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Focusing and spreading love :)

Dario Maiocchi MalloZup

Focusing and spreading love :)
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dmaiocchi@linux-buft:~/bin/hawk> docker run --ipc=host -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY hawk_test -H -S -s linux --xvfb -t 15-SP2
TEST: test_set_stonith_maintenance: Placing stonith-sbd in maintenance
INFO: stonith-sbd successfully placed in maintenance mode
INFO: Main page. Click on Logout
TEST: verify_stonith_in_maintenance
INFO: ssh command [crm status | grep stonith-sbd] got output [ * stonith-sbd (stonith:external/sbd): Started hana01 (unmanaged)] and error []
INFO: stonith-sbd is unmanaged
TEST: test_disable_stonith_maintenance: Re-activating stonith-sbd
INFO: stonith-sbd successfully reactivated
INFO: Main page. Click on Logout
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Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1

ONLY SLE12 or LEAP12 systems

  1. Edit file: vim /srv/www/hawk/config/puma.rb
  ssl_bind @listen, @port, cert: @cert, key: @key, verify_mode: 'none', no_tlsv1: true,  no_tlsv1_1: true
  1. restart hawk with systemctl restart hawk
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# Some material reference lecture around envoy:
- java technical:
- A bit dated:

Create A read-only user with ACL

1) the user is already created via AD and belong to haclient group

hana02:~ # crm configure
crm(live/hana02)configure# role monitor read xpath:"/cib"
crm(live/hana02)configure# acl_target hawk-aduser monitor # this will add user read-only
crm(live/hana02)configure# show
crm(live/hana02)configure# commit
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topics we can offer:
# observability:
- monitoring: improve, refactoring and learn how to write code for Prometheus exporter from our existing SAP/HA exporters.
* add with our partners useful alerts and visualisation on dashboards
- logging: with loki solution, integrate SAP/HA logs pipeline and create alerts, visualisation in grafana
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zypper in texlive-urwchancal
Refreshing service 'Basesystem_Module_15_x86_64'.
Refreshing service 'Desktop_Applications_Module_15_x86_64'.
Refreshing service 'SAP_Applications_Module_15_x86_64'.
Refreshing service 'SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_High_Availability_Extension_15_x86_64'.
Refreshing service 'SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_for_SAP_Applications_15_x86_64'.
Refreshing service 'Server_Applications_Module_15_x86_64'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Resolving package dependencies...
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# Sample config for Prometheus.
scrape_interval: 5s
scrape_timeout: 5s
evaluation_interval: 5s
- job_name: hana-cluster
# The HANA scrapping follows a different scrapping time to reduce the execution load into the database