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HOWTO add "Show on GitHub" and "Edit on GitHub" links to the Sphinx sidebar

Edit on GitHub links for Sphinx

Create _ext/ and _templates/ subdirectories.

Move into the _ext/ subdirectory.

Move sourcelink.html into the _templates/ subdirectory.

Add the following after the import sys, os line

sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('_ext'))

Add edit_on_github to the list of extensions

extensions = ['edit_on_github']

Configure the extension

edit_on_github_project = 'username/reponame'
edit_on_github_branch = 'master'

Make sure the template path is specified correctly

templates_path = ['_templates']
Sphinx extension to add ReadTheDocs-style "Edit on GitHub" links to the
Loosely based on
import os
import warnings
__licence__ = 'BSD (3 clause)'
def get_github_url(app, view, path):
return '{project}/{view}/{branch}/{path}'.format(
def html_page_context(app, pagename, templatename, context, doctree):
if templatename != 'page.html':
if not app.config.edit_on_github_project:
warnings.warn("edit_on_github_project not specified")
path = os.path.relpath(doctree.get('source'), app.builder.srcdir)
show_url = get_github_url(app, 'blob', path)
edit_url = get_github_url(app, 'edit', path)
context['show_on_github_url'] = show_url
context['edit_on_github_url'] = edit_url
# For sphinx_rtd_theme.
context['display_github'] = True
context['github_user'] = app.config.edit_on_github_project.split('/')[0]
context['github_version'] = app.config.edit_on_github_branch + '/'
context['github_repo'] = app.config.edit_on_github_project.split('/')[1]
context['source_suffix'] = app.config.source_suffix[0]
def setup(app):
app.add_config_value('edit_on_github_project', '', True)
app.add_config_value('edit_on_github_branch', 'master', True)
app.connect('html-page-context', html_page_context)
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gioelelm commented May 1, 2018

The code is broken in the latest version of sphinx.
An example of how the generated link looks like it looks like

instead of

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lextm commented Aug 3, 2018

Works great! Thanks.

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