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Last active October 25, 2023 16:37
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Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is free for personal use. It is a CAD program like Autodesk Inventor(which can be free if you have a .edu student school email address). I was familiar with Inventor and found Fusion 360 pretty similar with nice parametric modeling.

  • You can have multiple components in one design (and apply some assembly contraints)
  • For the blueprint type view that you can annotate and add dimensions, it is called a "drawing"

Random guides

Gripes and pain points

❌ Add the same assembly/part to a drawing with different joint values

Relevant issues

Trying some workarounds

One workaround would be to setup an animation and then create a new drawing from that animation.

But you currently can't animate a joint in the "Animation" interface. The "Animation" interface seems to be all about the exploded view.

You can animate joints with motion study back in the "Design" interface but it is also not suitable because you can't create a drawing from it. This is the workaround Autodesk recommeneds if you want to create a video render though. They say to setup a motion study then just do a screencast of your screen animating it :xd:

Unable to change model reference in drawing

If I save multiple different copies of a model, I can't replace it in a drawing.

If you keep saving over the same file, there are revisions and you can update the drawing.

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