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Hello, Recruiter!

Here's how I usually work with recruiters I don't know:

I don't do phone interviews or provide resumes until I've qualified my interest in an opportunity; my LinkedIn profile provides all the information that I would put in a resume that's not tuned to a specific opportunity.

I am willing to review details of opportunities you may be working on when they include

  • a description of the role

  • the location of the work

  • the tech stacks in use

  • the nature of the employer's business, and

  • the compensation package they are contemplating. ("competitive" or "DoE" are not sufficient)

The last item can save a lot of wasted time for everybody, especially because some recruiters have very limited industry background, and really don't do more than match buzzwords programmatically.

In my experience, when an email opens with "I came across your profile", it almost always means the sender is running a keyword-driven spamming script, and has not actually read my profile. Microsoft's primary LinkedIn monetization tool is a service called "Recruiter", whose design specifically encourages this.

If you message me without appearing in my profile views, I'm going to assume that's how you generated the contact.

And if you're sending me spam without actually reading my profile and thinking about how likley it is that the "Senior Java Developer with five years experience" req you're working on is likely to appeal to an engineer who's been working full-time in computing since 1974 and wrote her first Java program in 1996, then you're essentially hoping to export the work of matching candidates to opportunities (that you're being paid to do) to me, while Microsoft (and you) make a profit off the profile I maintain.

I'm done doing that.

OK, with that rant out of the way, here's a two key points in closing:

I do not provide recruiting leads in response to offers of a small cash bonus, I might consider accepting a percentage of the recruiting fee in the event I connect you with a candidate. I've been in this business for many years, and my expertise, industry knowledge and time are valuable.

I currently have no interest in consulting firms, contract work, "contract to hire", or relocation.

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