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Last active October 25, 2016 13:51
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id: "1371c81d-367b-45d3-9f7c-91da5de9518e",
type: "record.delete",
owner_id: "00053caf-4b6e-4c86-88b6-64695895dffe",
data: {
status: "Completed",
version: 3,
id: "7553fd44-78bb-41eb-a453-8b301ae5e52e",
form_id: "295eda4a-7795-4881-9f62-085a930b356e",
project_id: "Wetlands",
created_at: "2013-09-21T19:20:16Z",
updated_at: "2013-09-21T19:20:27Z",
client_created_at: "2013-09-21T19:20:16Z",
client_updated_at: "2013-09-21T19:20:27Z",
created_by: "larry",
created_by_id: "960247b1-aa51-4d80-bfa1-a1d0baf8d87e",
updated_by: "dev Test",
updated_by_id: "960247b1-aa51-4d80-bfa1-a1d0baf8d87e",
assigned_to: null,
assigned_to_id: null,
form_values: {
94f8: "I25 and Garden of the Gods",
8902: "Yes",
78h9: "Dan;8"
latitude: 38.8968237991091,
longitude: -104.830228686333,
altitude: null,
speed: null,
course: null,
horizontal_accuracy: null,
vertical_accuracy: null
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