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Scott Allen MLXXXp

  • Toronto, Canada
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// A demonstration of the ArduboyPlaytune library used with the Arduboy
// A short score is played repeatedly in the background.
// The current settings are displayed and a circle moves across the
// bottom of the screen. If sound is muted the screen color is reversed.
// Buttons perform the folowing functions:
// A - Mute sound output by calling Arduboy2::audio.enabled(true).
// B - Unmute the sound by calling Arduboy2::audio.enabled(false).
MLXXXp / JumpingSnake.ino
Created February 1, 2018 16:30
Markus Geiger's Jumping Snake for the Arduboy. Modified and optimised to use the Arduboy2 library
Version 1.1
Written by Markus Geiger alias Jayjunx 2018
Game License: MIT:
#include <Arduboy2.h>