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Last active October 19, 2021 19:53
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Buying $FTM to use Fantom Opera network services

Buying FTM

  1. If you have no other cryptos yet create and account at an exchange, for buying FTM we recommend Binance - Same link without referal code because it integrates the Fantom Opera network (the main fantom network)

  2. After creating an account at an exchange, deposit FIAT money (that's crypto lingo for paper money) into your exchange balance

  3. Once you have deposited funds you can either purchase FTM directly from a market or use the binance automatic converter.

Installing a browser wallet

  1. Install MetaMask, a broswer plugin that is a cryptowallet that holds your funds and allows you to authenticate with any crypto web service.

  2. Follow the steps to create your MetaMask account, if this is yout first time ever doing cryptostuff we recommend you later invest time in understading what is a wallet and how to properly secure it.

  3. Add Fantom Opera network to your metamask and switch to it

  4. Once your metamask is up withdrawl your exchange FTMs into your MetaMask wallet. To do that click on your FTM balance, click withdraw, choose the Fantom Opera (FTM) network and input your metamask wallet address. You are now good to go and use any service in the Fantom Opera network with your metamask!

Claiming a Fantom Kitten

Heads up to and claim a kitten for only 4.20 FTM!

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