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jermainee / emoji_favicon.html
Created August 2, 2023 19:33
Use an emoji as favicon in html websites
<link rel="icon" href="data:image/svg+xml,<svg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 100 100'><text y='1em' font-size='100'>📝</text></svg>">

Arbeitsamt Jobsuche API

Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit verfügt über die größte Datenbank für offene Stellen in Deutschland. Obwohl sie vollständig staatlich ist und es sich dabei um einen sehr spannenden Basisdatensatz handelt, mit dem viele Analysen möglich wären, bietet die Bundesagentur für Arbeit dafür bis heute keine offizielle API an.


Die Authentifizierung funktioniert per OAuth 2 Client Credentials mit JWTs. Die Client Credentials sind z.B. in der App hinterlegt:

ClientID: c003a37f-024f-462a-b36d-b001be4cd24a

LilithWittmann /
Last active October 26, 2023 12:11
indaco /
Last active July 2, 2023 17:05
A named colors approach for color palettes from
IlievskiV / reflection_principle_bm.ipynb
Created June 5, 2020 21:22
Demonstration of the reflection principle of the Brownian Motion
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dobesv / csvAsyncIterator.ts
Created February 20, 2019 19:43
Async iterator wrapper for papaparse
import Papa, { ParseConfig, Parser } from 'papaparse';
export type CsvAsyncIteratorOptions = Exclude<
'step' | 'chunk' | 'complete' | 'error'
* Helper to allow async iteration over the contents of
* a CSV input.
gabeweaver / react-cognito-auth-js.js
Last active January 20, 2024 15:03
React + Cognito User Pools + Cognito Identity JS Example
This example was built using standard create-react-app out of the box with no modifications or ejections
to the underlying scripts.
In this example, i'm using Google as a social provider configured within the Cognito User Pool.
Each step also represents a file, so you can see how I've chosen to organize can do it however
you'd like so long as you follow the basic flow (which may or may not be the official way....but its what I found that works.
The docs are pretty horrible)
smithclay /
Created July 28, 2017 02:59
Recipe for Getting Strange Binaries Running in AWS Lambda

Recipe for running strange binaries in AWS Lambda

In general, the command ldd and the environment variable LD_LINKER_PATH is your best friend when running new, untested binaries in Lambda. My process (which I want to get around to automating one day, maybe using Packer), goes like this:

  1. Run an EC2 instance with the official AWS Lambda AMI.
  2. Get binary you want to run in AWS Lambda running on the instance (either by installing from a package manager or compiling). 
  3. Run ldd -v ./the-binary. Note all of the shared libraries it requires. You’ll need to remember these.
  4. Copy the binary to your local machine. Upload the binary with your AWS Lambda function code that runs the ldd command inside the handler function using the process execution library from your language of choice. In node, this works just fine: console.log(require('child_process').execSync('ldd -v ./the-binary'))
  5. Note any shared libraries that are missing in the function output. Copy those over from the EC2 instance to a direct
heitorlessa /
Created January 11, 2017 16:11
Quick and dirty S3 Presign URL using Python Boto3 and Click
import boto3
import click
@click.option("-e", "--expiration", default=3600, type=int, help="How long this presigned URL will live for")
def presign_s3(bucket, key, expiration):
""" Simple utility to generate presigned URL on S3 (Default 1 hour expiration)
avafloww /
Last active June 13, 2024 07:36
This snippet of code is syntactically valid in both PHP and Java, and produces the same output in both.
//*/public class PhpJava { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.printf("/*%s",
class PhpJava {
static function main() {
"Hello World!");