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[ANN][M0RK] m0rkcoin - Open-Source and Quality focus - NO PREMINE/NO ICO
[b]About m0rkcoin[/b]
m0rkcoin is a fork of ByteCoin and has a strong focus on privacy and anonymity, with features like:
[li]Untraceable payments[/li]
[li]Unlinkable transactions[/li]
[li]Double-spending proof[/li]
m0rkcoin focuses on open-source, community, quality and ease of use. We will release all software we create as open-source with permissive license, pull requests, suggestions and feedback is welcome. We aim to create quality apps built on top of modern technology stacks.
Name: m0rkcoin
Ticker: M0RK
Total supply: ~18,446,744 M0RK
Algo: Cryptonight
Type: PoW
Wallet address prefix: fmrk
Block mine target: 120 sec.
Maturity: 10 blocks
Diff. Retarget: Each block
Block reward: Decreases gradually over time, ~0.3 M0RK/block after ~5 years
Emission milestones:
[li]After 1 year: ~63% emission (~11.6M M0RK)[/li]
[li]After 2 years: ~86% emission (~15.86M M0RK)[/li]
[li]After 3 years: ~95% emission (~17.52M M0RK)[/li]
[li]After 5 years: ~99.3% emission (~18.317M M0RK)[/li]
P2P Port: 18111
RPC Port: 18112
m0rkcoin is still a relatively new coin, we soft launched around mid Jan 2018. The project is not yet fully completed but we're working hard on it.
Jan 2018 - Build Windows and Linux wallet - [color=green]DONE[/color]
Jan 2018 - Launch the official mining pool - [color=green]DONE[/color]
Feb 2018 - Launch first version of GUI Wallet for Windows and Linux - [color=orange]In Progress[/color]
Mar 2018 - Launch website/landing page
Mar 2018 - Build and launch a Blockchain and Transaction explorer
Mar 2018 - Build Mac wallet and GUI wallet
Q2 2018 - Get listed on an exchange
m0rkcoin is based on CryptoNote so you can check the CryptoNote whitepaper for now. As we add new features we will release a m0rkcoin whitepaper.
No pre-mine has been made for m0rkcoin. All coins are available to miners.
All m0rkcoin development and infrastructure is funded out of pocket by the development team, so if you like the project you can support us by donating:
Wallet and Daemon:
GUI Wallet:
Website: TBA
Blockchain Explorer: TBA
Transaction Explorer: TBA
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