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Last active November 16, 2023 07:20
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Hunt Naked
<Sysmon schemaversion="4.90">
<!--Event ID 1: Process creation-->
<ProcessCreate onmatch="exclude"></ProcessCreate>
<!--Event ID 2: A process changed a file creation time-->
<FileCreateTime onmatch="exclude"></FileCreateTime>
<!--Event ID 3: Network connection-->
<NetworkConnect onmatch="exclude"></NetworkConnect>
<!--Event ID 5: Process terminated-->
<ProcessTerminate onmatch="exclude"></ProcessTerminate>
<!--Event ID 6: Driver loaded-->
<DriverLoad onmatch="exclude"></DriverLoad>
<!--Event ID 7: Image loaded-->
<ImageLoad onmatch="exclude"></ImageLoad>
<!--Event ID 8: CreateRemoteThread-->
<CreateRemoteThread onmatch="exclude"></CreateRemoteThread>
<!--Event ID 9: RawAccessRead-->
<RawAccessRead onmatch="exclude"></RawAccessRead>
<!--Event ID 10: ProcessAccess-->
<ProcessAccess onmatch="exclude"></ProcessAccess>
<!--Event ID 11: FileCreate-->
<FileCreate onmatch="exclude"></FileCreate>
<!--Event ID 12: RegistryEvent (Object create and delete)-->
<!--Event ID 13: RegistryEvent (Value Set)-->
<!--Event ID 14: RegistryEvent (Key and Value Rename)-->
<RegistryEvent onmatch="exclude"></RegistryEvent>
<!--Event ID 15: FileCreateStreamHash-->
<FileCreateStreamHash onmatch="exclude"></FileCreateStreamHash>
<!--Event ID 17: PipeEvent (Pipe Created)-->
<!--Event ID 18: PipeEvent (Pipe Connected)-->
<PipeEvent onmatch="exclude"></PipeEvent>
<!--Event ID 19: WmiEvent (WmiEventFilter activity detected)-->
<!--Event ID 20: WmiEvent (WmiEventConsumer activity detected)-->
<!--Event ID 21: WmiEvent (WmiEventConsumerToFilter activity detected)-->
<WmiEvent onmatch="exclude"></WmiEvent>
<!--Event ID 22: DNSEvent (DNS query)-->
<DnsQuery onmatch="exclude"></DnsQuery>
<!--Event ID 23: FileDelete (A file delete was detected)-->
<FileDelete onmatch="exclude"></FileDelete>
<!--Event ID 24: ClipboardChange (New content in the clipboard)-->
<ClipboardChange onmatch="exclude"></ClipboardChange>
<!--Event ID 25: ProcessTampering-->
<ProcessTampering onmatch="exclude"></ProcessTampering>
<!--Event ID 26: FileDeleteDetected -->
<FileDeleteDetected onmatch="exclude"></FileDeleteDetected>
<!--Event ID 29: FileExecutableDetected -->
<FileExecutableDetected onmatch="exclude"></FileExecutableDetected>
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