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@MVKozlov MVKozlov/JAPE_Ascii.ps1
Last active Oct 28, 2015

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#Author: Max Kozlov - Date: October 28th, 2015
#Ugly ASCII Art. Against 4line standart, but anyway, it is art :))
'&[%c5oI'+ 'n8v~eo'+ 'rm'+
'to]z: :('+ 'T7o''BNa'+ 'Ns'''+
'eG'+ '6p'+ '4D'+ 'S~'+
'to'+ 'ro'+ 'iy'+ 'n>'+
'g.(N$~2>'+ ')(-XcGrZ'+ 'ez'+
'p\lza?c'+ '?eQ''K[,a'+ 'G-{'+
'zA0'+ ' -.9-]'+ ' +.''>'+
'->r'+ 'heC'+ 'pz'+
'lNa'+ '''cGez''{\|+'+ 'R'''+
'*,k'''+ 'v /''R-krB'+ 'e='+
'pjl a coem''o=n+Y''q,J ''''S,j'''|%{$2=$_}{$$,$2=(
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