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Python - SCAPY - Full Packet Session Reassembly
#From here
def full_duplex(p):
sess = "Other"
if 'Ether' in p:
if 'IP' in p:
if 'TCP' in p:
sess = str(sorted(["TCP", p[IP].src, p[TCP].sport, p[IP].dst, p[TCP].dport],key=str))
elif 'UDP' in p:
sess = str(sorted(["UDP", p[IP].src, p[UDP].sport, p[IP].dst, p[UDP].dport] ,key=str))
elif 'ICMP' in p:
sess = str(sorted(["ICMP", p[IP].src, p[IP].dst, p[ICMP].code, p[ICMP].type, p[ICMP].id] ,key=str))
sess = str(sorted(["IP", p[IP].src, p[IP].dst, p[IP].proto] ,key=str))
elif 'ARP' in p:
sess = str(sorted(["ARP", p[ARP].psrc, p[ARP].pdst],key=str))
sess = p.sprintf("Ethernet type=%04xr,Ether.type%")
return sess

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@MarkBaggett MarkBaggett commented Oct 16, 2017

Example modified version of the Original session_extractor() function from scapy source:


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@sundhaug92 sundhaug92 commented Oct 1, 2018

This incorrectly assumes IP has to be in an ethernet-frame, IP could also be in a Dot11 frame for example


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@jvmk jvmk commented Jan 20, 2020

Thanks, Mark, for the code and blog post; very useful tip.

Small caveat to keep in mind: This is simplified session reassembly as it does not consider TCP FIN/RST packets. Packets are mapped to their respective session based solely on the (src_ip, src_port, dst_ip, dst_port) four-tuple. If the client (or server) closes a TCP stream and the client by chance selects the same ephemeral port number when contacting the same server again, the two different TCP streams will be identified as a single stream.

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