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namespace bitmasks_lib
std::false_type enableBitMaskOperators(type_tag<T>);
// use the result of this function as SFINAE predicate
template<typename T>
constexpr bool bitmaskOperatorsEnabled()
using bitmasks_lib::enableBitMaskOperators;
return decltype(enableBitMaskOperators(type_tag<T>()))::value;
#define ENABLE_BITMASK_OPERATORS(T) std::true_type enableBitMaskOperators(type_tag<T>);
// usage:
namespace mynamespace
enum class MyBitmap

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@Guillaume227 Guillaume227 commented Apr 14, 2019

Hello Manu,
where does the 'T' come from in
std::false_type enableBitMaskOperators(type_tag<T>);
Also, where is type_tag defined and why is it needed?

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