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Last active Dec 11, 2015

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ExtJS button.
<table id="modx-abtn-save" cellspacing="0" class="x-btn x-btn-text bmenu x-btn-noicon" style="width: auto;">
<tbody class="x-btn-small x-btn-icon-small-left">
<td class="x-btn-tl"><i>&nbsp;</i></td>
<td class="x-btn-tc"></td>
<td class="x-btn-tr"><i>&nbsp;</i></td>
<td class="x-btn-ml"><i>&nbsp;</i></td>
<td class="x-btn-mc"><em class="" unselectable="on">
<button type="button" id="ext-gen389" style="" class=" x-btn-text">Save</button>
<td class="x-btn-mr"><i>&nbsp;</i></td>
<td class="x-btn-bl"><i>&nbsp;</i></td>
<td class="x-btn-bc"></td>
<td class="x-btn-br"><i>&nbsp;</i></td>

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guilhermehn commented Jun 27, 2014

Now that's an (really) old way of doing rounded corners...


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leoetlino commented Jul 16, 2014

It's not a good markup either...


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synth3tk commented Aug 13, 2014

Ouch! Why?


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juanmendes commented Jan 30, 2015

Because they supported IE 6 up until Ext-JS 4 See

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