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Google Summer of Code 2017- FOSSASIA Susper-Soumya Vadlamannati

Soumya Vadlamannati

Google Summer of Code 2017

Organisation: FOSSASIA

Project: Susper

Project page: Susper

My major task was to implement a working responsive and stable front-end for the Susper Search Appliance, in addition to integrating features like Autocomplete, Autocorrect, Related Searches etc., to enhance the existing functionalities.

I used Angular along with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap to write the front-end code. Most of the backend integration was achieved by using Yacy API.

Outcome of contributions

  • Implemented a better designed front-end for Susper. Check for reference.
  • Made the front-end responsive for all screen-sizes.
  • Made the site usable on mobile devices, this included designing certain components like the info-cum-analytics box specially for mobile sizes.
  • Integrated the Autocorrect API into Susper, and implemented a working autocorrect component
  • Integrated the Yacy Autocomplete API into Susper, implemened an auto-suggest/ auto-complete box hovering below the search bar
  • Implemented a graphic pagination bar for Susper
  • Implemented 'related searches' feature
  • Helped develop and enhance other featues such as Information box, Analytics box, Intelligence Feature, Advanced Search, Auto Search
  • Added tests for various components using Jasmine.

Code Contribution


Blog Posts

Blogs for FOSSASIA:


Publicity of Susper

  • Twitter Handle : vadlamannati1997
  • Facebook username : soumyavadlam

Facebook and Twitter coverage of FUN WITH FOSSASIA event at IIIT-Hyderabad

Sharing blog posts on facebook and twitter

Project Demonstration


Project Presentation


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jayeshsk commented Jan 13, 2019

hey soumya,
can we make susper front end via python using django or flask module?

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