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@MarcinusX MarcinusX/line.dart Secret
Created Jan 13, 2019

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class Line extends AnimatedWidget { //<--- Use AnimatedWidget
final int lineNumber;
final List<Note> currentNotes;
const Line(
{Key key,
Animation<double> animation}) //<-- Add animation to constructor
: super(key: key, listenable: animation); //<-- And pass it to super constructor
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
Animation<double> animation = super.listenable; //<--get the animation
//map notes to widgets
List<Widget> tiles = {
//specify note distance from top
int index = currentNotes.indexOf(note);
double offset = (3 - index + animation.value) * tileHeight; //<-- add animation.value to offset
return SizedBox.expand(
child: Stack(
children: tiles,
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