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Mark-Han / SumatraPDF-settings.txt
Last active May 20, 2023 16:08
my user setting file for Sumatra, the PDF viewer on Windows
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# For documentation, see
MainWindowBackground = #000000
EscToExit = true
ReuseInstance = false
UseSysColors = true
RestoreSession = true
FixedPageUI [
TextColor = #000000
Mark-Han / Makefile
Created December 15, 2016 01:13 — forked from isaacs/Makefile
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# Hello, and welcome to makefile basics.
# You will learn why `make` is so great, and why, despite its "weird" syntax,
# it is actually a highly expressive, efficient, and powerful way to build
# programs.
# Once you're done here, go to
# to learn SOOOO much more.
Mark-Han / testPDF.plt
Last active December 10, 2016 06:29
Graphically tests and presents the pdfcario terminal in gnuplot 5.0.3
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# running it by "gnuplot testPDF.plt"
# the defualt termimal type for gnuplot is qt on my Ubuntu
# a `test` command will graphically gives the configuration info in a separatee window
# but for other terminals, e.g., pdf, the `test` command will bring a bunch of characotors
# (including mess code) in Terminal
# the right way is that we should output the configure info to a pdf file
# this gist will help us to do this
# you will see there exist great difference between the pdf and defaut qt terminal
# the line styles, font sizes, symbols, etc.
Mark-Han / default.custom.yaml
Last active December 22, 2016 01:03
ibus-rime configuration on my Ubuntu (~/.config/ibus/rime)
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# Rime default settings
# encoding: utf-8
# customed by Mark Han
# 27 Nov., 2016
config_version: "0.35"
#patch begin