GraphQL & Real-Time Subscriptions in Customer Service Apps (MOB323) ALDO wanted to improve in-store customer experience by offering rapid personalized assistance. In this session, follow ALDO's journey in adopting GraphQL ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How LogMeIn Automates Governance and Empowers Developers at Scale (SEC302) In this session, learn how LogMeIn moves quickly and stays secure through the power of automation on AWS. We walk through core AWS security building ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Automate & Audit Cloud Governance & Compliance in Your Landing Zone (ENT315-R1) In this session, we explore landing zone considerations as they apply to compliance and auditing. We include such topics as a repeatable approach to SCP and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Securing Microservices on Amazon ECS at BuzzFeed (STP16) As BuzzFeed transitioned to a microservice platform build on Amazon ECS, it needed to secure a growing number of independent internal apps. The first ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deployment Scenarios with AWS CloudFormation (DEV308-R1) AWS CloudFormation, in combination with other tools for continuous integration and delivery pipelines, can help automate and standardize frequent ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
McAfee Skyhigh: Elevating Your AWS Security Posture (SEC307-S) According to Gartner, the IaaS market grew at a blistering 42.8% in 2017—twice as fast as SaaS. And with last year's high-profile data exposures, the focus on ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Advanced Infrastructure as Code Programming on AWS (DEV327-R1) In addition to the basic infrastructure as code capabilities provided by AWS CloudFormation, AWS now offers various programmability constructs to power ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] What's New with Amazon Redshift ft. McDonald's (ANT350-R1) Learn about the latest and hottest features of Amazon Redshift. We'll deep dive into the architecture and inner workings of Amazon Redshift and discuss how the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Digital Transformation: Leveraging AWS as a Launchpad (CMP205-S) Learn how DXC helped a Fortune 1000 client drive digital transformation with AWS. An APN Premier Consulting Partner, DXC illustrates through customer ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Orchestrate Perimeter Security Across Distributed Applications (SEC326) Whether you are part of a large organization moving your applications to the cloud, or a new application owner just getting started, you always need a baseline ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Operationalizing Your Analysis with AWS IoT Analytics (IOT358-R1) AWS IoT Analytics makes it easy to run and operationalize sophisticated analytics on massive volumes of IoT data without having to worry about the cost and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Reddit’s Serverless & Compute Infrastructure at Scale (STP18) Reddit is one of the world's most trafficked websites, with over 330 million monthly active users. Reddit built the vast majority of its infrastructure on AWS to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build & Deploy ML Models Quickly & Easily with Amazon SageMaker (AIM404) Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed platform that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Voice Assistants Beyond Speakers - Alexa into Your Unique Product (ALX305) Join us for a deep dive into the system architecture for voice-enabled products with "Alexa Built-In". Device makers can use the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to add ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Serverless Stream Processing Pipeline Best Practices (SRV316-R1) Real-time analytics has traditionally been analyzed using batch processing in DWH/Hadoop environments. Common use cases use data lakes, data science, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Managing Connected Devices at Scale w/ AWS IoT Device Management, (IOT207-R1) IoT deployments often consist of thousands to millions of devices deployed across multiple locations. It is essential to have a solution to track, monitor, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Lessons Escape the Room That Apply to Making Money w/ Your Alexa Skills(ALX312) Games push the boundaries of tech, enabling us to learn from them for a wide range of use cases. Join Gal Shenar, founder of Stoked Skills, in this talk about ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL Server on AWS (WIN324-R1) In this session, we dive deep on best practices and design considerations for running Microsoft SQL Server on AWS. We cover how to choose between running ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Partners Use AWS IoT Services and Edge Compute to Grow (GPSTEC318) Demand for new products, lower prices, and higher quality drives manufacturers to invest in tools that can help them compete in a global marketplace. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build Learning Applications Using Apache MXNet (AIM407-R1) The Apache MXNet deep learning framework is used for developing, training, and deploying diverse AI applications, including computer vision, speech ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Best Practices for Running SQL Server on Amazon RDS (DAT323) Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) provides a managed service to run SQL Server databases in AWS. While Amazon RDS handles ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Enabling a Digital Platform with Microservices Architecture (ARC218-S) Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited (BFDL) serves millions of customers with its comprehensive portfolio and innovative offerings in financing, general insurance, life ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Securely Deliver Desktop Applications with Amazon AppStream 2.0 (BAP201) In this session, learn how to provide your users with instant access to critical desktop applications through a browser on any computer. We present an overview ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] AIOps: Steps Towards Autonomous Operations (DEV301-R1) In this session, learn how to architect a predictive and preventative remediation solution for your applications and infrastructure resources. We show you how to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Moving to DevOps the Amazon Way (DEV210-R1) DevOps is currently one of the most sought after engineering models. One reason is that it helps enterprise transformations. The Amazon transformation to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Using Performance Insights to Optimize Database Performance (DAT402) Despite the importance of cloud databases as a core foundation for applications, many businesses face challenges in identifying database performance issues. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deconstructing SaaS: Building Multi-Tenant Solutions on AWS (ARC418-R1) SaaS presents developers with a unique blend of architectural challenges. While the concepts of multi-tenancy are straightforward, the reality of making all the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Build Your Own Log Analytics Solutions on AWS (ANT323-R1) With Amazon Elasticsearch Service's simplicity comes a multitude of opportunity to use it as a back end for real-time application and infrastructure monitoring. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Another Week, Another Million Containers on Amazon EC2 (CMP376) Netflix's container management platform, Titus, powers critical aspects of the Netflix business, including video streaming, recommendations, machine learning, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Integrate Amazon SageMaker with Apache Spark, ft. Moody's (AIM403-R1) Amazon SageMaker, our fully managed machine learning platform, comes with pre-built algorithms and popular deep learning frameworks. Amazon SageMaker ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Learning Applications Using TensorFlow, Siemens Financial Services (AIM401-R1) The TensorFlow deep learning framework is used for developing diverse AI applications, including computer vision, natural language, speech, and translation. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
High Performance Data Streaming with Amazon Kinesis: Best Practices (ANT322-R1) Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users (ARC205-R1) Cloud computing provides a number of advantages, such as the ability to scale your web application or website on demand. If you have a new web application ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Effective Data Lakes: Challenges and Design Patterns (ANT316) Data lakes are emerging as the most common architecture built in data-driven organizations today. A data lake enables you to store unstructured, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building Your Application with an Amazon Aurora Database (DEM113) Develop and test your applications more quickly with Amazon Aurora, a MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible database built for the cloud. We'll show you how ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Computing on AWS: Driving Innovation w/o Infrastructure Constraints (CMP302-R1) In today's environment of increasingly large data sets and resource-intensive algorithmic processing, the challenge of HPC includes keeping pace with the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 2] From Monolith to Modern Apps: Best Practices (SRV322-R2) We are a lean team consisting of developers, lead architects, business analysts, and a project manager. To scale our applications and optimize costs, we need ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build the Next-Gen Meeting Room Experience Using Alexa for Business (BAP303-R1) Alexa for Business brings a conversational UI to help you simplify your meeting room experience. In this session, learn how you can bring Alexa for Business to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Reuters Lives: Scaling & Monitoring Live Video in the Cloud (DEV316-S) As a global media organization, Reuters delivers a wide array of event-specific content and applications tied to the news of the day. While the size and scale of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
HSBC Uses Serverless to Process Millions of Transactions in Real Time FSV305 For large financial institutions, it can be extremely hard to predict when your architecture may need to scale to process millions of financial transactions per day. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Zendesk: Building a World-Class Cloud Center of Excellence (ENT309-S) When it comes to doing the cloud right, no one size fits all. Yet sometimes organizations become distracted by the day-to-day management of cost, security, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Role of Central Teams in DevOps Organizations (DEV370) You've migrated your business to the cloud. You've embraced DevOps. All your engineering teams operate the systems they write. You don't need central teams ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Top Strategic Priorities You Can Tackle with VMware Cloud on AWS (ENT215-R1) Enterprises are leveraging hybrid cloud architectures to accelerate their cloud migration journey and to adopt modern application strategies. VMware Cloud on ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Anatomy of a Successful IoT Project, ft. Pentair (IOT202) Patterns of IoT project success are starting to emerge across industries and project types. In this session, we identify and review high-level challenges, and we ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] A Serverless Journey: AWS Lambda Under the Hood (SRV409-R1) Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers. Serverless applications don't require you to provision ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Post-Production Media Delivery at Scale with AWS (STG391) Netflix is using AWS Snowball Edge to deliver post-production content to our asset management system, called Content Hub, in the AWS Cloud. Production ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Trek10 Uses Datadog's Tracing to Improve AWS Lambda Projects (SRV304-S) Tracing is always a challenge, no matter what your architecture is. Creating an application with serverless functions, such as with AWS Lambda, provides agility ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Wellington Management: The Journey to All-In, One Data Center at a Time(FSV203) Learn how Wellington Management, a global investment management firm that manages more than 1 trillion USD on behalf of its clients, is executing an “all-in” ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Using DevOps, Microservices, & Serverless to Accelerate Innovation (SRV325) In this session, learn how AWS can help you innovate faster with DevOps, microservices, and serverless. Join us for a rare and intimate discussion with AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
What's New in Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, Amazon EBS, & more (STG213-L) Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec, VP of Amazon S3, introduces the latest innovations across all AWS storage services. In this keynote address, we announce new ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Inventory, Track, & Respond to AWS Asset Changes within Seconds at Scale SEC391 Large AWS environments have assets distributed across many accounts and regions. Ideally, asset inventory should be timely and provide an audit trail to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] AWS, I Choose You: Pokemon's Battle against the Bots (SEC402-R1) Join us for this advanced-level talk to learn about Pokemon's journey defending against DDoS attacks and bad bots with AWS WAF, AWS Shield, and other AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive on Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) (STG310-R1) In this session, we explore the persistent local disk storage service for Amazon EC2 and its targeted use cases. Learn about Amazon EBS features and benefits, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] The Future of Enterprise Applications is Serverless (ENT314-R1) At re:Invent 2014, we announced AWS Lambda and ushered in a whole new world of application design, one without the need to manage or think about ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Lifion's Cloud Transformation Journey (ENT317) Lifion is ADP's next generation platform, born in the cloud and built on an ecosystem of containerized microservices. Initially developed entirely on EC2, Lifion is ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Implementing Multi-Region AWS IoT, ft. Analog Devices (IOT401) Your devices are being shipped across the globe. You have consumers who use their hardware across different countries. How can you build an IoT application ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Moody’s: Deploying Cloud-Native Architectures with Automation (SEC309-S) As Moody's AWS presence continues to grow, automation becomes a critical tool that can facilitate the rapid onboarding of new applications, VPCs, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Tips for Building IoT Applications Faster (IOT366) AWS IoT services help you connect devices to AWS services and other devices, secure data, interactions, and process, act on device data, and enable ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Creating Cost Efficiencies across S3 Resources (STG398-R1) Amazon S3 supports a range of storage classes that can help you cost-effectively store data without impacting performance or availability. Each of our storage ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive on Amazon Rekognition, ft. Pinterest (AIM307-R1) Join us for a deep dive on the latest features of Amazon Rekognition. Learn how to easily add intelligent image and video analysis to applications in order to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build a Better GraphQL API for Your Next App by Writing Less Code (MOB301) Building a scalable API for your mobile app can be daunting. Between authentication, authorization, database, real-time and offline considerations and the soft ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Architecting a Scalable Control Plane on AWS (GPSTEC403) Complex applications generally require a way to provision resources at scale to enable an organization to onboard customers in a frictionless way while ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deep Dive on Amazon Neptune (DAT403) What can you do with Apache TinkerPop and Gremlin or RDF and SPARQL? How does Neptune provide multi-Availability Zone high availability? Learn about ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Architecture Patterns for Multi-Region Active-Active Applications (ARC209-R2) Do you need your applications to extend across multiple regions? Whether for disaster recovery, data sovereignty, data locality, or extremely high availability, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Alexa Skill Developer Tools: Build Better Skills Faster (ALX406) In this session, we explore the suite of developer tools offered by the Alexa Skills team and dive into how they can help you be more productive in coding, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Real Time/Offline & AI/ML Capabilities in Modern Serverless Apps (MOB310) Building real-time collaboration applications can be difficult, and adding intelligence to an app to make it stand out remains a challenge. In this session, learn ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Migrate Workloads with Large Storage and I/O Demands (GPSTEC311) When you consider migrating your on-premises storage workloads to AWS, it's important to consider both performance and features. In this session, you learn ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How AWS Improves Energy Efficiency with the Alexa Connected Home (PUT302-i) Discover how AWS IoT services, Amazon Alexa, and AWS services help businesses leverage the AWS Cloud to make millions of homes safer, more efficient, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Becoming a Platform Business: Lessons from the TV Industry (MAE305-S) Join us as we describe the vision and possibilities for platform businesses, including an in-depth look at OpenAP, TV's first open platform for cross-publisher ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Implement a Modern Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud Backup Environment (DEV205-S) Traditional disk-to-disk to tape backup strategies can't keep up with the massive growth of data, the importance of rapid restore, and data reuse. These backup ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Create Subtitled and Translated Videos Using AWS Services (GPSTEC319) Many businesses need to quickly and reliably produce a transcript from audio- or video-based content. Up until now, businesses had to incur both the expense ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Rapid Innovation: The Business Case for Modern Application Development (SRV207) Modern application development is not a buzzword—it's an innovation strategy that organizations of all sizes can use to increase revenue, lower costs, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Centrally Monitoring Resource Configuration & Compliance (ENT332-R1) Do you want to have a strong understanding of governance across all of your AWS accounts? Are you struggling to get centralized visibility across your entire ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build Business-Ready Blockchains with Intelligence (GPSTEC315) Blockchain continues to be called the next generation of technology, so why does it mystify so many? In this session, we discuss how AWS and its ecosystem will ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Elastic Load Balancing: Deep Dive and Best Practices (NET404-R1) Elastic Load Balancing (ALB & NLB) automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances for fault tolerance and load ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Technology Trends: Data Lakes and Analytics (ANT205) In this talk, Anurag Gupta, VP for AWS Analytic and Transactional Database Services, talks about some of the key trends we see in data lakes and analytics, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Managing 1,000 Servers without a Driver’s License (STP19) eSports streaming platform, Bebo, has thousands of servers in 15 AWS Regions and a fully dynamic automatically scaling stack with good uptime. Its servers are ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Ionic, GraphQL, and AWS (MOB330) Rapid app development requires the developer to concentrate on the code, not the infrastructure. In this session, Max Lynch, CEO of Ionic, shows how a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Uses Amazon SageMaker & AWS Glue to Enable Machine Learning -STP10 processes over 40 million documents a year that our customers upload into our system. These documents arrive unstructured, random, and in multiple ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Reddit Scales to 1B+ Video Views a Month Using AWS (CTD320) Reddit is one of the world's most trafficked websites with over 330 million monthly active users. They've built the vast majority of the infrastructure on AWS to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Modern Dev Teams Build on Salesforce Heroku and AWS (DEV211-S) Developers increasingly rely on Salesforce Heroku and AWS services to support rapid, secure development and iteration. Join us in this session to learn how ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build High-Throughput, Bursty Data Apps with Amazon SQS, SNS, & Lambda (API306) In this session, we discuss best practices for building serverless applications that handle high throughput and bursty data using Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Moving Out of the Data Center to Reach More Customer Targets (IOT222-S) Connecting with more people and learning about their challenges so you can inform them of your offerings is vital to fueling the growth of your business. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Leadership Session: Alexa for Business (BAP203-L) Alexa transformed the smart home market segment and is now transforming how we interact with applications and technology at work. Alexa for Business is a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
ElastiCache Deep Dive: Design Patterns for In-Memory Data Stores (DAT302-R1) In this session, we provide a behind the scenes peek to learn about the design and architecture of Amazon ElastiCache. See common design patterns with our ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Easy Rider: How ML, Serverless, and IoT Drive Mobility as a Service (AMT302) Vehicle mobility is evolving, from traditional rental and fleet services, to car sharing, ride hailing, and future driverless services. Mobility providers need an agile, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
A 360-Degree Cloud-Native Approach to Secure Your AWS Cloud Stack (SEC313-S) Users are increasingly adopting AWS Cloud for their IT strategy to drive digital transformation. Securing clouds requires shared security responsibility. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Crypto 101/201 (STP12) Blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically change the financial landscape. Kristen Stone, the product manager on the coinbase cryptocurrency ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building and Moving Live Broadcasting to AWS (CTD305) Learn how the BBC and Nine Network have enhanced the user experience and created new business models and opportunities, giving audiences more choices ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Data Protection: Encryption, Availability, Resiliency, & Durability (SEC325-R1) Protecting data means ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In this session, we discuss the full range of data protection capabilities provided by ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
T-Mobile: Best Practice w/ Serverless, Containers, Security, & Big Data(TLC305) In this session, we cover the strategic and technical innovations that have driven T-Mobile's digital transformation journey, with a focus on AWS serverless (AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Breaking Observability Chaos: Monitor AWS Cloud Native Apps (DEV311) Companies that are building and deploying modern applications need to have observability across metrics, logs, and traces to gain operational visibility of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Enhanced Customer Insights Using Natural Language Processing (PUT301-i) In this session, we'll discuss how to utilize natural language processing (NLP) to analyze data sources, such as user sentiments, conversational intent, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Rovio Uses ML to Acquire, Retain, and Monetize Users (GAM304) Understanding gamer behavior is critical in acquiring, retaining, and monetizing users effectively. The cycle requires constant fine-tuning through expensive and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Advanced VPC Design and New Capabilities for Amazon VPC (NET303) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to have complete control over your AWS virtual networking environment. Given this control, have you ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Meet Preston, and Explore Your Digital Twin in Virtual Reality (GPSTEC321) Take a journey with Preston, an Amazon Sumerian host, to diagnose and explore a 3D printed jet engine in virtual reality. Preston follows your commands to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Scaling a Fantasy Sports Platform with Amazon ElastiCache & Amazon Aurora STP11 Dream11 is India's leading sports-tech startup. It has a growing base of 40 million+ users playing multiple sports, including fantasy cricket, football, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Security Observability: Democratizing Security in the Cloud (DEV206-S) In the world of security monitoring and alerting, there is an increasing number of opportunities and advanced technologies. People look for better ways to gain ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Simplifying Microsoft Architectures with AWS Services (WIN306) In this session, learn how to architect Microsoft solutions on AWS for both high availability and scalability. Discover how Microsoft solutions can leverage AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Architecting ASP.NET Core Microservices Applications on AWS (WIN401) In this session, learn how to architect, configure, and deploy an ASP.NET Core microservices application running in containerized AWS Fargate tasks. We cover ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
AWS and Symantec: Cyber Defense at Scale (SEC311-S) Learn how Symantec uses AWS to provide complete, integrated security solutions that monitor and protect companies and governments from hackers. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
A Deeper Look at How Veeam is Evolving Availability on AWS (STG206-S) Veeam has made significant enhancements to its platform, focusing on the availability of AWS workloads over the past year. Join this technical deep dive where ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Connecting Existing Machines to Tomorrow's IoT, ft. Deutsche Bahn (IOT303-R1) The overwhelming majority of today's industrial machines is not internet-ready. This is because many industrial machines lack connectivity or have proprietary or ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Accelerate Database Development and Testing with Amazon Aurora (DAT313) Build faster, more scalable database applications with Amazon Aurora, a MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database built for the cloud. We cover ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Managing & Analyzing Large Volumes of Logs Data in Amazon CloudWatch (DEV375) In this session, we will talk about many of the challenges with managing application log data. We will walk through how to ingest, manage, and analyze large ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Data & Analysis with Amazon Neptune: A Study in Healthcare Billing (HLC303) In this session, learn how to better analyze your data for patterns and inform decisions by pairing relational databases with a number of AWS services, including ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Nubank Automates Fine-Grained Security with IAM, AWS Lambda, & CI/CD FSV325 Cloud-native and with security integrated early in the software development process, Nubank is the largest digital bank in the world outside of Asia. Demand for ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon S3: Manage Operations Across Amazon S3 Objects at Scale (STG212) As your data stores grow, managing and operating on your stored objects becomes increasingly difficult to scale. In this session, AWS experts demonstrate ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Alexa and AWS IoT, ft. VIZIO (IOT302-R1) Voice is a natural interface to interact not just with the world around us, but also with physical assets and things, such as connected home devices, including ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Modern Cloud Data Warehousing ft. Equinox Fitness Clubs (ANT202-R) Most companies are overrun with data, yet they lack critical insights to make timely and accurate business decisions. They are missing the opportunity to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Best Practices for Making Money with Alexa Skills (ALX302) In this session, we walk you through the process of designing and adding in-skill purchasing to your skills. Experienced developers share their in-skill ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Hollywood's Cloud-Based Content Lakes: Modernized Media Archives (MAE203) Content lake architecture can evolve the media workflow by providing efficiency from content security all the way to value-added services, such as machine ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
TIBCO: AI and Data Science Innovation with Amazon SageMaker (ANT329-S) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is right here, right now—and it's changing our lives. The need for business optimization, combined with explosive growth in data and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Introducing the New Features of AWS Greengrass (IOT365) With AWS Greengrass, you can bring local compute, messaging, data caching, sync, and machine-learning inference capabilities to edge devices. Join us in this ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon FreeRTOS: IoT Operating System for Microcontrollers (IOT208-R1) In this presentation, we take a deeper look at Amazon FreeRTOS. As OEMs work to squeeze more functionality onto cheaper and smaller IoT devices, they face ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon Prime Video: Delivering the Amazing Video Experience (CTD203-R1) In this session, hear engineers from Amazon Prime Video and Amazon CloudFront discuss how they have architected and optimized their video delivery for ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Alexa, Where's My Car? Test Drive of AWS Connected Vehicle Solution (AMT301) The transformation of the auto industry from manufacturers to mobility providers is centered on seamlessly and safely connecting vehicles to the outside world. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Hadoop/Spark to Amazon EMR, Architect It for Security & Governance (ANT312) Customers are migrating their analytics, data processing (ETL), and data science workloads running on Apache Hadoop/Spark to AWS in order to save costs, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build Data Engineering Platforms with Amazon EMR (ANT204) Amazon EMR provides a flexible range of service customization options, enabling customers to use it as a building block for their data platforms. In this session ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Better, Faster, Cheaper Cost Optimizing Compute with Amazon EC2 Fleet (CMP201) Amazon EC2 Fleet makes it easier than ever to grow your compute capacity and enable new types of cloud computing applications while maintaining the lowest ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
ML Workflows with Amazon SageMaker and AWS Step Functions (API325) Learn how you can build, train, and deploy machine learning workflows for Amazon SageMaker on AWS Step Functions. Learn how to stitch together services, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Choosing the Right Messaging Service for Your Distributed App (API305) In the cloud, modern apps are decoupled into independent building blocks, called microservices, which are easier to develop, deploy, and maintain. Messaging ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Backing Up Amazon EC2 with Amazon EBS Snapshots (CMP301-R1) With Amazon EBS, you can easily create a simple point-in-time backup for your Amazon EC2 instances. In this deep dive session, you learn how to use Amazon ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Development Using Distributed Deep Learning CMP304 Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is an industry pioneer focused on using machine learning to help Toyota produce cars that are safer, more accessible, and more ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon EC2 Instances & Performance Optimization Best Practices (CMP307-R1) Amazon EC2 provides a broad selection of instance types to accommodate a diverse mix of workloads. In this session, we provide an overview of the Amazon ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
What’s New in Amazon EC2, Containers, & Serverless (CMP207-L) Matt Garman, VP of AWS Compute Services, introduces the latest innovations in the compute space. In this keynote address, we announce new compute ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Get the Most out of Your Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domain (ANT334-R1) Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) makes it easy to deploy and use Elasticsearch in the AWS Cloud to search your data and analyze your logs. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Powering Next-Gen EC2 Instances: Deep Dive into the Nitro System (CMP303-R1) The Nitro system is a rich collection of building block technologies that include hardware offload and security components built on AWS. It is powering the next ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Best Practices for Running Oracle Databases on Amazon RDS (DAT317) Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) continues to be a popular choice for Oracle DBAs moving new and legacy workloads to the cloud. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building PaaS with Amazon EKS for Highly Regulated Enterprise (CON309-R1) Containers make it easy to build and deploy applications by abstracting away the underlying operating system. But how do you build secure and compliant ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Migrating Your NoSQL Database to Amazon DynamoDB (DAT314) AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) and AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) can help migrate databases from many supported data sources to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
New Approach to Monitoring in the Cloud: Migrate to AWS w/ NETSCOUT (DEV208-S) The allure of the cloud is compelling and offers greater agility, elasticity, and reduced capex. Businesses seek to reap these benefits by migrating to AWS, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Netflix: Iterating on Stateful Services in the Cloud (DAT406) While stateless services are suitable for many architectures, stateful services are also useful and sometimes overlooked. In this session, we hear from Netflix ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Visibility into Serverless Applications built using AWS Fargate (CON312-R1) Ever wondered how you would get visibility into your application when you go serverless? In this session, we will dive deep into various visibility aspects of your ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Operational Excellence w/ Containerized Workloads Using AWS Fargate (CON320-R1) This session will focus on how leveraging Fargate and its serverless approach to deploying and managing containers will help increase operational efficiencies ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Migrating Databases to the Cloud with AWS Database Migration Service (DAT207) Learn how to convert and migrate your relational databases, nonrelational databases, and data warehouses to the cloud. AWS Database Migration Service ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Oath Built a Multi-Region GDPR Application with Amazon DynamoDB (DAT325) As Oath, a Verizon company, prepared for GDPR compliance during integration of AOL and Yahoo! Internet properties, a global user consent and terms of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Running a High-Performance Kubernetes Cluster with Amazon EKS (CON318-R1) How do you ensure that a containerized system can handle the needs of your application? Designing and testing for performance is a critical aspect of operating ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deep Dive on PostgreSQL Databases on Amazon RDS (DAT324) In this session, we provide an overview of the PostgreSQL options available on AWS, and do a deep dive on Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Running Production Workloads in VMware Cloud on AWS (ENT313-S) VMware Cloud on AWS is the best path to move enterprise workloads into AWS. In this technical session, we walk through the VMware Cloud on AWS platform ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Overview of Amazon Digital User Engagement Solutions (DIG205-L) This session, we describe how AWS provides the Amazon customer-centric culture of innovation, key technology building blocks, and a user engagement ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting from CI/CD Toolsets w/ Corteva (DEV348) Cloud engineering teams at Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, have a challenge: how to support a global business of research scientists ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deep Dive into AWS X-Ray: Monitor Modern Applications (DEV324) Are you spending hours trying to understand how customers are impacted by performance issues and faults in your service-oriented applications? IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Embracing New Operating Models at Vanguard (FSV308-S-i) Curious to understand how operating model changes are key to cloud adoption? Last year, Vanguard presented its journey to the cloud. CTO Jeff Dowds ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building Hulu’s Real-Time Platform for Live TV with Amazon Pinpoint (MOB304) At Hulu, notifying our viewers when their favorite teams are playing helps us drive growth and improve viewer engagement. However, building this feature was a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Autonomous DevSecOps: Five Steps to a Self-Driving Cloud (ENT214-S) In this session, we outline the five levels of cloud operations automation, providing a clear path and maturity model for achieving security, compliance, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Best Practices for AWS PrivateLink (NET301) AWS PrivateLink is a networking service that allows you to increase the security, scale, and resiliency of your services. In this session, we review the way AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Leadership Session: Cloud Adoption & the Future of Financial Services FSV201-iL Financial institutions are harnessing AWS capabilities to transform their existing businesses and bring innovative new solutions to market. In this session, Frank ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Transform the Modern Contact Center Using Machine Learning & Analytics (AIM304) Analyzing customer service interactions across channels provides a complete 360-degree view of customers. By capturing all interactions, you can better identify ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Monitor All Your Things: Amazon CloudWatch in Action with BBC (DEV302) Come learn what's new with Amazon CloudWatch, and watch as we leverage new capabilities to better monitor our systems and resources. We also walk you ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Smart & Interactive Apps w/ Intelligent Language Services on AWS (AIM303) Amazon brings natural language processing, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech services, and neural machine translation technologies within the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Building Massively Parallel Event-Driven Architectures (SRV373-R1) Data and events are the lifeblood of any modern application. By using stateless, loosely coupled microservices communicating through events, developers can ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Real-Time Personalized Customer Experiences at Bonobos (RET203) In this session, learn how Bonobos, an online retailer for men's clothing and accessories, powers their personalized customer experiences on top of AWS. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
SD-WAN to Manage Your AWS Environment & Branch Office Connectivity (NET311-R2) As customers put more workloads into AWS, the number of Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) a customer needs to manage grows. Scaling out an AWS environment ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 2] Optimizing Your Serverless Applications (SRV401-R2) Are you an experienced serverless developer? Do you want a handy guide for unleashing the full power of serverless architectures for your production ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Detecting Credential Compromise in AWS (SEC389) Credential compromise in the cloud is not a threat that a single company faces. Rather, it is a widespread concern as more and more companies operate in the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Empowering Transformation at the Cusp of Radical Technology (TLC201-L) The Telecom industry is at the cusp of major transformation. On the technological side, the advent of 5G networks with the promise for massive mobile ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Using AWS Lambda as a Security Team (SEC322-R1) Operating a security practice on AWS brings many new challenges and opportunities that have not been addressed in data center environments. The dynamic ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT] Enterprise DevOps: Begin with Production-Ready Migration (ENT217-R) DevOps is a powerful movement that can help enterprises speed up their rate of innovation. But many customers think DevOps can work only with their ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Landing Zone Design: What to Do When Your Company Splits in Half (ENT318) Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of news and information for professional markets. Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building a Governance, Risk, and Compliance Strategy with AWS (WPS204) In this session, learn how Dr. Julia Lane, Director of the Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) at NYU, used AWS and AWS Public Sector Partner ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Managing Modern Infrastructure in Enterprises (ENT227-R1) In this session, Verizon shares how it uses AWS Systems Manager for inventory, compliance, and patch management solutions. Learn about the challenges that ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Vanguard Matured IAM Controls to Support Micro Accounts (SEC324) In this session, learn how Vanguard has matured their IAM controls and automation to support a micro-account strategy, providing further agility to developers ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
What's New from AWS for M&E, & The Executive Perspective (MAE201-L) In this wide-ranging keynote session, first hear from AWS VP Carla Stratfold on the major forces affecting the industry, then learn from AWS Global M&E Tech ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Cost-Optimize Your Microsoft Workloads on AWS (WIN201) In this session, we cover practical steps for cost-optimizing your Microsoft workloads on AWS from both a licensing and infrastructure perspective. We discuss ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How UCSD Simplified Data Protection with Rubrik and AWS (STG207-S) Are you dealing with legacy system complexities when integrating your backup and recovery solution with the cloud? Rubrik can help you simplify data ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Industrialize Machine Learning Using CI/CD Techniques (FSV304-i) As financial institutions look to accelerate and scale their use of machine learning, they need to address questions related to specific results, such as the version ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Orion Health CISO & Ops Unite for a Secure DevOps Practice (SEC308-S) The race is on. Development teams are moving fast while security teams play catch-up to protect the business. Security is often the department of 'No', slowing ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Leadership Session: AWS IoT (IOT218-L) In this session delivered by the VP of AWS IoT, we cover how AWS IoT is being deployed across consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. See how ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building a Data Lake for Your Enterprise, ft. Sysco (STG309) Data lakes are transforming the way enterprises store, analyze, and learn insights from their data. While data lakes are a relatively new concept, many ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build and Govern Your Data Lakes with AWS Glue (ANT309) As data volumes grow and customers store more data on AWS, they often have valuable data that is not easily discoverable and available for analytics. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Customizing Your Amazon Connect Contact Center (BAP309) Hear from Amazon Connect customers on how they seamlessly integrated their business applications with Amazon Connect using a combination of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Self-Service & Standardization in the First 100 Days - Cloud Migration (ENT320) In this session, learn how GoDaddy achieved self-service, standardization, and governance through AWS Service Catalog in the first 100 days of their cloud ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] The New Normal for Mission-Critical SAP Workloads (ENT219-R1) In order to increase business agility, drive transformation, and reduce costs, enterprise customers are moving their entire SAP landscapes to AWS. Examples of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Customer Journey w/ AWS Analytics to Drive Revenue & Retention PUT201 European energy provider, Innogy / Essent, has increased conversion by 9% and decreased the cost of acquisition by 50%. It uses data to understand its ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
We Power Tech: Lightning Talks with Executive Women in Tech (WPT201-S) Diversity in technology often starts with a focus on women. How do we prioritize the inclusion of women from all communities (race, gender identity, ability status, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Automate Security Learning at Scale (ANT335-S) The mountain of data generated by your deployment can be a valuable source of insight for your security practice IF you take advantage of some key tools on the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Vonage & Aspect: Transform Communications & Customer Engagement (TLC306) In this session, learn from market-leader Vonage how and why they re-architected their QoS-sensitive, highly available and highly performant legacy real-time ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
From Idea to Customers: Developing Modern Cloud-Enabled Apps with AWS (MOB201) Do you have an idea for an app but don't know where to start? In this session, we walk you through the process of taking your idea to reality, and we show you ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Broadcasting Sporting Events: AWS Media Services When It Matters Most (CTD206) Learn how TV New Zealand and France Televisions broadcast the Commonwealth Games and a major cycling event using AWS Media Services. Broadcasting ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building a Hybrid Architecture: Enterprise Backup & Recovery (ENT212-S) Have you ever had sleepless nights because you couldn't meet your Recovery Point and Time Objectives? What about recovering data in the event of a disaster ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Data Teams: The Moral Compass of AI (STP01) Do we have a moral role as data scientists? How do you balance your responsibility to do what's best for the company with your moral responsibility as a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Reliable & Scalable Redis in the Cloud with Amazon ElastiCache (DAT202) This session covers the features and enhancements in our Redis-compatible service, Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. We cover key features, such as Redis 5, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Implementation of Amazon Connect, Powered by Accenture (FSV306-S) Late in 2017, Mutual of Omaha began a cloud journey to modernize its legacy contact centers. Using Amazon Connect—supported by Amazon Lex, Amazon ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] From One to Many: Evolving VPC Design (ARC309-R1) As more customers adopt Amazon VPC architectures, the features and flexibility of the service are encountering the obstacles of evolving design requirements. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL Server on AWS (GPSTEC314) In this session, we dive deep on best practices and design considerations for running Microsoft SQL Server on AWS. We cover how to choose between running ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Globalizing Player Accounts at Riot Games While Maintaining Availability ARC314 The Player Accounts team at Riot Games needed to consolidate the player account infrastructure and provide a single, global accounts system for the League of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
We Power Tech: Everyday Actions to Be a Better Ally (WPT202-S) Have you ever thought, "I care about a more diverse and inclusive workplace, but what can I do? I'm not the VP of HR or Head of Diversity & Inclusion at my ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Fully Realizing the Microservices Vision with Service Mesh (DEV312-S) The service mesh is becoming the most critical component of the cloud-native stack, with users ranging from small startups to Internet giants and traditional ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
A Chronicle of Airbnb Architecture Evolution (ARC407) Airbnb is going through tremendous growth internationally, evolving from a home sharing company to a global travel community with many product offerings. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Releasing Mission-Critical Software at Amazon (DEV209-R1) Come join us as we take a deeper look at Amazon's approach to releasing mission-critical software. In this session, we take a journey through the release ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] What's New with the AWS CLI (DEV322-R1) We're working on a new major version of the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), a command-line tool for interacting with AWS services and managing ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Architecting Security & Governance across your AWS Landing Zone (SEC303-R1) Whether it is per business unit or per application, many AWS customers use multiple accounts to meet their infrastructure isolation, separation of duties, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Predictive Scaling for More Responsive Applications (API330) Get a jump on traffic surges with Predictive Auto Scaling. AWS Auto Scaling now responds more quickly by analyzing past traffic trends. The new predictive ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Supercharge GuardDuty w/ Partners: Threat & Response at Scale GPSTEC304 Amazon GuardDuty has the ability to detect threats. However, threat detection is only the first step. In this session, we combine the high fidelity findings of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
#BUIDLing the Decentralized Future on Ethereum (STP05) Over the past few years, the number of companies exploring blockchain solutions has skyrocketed, but for most, it is unclear where to start and what the right use ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Aetion’s Journey to AWS CodePipeline, AWS CloudFormation, & Amazon ECS (STP04) In this talk, Junaid Kapadia, DevOps manager and staff software engineer for Aetion Systems, speaks about the company's journey from a Chef, Jenkins, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Optimizing Network Performance for Amazon EC2 Instances (CMP308-R1) Many customers are using Amazon EC2 instances to run applications with high performance networking requirements. In this session, we provide an overview ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
AI/ML with Data Lakes: Counterintuitive Consumer Insights in Retail (RET206) In this session, learn how data scientists in the retail industry, from companies like Tapestry, Coach, and Kate Spade, are finding new, counterintuitive consumer ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Maximize Cloud Elasticity and Agility in 5 Easy Steps (ENT216-S) Many customers lack the experience and skills to optimize performance and cost in the cloud. The breadth of AWS offerings meets any application need at any ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Worldwide Public Sector Breakfast Hosted by Teresa Carlson (WPS01) The World Wide Public Sector Breakfast Keynote will feature Teresa Carlson, VP, World Wide Public Sector for Amazon Web Services. Customers will hear the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Data Engineering the Startup Way (STP06) Join representatives from Uptake Technologies to learn about data engineering the startup way. They cover Uptake's evolution as a startup organization and its ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Infrastructure Is Code with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (DEV372) The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is a new open-source framework from AWS that enables developers to harness the full power of modern ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Vanguard's Journey with Tableau to the AWS Cloud (FSV307-S) With over $5 trillion in assets under management, Vanguard requires a secure, flexible, and fast data and analytics platform. By deploying Tableau on AWS, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive: Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB (DAT401) This session is for those who already have some familiarity with DynamoDB. The patterns and data models discussed in this session summarize a collection of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
The Theory and Math Behind Data Privacy and Security Assurance (SEC301) Data privacy and security are top concerns for customers in the cloud. In this session, the AWS Automated Reasoning group shares the advanced technologies, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Chart Your Journey with AWS Best Practices (SEC201-R1) As with everything in life there is an easy way and a hard way when it comes to adopting security framework recommendations. Featuring the AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Fannie Mae Processes over a Quarter Million Loans per Day w/ Amazon S3 (WPS305) In this session, Fannie Mae discusses how they completely re-architected a mission-critical application using AWS native services that process hundreds of ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Operationalizing Machine Learning to Deliver Content at Scale (MAE306) The world's leading content creators, broadcasters, OTT providers, and distributors rely on Deluxe's experience and expertise to globally create, transform, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Digital Transformation Through APIs (SRV323) An effective API strategy is critical to digital transformation and rapid innovation. In this session, we deep dive into advanced capabilities of Amazon API Gateway ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Delivering on the Promise of AI Together (AIS301) Rohit Prasad Amazon AI We are living in a golden age of artificial intelligence (AI). Machines have already surpassed humans in some specific tasks, including ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Intuit TurboTax Ran Entirely on AWS for 2017 Taxes (ARC307) In this session, Intuit presents how they prepared TurboTax to take the production load, and how they gained the confidence to run their 2017 peak activity ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Modernizing Media Supply Chains with AWS Serverless (API301) Learn how Fox and Discovery modernized their media processing workflows to positively impact operations and business results. In this session, we examine ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Capacity Management Made Easy with Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling (CMP377) Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling removes the complexity of capacity planning to help customers improve application availability and reduce costs. In this session, we ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Unbiased Learning from Biased User Feedback (AIS304) Logged user interactions are one of the most ubiquitous forms of data available because they can be recorded from a variety of systems (e.g., search engines, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Unlock the Potential of Your Media Assets, Fox Entertainment Group (AIM406) Machine learning (ML) enables developers to build scalable solutions that maximizes the use of media assets through automatic metadata extraction. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Become an IAM Policy Master in 60 Minutes or Less (SEC316-R1) Are you interested in becoming a IAM policy master and learning about powerful techniques for controlling access to AWS resources? If your answer is “yes,” this ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Sell on AWS Marketplace (GPSMP202) In this session, we describes the steps for listing your product on AWS Marketplace. Learn how leading ISVs are reaching new customers and decreasing the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build Cloud-Native Applications in an Enterprise Environment (BAP205-S) Learn how Volkswagen Financial Services is reaching its ambition to have core financial products online, worldwide by 2022. In this session, Daniel Matthies, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Mainframe Modernization with AWS: Patterns and Best Practices (GPSTEC305) Customers have compelling business reasons to modernize and migrate mainframe workloads to AWS. Mainframes typically process complex and critical ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Airbnb's Journey from Self-Managed Redis to ElastiCache for Redis (DAT319) At Airbnb, we use Redis extensively as an in-memory data store to reduce latency and provide sub-millisecond response for our website, search, images, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Building Microservices with Containers (CON308-R1) Microservices are minimal function services that are deployed separately, but can interact together to function as a broader application. Microservices can be ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building Blockchain Platforms Beyond a Proof of Concept (GPSTEC317) Blockchain is a distributed ledger-based technology that enables you to uniquely solve inefficiencies in business networks. However, like any exchange of value ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Migrating Real-Time Sports Scores to the Cloud via Low-Latency Messaging API202 In this session, learn how media company Turner Broadcasting delivers real-time sports scores to high-profile sites like the NCAA and PGA using Amazon MQ. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build, Deploy, & Operate Mobile Web Apps with Serverless Backends MOB305 Modern web apps are increasingly decoupled, with front-end assets deployed globally using a CDN and the backend powered by multiple microservices. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
A Practitioner's Guide to Securing Your Cloud (Like an Expert) (SEC203-R1) New to AWS? Given the number of AWS services there are, you may think that it's going to take a lot of work to get your security house in order in the cloud. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Use Alexa to Reach New Customers by Developing for Multiple Screens (ALX313) Learn how the new Alexa Presentation Language makes it easy to develop interactive voice and touch experiences that are portable to any Alexa enabled ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Intelligent Systems for Cancer Genomics (AIS305) One of the most exciting frontiers in science is building automated systems that use existing biomedical data to understand and ultimately treat human disease. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Application Portability with Kubernetes (CMP310-S) Application portability has always been the goal that operators aspire towards. The deployment simplicity in Kubernetes has made this goal attainable, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Layered Perimeter Protection for Apps Running on AWS (CTD201-R1) This is a practical demo-driven session where you will learn about the best practice to protect applications on AWS. We will give an overview of the threats on ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Foundations of AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure (ARC217) The unique global cloud infrastructure offered by AWS helps customers build reliable, available, secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications. AWS has more ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
You've Decided to Buy Cloud Services, Now What? (WPS203) In this session, we look at cloud-ready contracts from around the world. We compare and contrast these contracts through scope identification, end-user ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Kabbage’s Long Strange Trip to Data Democratization (STP07) In 2016, small business financing company, Kabbage, began forging a path to migrating its aging data warehouse infrastructure to something new. In this talk ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Using AWS End User Computing Services for Your Modern Workforce (BAP204-L) Tens of thousands of customers are moving their desktops and application infrastructure to the cloud to help IT be more efficient and help their employees be ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Fender is Automating Its Manufacturing Operations with AWS (IOT220-R) In this session, we explain how combining IoT and AI technologies, such as computer vision, enables you to increase the productivity of a manufacturing process ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deploying Microservices using AWS Fargate (CON315-R1) KPMG have built a customer due diligence solution for a high-profile banking client in AWS. The solution is made up of a number of microservices which are ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Merck & Co. – Driving Business Innovation with Adaptive Data Foundation HLC202S Imagine having accumulated 125 years of global human health data that you rely on to address critical questions and concerns, respond to legal inquiries, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
From Monolith to Microservices (And All the Bumps along the Way) (CON360-R1) Applications built on a microservices-based architecture and packaged as containers bring several benefits to your organization. In this session, Duolingo, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Architecting for Healthcare Compliance on AWS (HLC301-i) In this session, learn how to architect for AWS for healthcare compliance. Join Pat Combes, AWS Healthcare Technical Lead, and hear the latest on AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Get SaaSy with Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (CON305-S) Making AWS services accessible from within OpenShift is seamless. From a single platform, operations teams can administer AWS services, and developers can ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build & Deploy ML Models Quickly & Easily with Amazon SageMaker (AIM404) Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed platform that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Creating Movie Magic with Computational Simulations (AIS303) Rapid improvements in computational simulation have driven advances in many industries that rely on modelling natural phenomena. In particular, visual effects ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with React Native, GraphQL, & AWS (MOB324) If you want to rapidly release a mobile app, leveraging cross-platform development techniques using a commonly known language is a proven strategy. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT] Deep Dive on Amazon Rekognition, ft. Tinder & News UK (AIM307-R) Join us for a deep dive on the latest features of Amazon Rekognition. Learn how to easily add intelligent image and video analysis to applications in order to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deep Learning Applications Using Apache MXNet, Featuring Workday (AIM407-R) The Apache MXNet deep learning framework is used for developing, training, and deploying diverse AI applications, including computer vision, speech ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Scale SAP HANA In-Memory DB on EC2 Instances with up to 12 TB Memory (CMP309) EC2 High Memory instances offer 6 TB, 9 TB, and 12 TB of memory in a single instance. These instances are purpose-built to run large in-memory databases, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Keep Your Career Relevant & Not Be Automated out of Existence (ENT211-S) The tsunami of technology disruption is far from over. The public cloud is disrupting the global IT industry, similar to how Uber and Airbnb re-invented the taxi ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Pragmatic Quantum Machine Learning Today (AIS308) Quantum computing's theoretical potential to exponentially speed up deep learning stands in sharp contrast to the current reality. Implementations are imperfect ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Security Challenges & Use Cases in the Modern Application (ANT209-S) Modern application build-and-deploy workflows are creating new challenges for traditional security models. Traditional workflows need to be recast in new ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Leveraging Amazon SageMaker to Drive Rapid Innovation (STP03) Too often, data scientists build potentially high-impact models that never see the light of day due to deployment obstacles. At Convoy, data science is at the core ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Enabling Patient Centricity for Pfizer through AWS Cloud (LFS301-S-i) Pfizer needed the ability to perform rapid analysis on its set of real-world evidence (RWE) data to improve patient outcomes, but its existing platform could not ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How to Move Data to Amazon S3 and Access It On-Premises (DEM103) Join this demo-driven session to learn about a simple way to move data rapidly into Amazon S3. Then, see how to access it on-premises with AWS Storage ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Leadership Session: Accelerating Transformation in Life Sciences (LFS201-iL) In this session, learn our vision for continued innovation in the life sciences industry and how AWS services can help. Gain insight into the key cloud computing ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Continuous Integration Best Practices (DEV319-R1) Today, more teams are adopting continuous integration (CI) techniques to enable collaboration, increase agility, and deliver a high-quality product faster. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility (DAT305-R1) Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL Compatibility is a relational database service that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Migrating to AWS Fargate (CON311-R1) AWS Fargate makes it easy to run containers by removing the need to provision, scale, or manage servers. In this session, learn the rationale behind some of the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Securing Your Virtual Data Center in the Cloud (NET202) In this introductory session, we cover how to secure your resources in the cloud for common AWS workloads such as Amazon EC2 computing, database, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Deep Learning for Developers: Introduction, Featuring Samsung SDS (AIM301-R1) Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, and much of the advancement is driven by deep learning, a machine learning technique inspired by the inner ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Running Lean Architectures: How to Optimize for Cost Efficiency (ARC202-R2) Aimed at solutions architects and technical managers, this session focuses on the practical ways our customers achieve cost-efficient architectures through ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive on Amazon Aurora with MySQL Compatibility (DAT304-R1) Amazon Aurora is a fully managed relational database service that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building Engaging Mobile Apps (DEM117) Join us to learn how AWS enables developers to build enaging experiences across the web and mobile devices. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Designing for a Data-Driven Economy (AIS307) The abundance of data available today has been described as a sea change and its own economy. Data has enabled new products, services, businesses, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build a Hybrid Cloud Architecture Using AWS Landing Zones (ENT304-R1) Application modernization projects with AWS start with creating an AWS Landing Zone. Based on AWS best practices, AWS Landing Zones help ensure a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Transforming Consumer Banking with a 100% Cloud-Based Bank (FSV204) Customer demands for higher levels of service and value, constantly evolving technology capabilities, and stringent regulatory requirements are all powerful ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Top Cloud Security Myths - Dispelled! (SEC202-R1) In this session, we cover the most common cloud security questions that we hear from customers. We provide detailed answers for each question, distilled from ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Scale Your Studio: Rendering with Spot and Deadline on AWS (CMP202) What if you could scale your rendering pipeline to near-limitless capacity- what would that mean for your studio? Learn how Amazon EC2 Spot and AWS ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
The Perimeter is Dead. Long Live the Perimeters. (SEC312-S) Traditional data center environments have regarded the network boundary as a stable perimeter of defense, using gateway firewalls for effective protection. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Making Aerial Micro-Drones a Reality (AIS306) The concept of insect-scale aerial drones has long been in the realm of science fiction rather than reality, especially since powering such small drones is ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] What's New in Amazon Aurora (DAT204-R1) Amazon Aurora is a MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible relational database with the speed, reliability, and availability of commercial databases at one-tenth ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Five Ways Application Insights Impact Migration Success (DEV207-S) This session examines the key approaches and technologies required to obtain a unified view across server, network, code, database, container, and cloud. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Optimizing Storage for Enterprise Workloads and Migrations (STG202) In this session, we focus on best practices for AWS block and file storage when supporting enterprise workloads (like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft applications, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Protecting Amazon EC2 Instances, Relational DBs & NoSQL Workloads STG304-S For many IT professionals, cloud data protection can be challenging. In this session, we explore options for protecting and restoring your Amazon EC2 instances, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Mastering Kubernetes on AWS (CON301-R1) Kubernetes offers a powerful abstraction layer for managing containerized infrastructure. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Corteva Scales DNA Analysis to Meet Increasing Business Demand (ENT218-S) Corteva Agriscience, the agricultural division of DowDuPont, produces as much DNA sequence data every six hours as existed in the entire public sphere in ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Drug Discovery Innovation in a Precompetitive Cloud Platform (LFS302-S) Informatics systems used by research scientists today have significant limitations, since they come from many vendors, use different data formats, and were ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Patient-Focused Data Science: Machine Learning for Complex Diseases (AIM203-S) Curious about how Amazon machine learning (ML) services can enable healthcare organizations to find the insights they need to survive and thrive? Join us to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Faster, Better, Cheaper: AI Apps in One-Tenth the Time and Cost (AIM207-S) In this session, learn how the C3 Platform on AWS is architected and why it accelerates the development of enterprise-scale AI applications. Hear how ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Moving 400 Engineers to AWS: Our Journey to Secure Adoption (SEC306-S) Join us, and learn how we made AWS our backbone, modularized our software for the cloud, and gained an immediate surge in velocity. In this session, we walk ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Create Immersive Experiences Using Amazon Sumerian (ARV204-R1) Anyone can create and publish augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D applications quickly and easily with Amazon Sumerian. In this session, learn ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
The Role White Men Play in Creating a Culture of Full Inclusion (WPT204-S) Everyone has a role to play in creating and sustaining an inclusive work environment, but white men often opt out of, or are excluded from, diversity and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Hands-on in the AWS Java Ecosystem (DEV325-R1) The AWS SDK for Java 2.0 includes a number of new features and performance improvements. Using real code examples, we'll build a serverless application ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Advanced Continuous Delivery Best Practices (DEV317-R1) Continuous delivery (CD) enables teams to be more agile and quickens the pace of innovation. Too often, however, teams adopt CD without putting the right ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 1] Deep Dive on Amazon S3 Security and Management (STG303-R1) In this session, learn best practices for data security in Amazon S3. We discuss the fundamentals of Amazon S3 security architecture and dive deep into the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Extending Data Centers to Cloud: Connectivity Options & Best Practices NET302 Many enterprises on their journey to the cloud require consistent and highly secure connectivity between their existing data center and AWS footprints. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Security Best Practices for Microsoft Workloads (WIN307) Deploying Microsoft products on AWS is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Before deploying these applications to production, it's helpful to have guidance on ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Accelerate Innovation & Maximize Business Value w/ Serverless Apps (SRV212-R1) In today's tech-driven world, an organization's architecture is a competitive differentiator. A key piece of this advantage lies in the ability to move—fast. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Thomson Reuters: How It Hosted NET App on ECS Using Windows Containers (CON314) In this session, we detail how Thomson Reuters hosted its critical enterprise .NET Framework application on Amazon ECS using Windows containers. We also ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Bridge OLTP & Stream Processing w/ Kinesis, AWS Lambda, MongoDB Atlas ARC330-S Seamlessly bridge your application's real-time operational surfaces—which face customers, devices, and latency-sensitive components—to its data processing ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Instacart’s Catalog Flourished While Hyper-Growing (ANT328-S) In this session, we learn how Instacart reimagined its catalog data processing pipeline to utilize Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. Instacart grew ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Pac-12 Streams Hundreds of Live Events (CTD306) The way viewers expect to consume sports is completely changing, so Pac-12 Networks is completely changing the core of its video delivery infrastructure by ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Computing at the Edge with AWS Greengrass & Amazon FreeRTOS, ft. Enel (IOT213) Edge computing is all about moving compute power to the source of the data instead of having to bring it to the cloud. The edge is a fundamental part of IoT, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT] CI/CD for Serverless and Containerized Applications (DEV309-R) To get the most out of the agility afforded by serverless and containers, it is essential to build CI/CD pipelines that help teams iterate on code and quickly release ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Customer-Centric Contact Centers w/ Amazon Connect & Machine Learning (FSV301) How can Financial Services companies meet growing customer demands for personalized, high-quality service while satisfying regulatory obligations? IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
PaaS – From Code to Running Application using AWS Elastic Beanstalk (DEV323) Come learn how Elastic Beanstalk can help you go from code to running application in a matter of minutes, without the need to provision or manage any of the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Architecting Next Generation Serverless SaaS Solutions on AWS (ARC324-R) The emergence of serverless infrastructure and services represents a fundamental shift in how developers approach architecting applications. This is especially ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Digital Advertising - Customer Learning & the Road Ahead (ADT201-L) In this session, learn how experienced leaders in digital advertising respond to the rapid evolution and sophistication of the advertising market driven by ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon VPC: Security at the Speed Of Light (NET313) With Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) you can build your own virtual data center networks in seconds. Every VPC is free, but it comes with ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Containerize Legacy .NET Framework Web Apps for Cloud Migration (WIN305) In this session, we cover how to leverage Docker for Windows and the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) as an effective solution for migrating ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Chris Dyl, Director of Platform at Epic Games, Speaks at Monday Night Live Learn more about Amazon Game Tech at - Epic Games uses AWS to deliver Fortnite to more than 200 million players around the world, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Pebbles Sy-Manalang, CIO of Globe Telecom, Speaks at Global Partner Summit Learn more about the AWS Partner Network (APN) at - Using AWS and the AWS Partner Network (APN), Globe Telecom reduced its ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Keith Bigelow, GM and SVP at GE Healthcare, Speaks at Monday Night Live Learn more about Amazon EC2 P3 Instances at - GE Healthcare is using Amazon SageMaker to build, train, and deploy ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Bernd Heinemann, Board Member at Allianz, Speaks at Global Partner Summit Learn more about the AWS Partner Network at - Using AWS and the AWS Partner Network (APN), Allianz is migrating more than 300 ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[NEW LAUNCH!] Announcing AWS RoboMaker: A New Cloud Robotics Service (ROB201-R) Robots are no longer just the subject of sci-fi movies. They're now prevalent in our lives, helping us carry out tedious housework, distribute warehouse inventory, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Trends in Digital Transformation (ARC212) As industries digitally transform their existing business models to fend off competitors or disrupt new markets, they find their IT to be a limiting factor. In this ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Modernizing Public Sector in the Cloud (WPS202) As public sector organizations move to the cloud, they're finding it to be a springboard for innovation. Local and regional organizations around the globe are ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Data Privacy & Governance in the Age of Big Data (GPSTEC303) Come to this session to learn a new approach in reducing risk and costs while increasing productivity, organizational alacrity, and customer experience, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Extend HPC Workloads to Amazon EC2 Instances with Intel and Rescale (CMP373-S) Cloud services built on compute-optimized EC2 instances can serve as your next-generation HPC platform. Learn how to utilize the Rescale platform on AWS to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How AWS Minimizes the Blast Radius of Failures (ARC338) At AWS, we obsess over operational excellence. We have a deep understanding of system availability, informed by over a decade of experience operating the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Scaling and Automating DevOps with CloudBees and Spot Instances (GPSTEC310) In this session, we cover architecture opportunities available through the partner network, with solutions such as CloudBees Jenkins, BlazeMeter, Runscope, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Securing SaaS/Web and Windows Apps in a Hybrid Cloud World (SEC314-S) Hybrid cloud architecture creates security, governance, user experience, and performance challenges. In this session, learn to use Citrix Workspace to create a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Changing the Way the Intelligence Community Moves Data (WPS315) In this session, we feature the U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a key stakeholder and sponsor for the new AWS Secret Region, which ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Distributed Solar Systems at EDF Renewables and AWS IoT: A Natural Fit (PUT304) The AWS suite of managed services for IoT enables companies to quickly and easily deploy devices to the edge and synchronize their industrial time-series data ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Behind the Scenes: Exploring the AWS Global Network (NET305) The AWS Global Network provides a secure, highly available, and high- performance infrastructure for customers. In this session, we walk through the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Using AWS Marketplace to Reach Over 190,000 Customers (GPSMP203) In this session, learn about the new, seller-specific features in AWS Marketplace that make it easy for sellers to close transactions with over 190K active ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon Athena: What's New and How SendGrid Innovates (ANT324) Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. Athena is serverless, so there is no ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
All the World’s a Stage: Enriching Minds with OTT Video (CTD204) You don't have to be a big media company to build your own OTT video workflow. Learn how Ravensbourne University created a live-streaming workflow using ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Ticketek Sells 1,000s of Tickets a Minute with AWS Service Catalog (MAE204-S) Learn how the world's third-largest ticketing company uses AWS Service Catalog to automate its entire PCI-compliant platform to better manage peak demand ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
From Russia with Love: Fox Sports World Cup Production (ARC333) The 2018 FIFA World Cup was the biggest production in Fox Sports 20-year history in terms of personnel, hours, and scale. With 64 matches broadcast, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Realize the Promise of Hybrid Cloud with Pure Storage (STG210-S) CIOs have realized that it's not a question of cloud or on premises—both are critical weapons for their success. Technology and architecture must facilitate using ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Control for Your Cloud Environment Using AWS Management Tools (ENT226-R1) As customers migrate to the cloud, IT needs to maintain structured compliance and governance while providing developers with the flexibility to manage cloud ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Proven Methodologies for Accelerating Your Cloud Journey (ENT308-S) In this session, learn how to accelerate your journey to the cloud while implementing a cloud-first strategy and without sacrificing the controls and standards ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Accelerating AWS Migrations Through Agile Transformation (DEV202-S) With an increasingly software-based value chain, Sysco Foods has been aggressively moving its infrastructure to AWS in a bid to maintain competitive position ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
AIoT: AI Meets IoT (IOT204) The intersection of AI and IoT presents new opportunities to create value for your business, capturing new insights from the vast amounts of IoT data available, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building Serverless Analytics Pipelines with AWS Glue (ANT308) Organizations need to gain insight and knowledge from a growing number of IoT, APIs, clickstreams, and unstructured and log data sources. However ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Machine Learning Your Eight-Year-Old Would Be Proud Of (AIM390) Come see examples of how Bebo uses Amazon SageMaker to power massive Fortnite tournaments every week. Traditional sports require referees, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Running Serverless at The Edge (CTD302) AWS Lambda enables you to run code without provisioning or managing servers in an AWS Region. Lambda@Edge provides the same benefits, but runs closer ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Authentication & Authorization in GraphQL with AWS AppSync (MOB402) Modern apps require special consideration for the security and privacy of user data, especially in today's compliance-driven world. In this session, we provide ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
How Amazon Uses AWS Services for Analytics at a Massive Scale (ANT206) As Amazon's consumer business continues to grow, so does the volume of data and the number and complexity of the analytics done in support of the business. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Develop Integrations for Salesforce and AWS (API320) In this session, learn how Autodesk and FinancialForce have developed integrations between Salesforce and AWS applications, analytics, data lakes, and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
SaaS Reference: Review of Real-World Patterns & Strategies (GPSTEC302) There is no single approach to building SaaS applications on AWS. Domain, compliance, performance, legacy considerations, and business forces all play a big ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Scaling Push Messaging for Millions of Netflix Devices (ARC334) Netflix built Zuul Push, a massively scalable push messaging service that handles millions of always-on, persistent connections to proactively push ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
WuXi NextCODE Scales up Genomic Sequencing on AWS (ANT210-S) Genomic sequencing is growing at a rate of 100 million sequences a year, translating into 40 exabytes by the year 2025. Handling this level of growth and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Close Loops & Opening Minds: How to Take Control of Systems, Big & Small ARC337 Whether it's distributing configurations and customer settings, launching instances, or responding to surges in load, having a great control plane is key to the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon EC2 T Instances – Burstable, Cost-Effective Performance (CMP209) In this session, you will learn how to utilize low cost T2 and T3 instances while still having access to sustainable high performance when needed. Designed for ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Breaking Containers: Chaos Engineering for Modern Applications on AWS (CON310) You may have heard of the buzzwords “chaos engineering” and “containers.” But what do they have to do with each other? In this session, we introduce chaos ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity Options (NET201) In this session, we walk through the fundamentals of Amazon VPC. First, we cover build-out and design fundamentals for VPCs, including picking your IP space, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Big Data Analytics Architectural Patterns & Best Practices (ANT201-R1) In this session, we discuss architectural principles that helps simplify big data analytics. We'll apply principles to various stages of big data processing: collect, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Container Power Hour with Jess, Clare, and Abby (CON362) Join Jess Frazelle, from GitHub, and Clare Liguori and Abby Fuller, from AWS, for a container power hour to kick off your re:Invent. In this session, learn how to ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Update on AWS China Regions and Technical Best Practices (GCR201) In this session, we provide an update on the AWS China Region, and we discuss the business and technical best practices occurring there. Whether you're new ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Another Day in the Life of a Cloud Network Engineer at Netflix (NET312) Making decisions today for tomorrow's technology—from DNS to AWS Direct Connect, ELBs to ENIs, VPCs to VPNs, the Cloud Network Engineering team at ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
What's New in AR & VR: State of the World Report (ARV203) In this session, Amazon Sumerian leaders provide an overview of the evolution of the augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) industry. They discuss what has ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Transforming Product Development in the Cloud (ENT306-R) Many organizations that embark on a journey to the cloud view this effort as an opportunity to transform their legacy operations and development practices. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Tape Is a Four Letter Word: Back Up to the Cloud in Under an Hour (STG201) Tape backups. Yes, they're still a thing. If you want to stop using tapes but need to store immutable backups for compliance or operational reasons, attend this ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Developing Well-Architected Android Apps with AWS (MOB302) The architecture of modern native mobile apps is an ever-changing field. In this session, we review the latest Android architecture blueprints for native apps and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Finding Tech Talent: Creating the Next Generation of Cloud Workers (WPS205) On LinkedIn, the #1 skill for three years in a row is “cloud and distributed computing.” The pressure on our educational system to produce tech-ready employees, ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Migrating Your Oracle & SQL Server Databases to Amazon Aurora (DAT318) Organizations today are looking to free themselves from the constraints of on-premises commercial databases and leverage the power of cloud-native and ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Why GE Aviation Migrated from Cassandra to Amazon DynamoDB (DAT332) GE Aviation sells $1.7B annually in parts and services through a customer portal called myGEAviation. To enhance its customers' experience, the portal enables ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Quickly Build a Chatbot with Amazon Lex (DEM115) In this demo, learn how Anki used the Amazon Lex chatbot capability to build interactive games that help students learn better. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Next-Generation e-Commerce Architectures (RET207) In this session, we review the most modern e-commerce architectures, patterns, and technologies that are being used by digital innovators. We examine ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Moving Large Scale Contact Centers to Amazon Connect (BAP324) In this session, you will learn how Intuit and Hilton are migrating their large scale contact centers to Amazon Connect, a self-service, cloud-based contact center ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Serverless Video Ingestion & Analytics with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams ANT208 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams makes it easy to capture live video, play it back, and store it for real-time and batch-oriented ML-driven analytics. In this session ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Amazon DynamoDB Under the Hood: How We Built a Hyper-Scale Database (DAT321) Come to this session to learn how Amazon DynamoDB was built as the hyper-scale database for internet-scale applications. In January 2012, Amazon launched ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
CI/CD for Your Machine Learning Pipeline with Amazon SageMaker (DVC303) Amazon SageMaker is a powerful tool that enables us to build, train, and deploy at scale our machine learning-based workloads. With help from AWS CI/CD ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Build AWS Skills Through Community-Led User Groups (DVC202) Did you know that there are over 300 AWS User Groups worldwide? In this session, join a panel discussion featuring AWS community leaders from around the ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Accelerate AI/ML Adoption with Intel Processors and C3IoT on AWS (AIM386-S) Today, organizations deploy more AI/ML workloads on AWS than on any other cloud platform. The cloud has removed many of the challenges associated with ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Applying Principles of Chaos Engineering to Serverless (DVC305) Chaos engineering focuses on improving system resilience through controlled experiments, exposing the inherent chaos and failure modes in our system before ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Optimizing Costs as You Scale on AWS (ENT302) The cloud offers a first-in-a-career opportunity to constantly optimize your costs as you grow and stay on the leading edge of innovation. By developing a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Building Serverless Applications with AWS AppSync (DEM116) In this demo, learn how AWS AppSync can help you develop data-driven mobile apps. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Activision Blizzard: Giving Call of Duty Gamers an Edge with Alexa & AWS GAM302 Activision Blizzard provides a real-time, immersive, second screen Alexa experience for Call of Duty WWII players in a first-to-market major title integration. IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Paying Less Is the New Black with Amazon Chime Pay-Per-Use-Pricing (BAP202) Are you constantly challenged to find the right tools to meet your company's collaboration needs while keeping costs down? You might have decided to use chat ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Unleash Team Productivity with Real-Time Operations (DEV203-S) For today's digital organizations, even a few minutes of downtime can mean millions of dollars lost and customers who go elsewhere. To keep up with customer ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS (DVC304) Red teamers, penetration testers, and attackers can leverage the same tools used by developers to attack AWS accounts. In this session, two technical security ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Connectivity for VMware Cloud on AWS Software Defined Data Centers (NET321) VMware Cloud on AWS enables customers to have a hybrid cloud platform by running their VMware workloads in the cloud while having seamless connectivity ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Data Lake Implementation: Processing & Querying Data in Place (STG204-R1) Flexibility is key when building and scaling a data lake. The analytics solutions you use in the future will almost certainly be different from the ones you use today ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Aurora Serverless: Scalable, Cost-Effective Application Deployment (DAT336) Amazon Aurora Serverless is an on-demand, autoscaling configuration for Aurora (MySQL-compatible edition) where the database automatically starts up, shuts ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Use Amazon Rekognition to Power Video Creative Asset Production (ADT202) In this session, hear from an AWS customer about how they leveraged Amazon Rekognition deep learning-based image and video analysis to power a ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Best Practices for Managing, Retrieving, & Rotating Secrets at Scale (SEC304) In this session, learn how to use AWS Secrets Manager to simplify secrets management and empower your developers to move quickly while raising the security ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
[REPEAT 2] Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices (ARC305-R2) As serverless architectures become more popular, customers need a framework of patterns to help them identify how to leverage AWS to deploy their workloads ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Cloud Computing in an Edgy World (IOT221-S) Edge computing is defined by taking the specific timing-sensitive parts of your application and moving them closer to where they are needed—whether that need ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
Serverless: It All Started in Vegas (DVC306) This talk dives into Trustpilot's journey to serverless compute. The journey starts at re:Invent 2016 and follows how the company fast-tracked its adoption within ... IMAGE ALT TEXT{:target="_blank"}
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