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# Luke's config for the Zoomer Shell
# Enable colors and change prompt:
autoload -U colors && colors
PS1="%B%{$fg[red]%}[%{$fg[yellow]%}%n%{$fg[green]%}@%{$fg[blue]%}%M %{$fg[magenta]%}%~%{$fg[red]%}]%{$reset_color%}$%b "
# History in cache directory:
# Basic auto/tab complete:
autoload -U compinit
zstyle ':completion:*' menu select
zmodload zsh/complist
_comp_options+=(globdots) # Include hidden files.
# vi mode
bindkey -v
# Use vim keys in tab complete menu:
bindkey -M menuselect 'h' vi-backward-char
bindkey -M menuselect 'k' vi-up-line-or-history
bindkey -M menuselect 'l' vi-forward-char
bindkey -M menuselect 'j' vi-down-line-or-history
bindkey -v '^?' backward-delete-char
# Change cursor shape for different vi modes.
function zle-keymap-select {
if [[ ${KEYMAP} == vicmd ]] ||
[[ $1 = 'block' ]]; then
echo -ne '\e[1 q'
elif [[ ${KEYMAP} == main ]] ||
[[ ${KEYMAP} == viins ]] ||
[[ ${KEYMAP} = '' ]] ||
[[ $1 = 'beam' ]]; then
echo -ne '\e[5 q'
zle -N zle-keymap-select
zle-line-init() {
zle -K viins # initiate `vi insert` as keymap (can be removed if `bindkey -V` has been set elsewhere)
echo -ne "\e[5 q"
zle -N zle-line-init
echo -ne '\e[5 q' # Use beam shape cursor on startup.
preexec() { echo -ne '\e[5 q' ;} # Use beam shape cursor for each new prompt.
# Use lf to switch directories and bind it to ctrl-o
lfcd () {
lf -last-dir-path="$tmp" "$@"
if [ -f "$tmp" ]; then
dir="$(cat "$tmp")"
rm -f "$tmp"
[ -d "$dir" ] && [ "$dir" != "$(pwd)" ] && cd "$dir"
bindkey -s '^o' 'lfcd\n'
# Edit line in vim with ctrl-e:
autoload edit-command-line; zle -N edit-command-line
bindkey '^e' edit-command-line
# Load aliases and shortcuts if existent.
[ -f "$HOME/.config/shortcutrc" ] && source "$HOME/.config/shortcutrc"
[ -f "$HOME/.config/aliasrc" ] && source "$HOME/.config/aliasrc"
# Load zsh-syntax-highlighting; should be last.
source /usr/share/zsh/plugins/zsh-syntax-highlighting/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh 2>/dev/null
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jessebrennan commented Dec 28, 2021

@RichardBronosky (and @Arjentix and @zaid-g if you're still following),

Taken from adding this to my ~/.vim/vimrc gave me the same behavior in vim as in zsh.

None of these worked for me, but what finally got the cursor to reset was:

:silent !echo -ne "\e[2 q"

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RyanTippsTX commented Mar 8, 2022

Did you come up with the name "zoomer" shell? That is hilarious

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